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Adore her! 😩🖤✨🐾🐾 #itztlithexolo #xoloitzcuintli #primitivebreed #mexicanhairless
Last weekend we were asked a number of times if Mika was a fox 🦊 . As wildly cool as it would be to own an actual fox, I think a Shikoku is as wild as I want to get at this time 😏 . I am so happy that she has finally grown so much better with strangers, even aloof with them, including tall men 🙎‍♂️ . But with other dogs 🐶, esp on leash, she can come off very reactive.  Last weekend was no exception.  Whenever she saw a dog she would bare her teeth, hair raised, and lunge which of course scared everyone around us 🙀 . I am always beyond thankful for owners who are familiar with primitive breeds and tell me its okay 🙏 . And then there is the occasion here or there when someone touches her back when she isnt looking and she will whip around with a wtf look😦 . Luckily people always feel really bad with that reaction which is a good reminder to people that there is a wide range of personalities for dogs and how some dogs can be extremely sensitive to touch 🤲
Saw this on Facebook. No artist was listed, but it is beautiful. #xoloitzcuintli  #yolotl #sagradas #sacredbreed #primitivebreed #mexicanhairless
“...the Ibizan possesses a deerlike elegance combined with the power of a hunter.”- the American Ibizan Hound Standard - Bandana and collar by @thexolotl - !!Discount codes!! 10% off @thexolotl - AUSSIEBEEZER10 10%  off @all.breed.outfitters - AUSSIEBEEZER10 10% off @naturaldogbarkery - AUSSIENBEEZER 15% off @jordhund - CHARMWRANGLER10 15% off @bossarooandco - AUSSIEROO15 10% off @anchor.ridge.co - ARCAUSBEEZ - #ibizanhound #ibizan #beezer #podencoibicenco #podenco #spanishhound #sighthound #gazehound #primitivebreed #podencosofinstagram #ibizanhoundsofinstagram #akcibizanhound #lovedogs #bestdog #dogsofinsta #canonphotography #70200mm #canont6i #mycanonstory #teamcanon #nature #sunset #purplebandana
Enzo, Fullibus Eclipse, in our garden, competing with the beauty of the flowers 😍🌸. #xoloitzcuintle #primitivebreed
Lil mama loves the sacred huehuetl and ceremony. Ceremonia Chicome Xihuitl (7 Turquoise). #itztlithexolo #sacredbreed #primitivebreed #indigenous #mexicatiahui #danzaazteca
Afternoon glow 🌅 - It’s not Monday but I feel the need to post to #mistakemonday. In attempts to remove the leash from this photo, I caught myself and wondered, why am I doing this? Why am I removing the lead? Of course, it’s for aesthetic purposes. No one wants an ugly black line running down the photo, taking the viewers eye away from the subject of the photo. However, i just could not bring myself to remove it from the photo. To my understanding, many of you may think I always have Charm off lead. In the majority of my photos, you see no leash and my ibizan hound free. However, all photos I tend to remove leads from. For the purposes of education, I chose to leave the leash on in this photo. Ibizan hounds are NOT off lead dogs. They have incredible prey drive and can run at breathtaking speeds. This means they can all too easily run off at the first thing that catches their eye. And they won’t look back. It is my mistake for making it seem like my ibizan is perfect off lead. She is not. She is never off of a leash unless in a fully fenced and secured area. It’s a risk that no owner should be willing to take. Of course, SOME beezers are extraordinary and can safely be off lead, but as a majority, the breed should not be trusted. I love the breed and accept this fact that probably none of my Ibizans I own will be able to go hiking off lead with me. I’m willing to accept that because this breed has so many amazing qualities that I cannot see myself without. But, this is not fitting for many people. Research before you buy a dog of a specific breed. If you choose a breed based off of one photo you see, it will not work out. - Bandana by @jordhund - !!Discount codes!! 10% off @thexolotl - AUSSIEBEEZER10 10%  off @all.breed.outfitters - AUSSIEBEEZER10 10% off @naturaldogbarkery - AUSSIENBEEZER 15% off @jordhund - CHARMWRANGLER10 15% off @bossarooandco - AUSSIEROO15 10% off @anchor.ridge.co - ARCAUSBEEZ - #ibizanhound #podenco #akcibizanhound #bestdog
It has been a long day... 😴❤️ #xoloitzcuintle #mexicanhairlessdog #mexikansknakenhund #primitivebreed #tidningenharligahund
Cualli Tonalli☀️ Scoping-out the bedroom altar for blessings and snacks ✨ 🐕🐾🐾🖤✨ #itztlithexolo #xoloitzcuintli #sacredbreed #primitivebreed #mexicanhairless #cuallitonalli