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CLARIFICATION TO LAST POST- After reading so many hateful comments, got called stupid, and uneducated due to the last post, I decided to write this. In no way did we wanted to offend any feminists. That post wasn’t about putting down feminism, or those individuals who fight for women’s equal rights. That post was about the women who don’t identify themselves with labels. Women who fight for equality but choose to not want to be labeled or fall under a category. It’s very sad that society wants to put us in boxes and labels without looking at us as just human beings. If you are anxious you got anxiety. If you are overweight/obese you’re fat, if you’re too skinny you must have an eating disorder, if you sleep around you must be a slut, if you like men and women you must be bisexual, if you fight for women’s equal rights you must be a feminist. See my point? Why can’t we fight and believe in something without being labeled. Why does society wants us in categories. How about if I don’t want to. How about if I want to fight for female empowerment and equality but choose to not be called a feminist. Why do I have to force myself to fall under a label just for society’s comfort. The saddest part about all of this, is that the feminist women who preach feminism, female respect and equality were the first ones to call me names. The same women who preach equality, and fight for the female voice to be heard, are the same women trying to suppress mine. Ironic isn’t? A true feminist would respect other women’s opinions and beliefs. Just because some women choose to not label themselves as feminists does not mean that they don’t fight for what’s right, and that does not mean that they should be called names like stupid, dumb and uneducated. It is really sad and disappointing to see the hate that comes from women, towards other women. Women should respect each other, and support each other regardless of what they define themselves as. A label does not
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#repost @intomore ~ Great advice for parents of trans kids ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕🌈🌈