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It’s shocking how much I’ve fluctuated in habits, and therefore confidence and body size and shape, over the last several years.  Pic 1️⃣: Wedding, May 2010 I was in great shape, obviously motivated to fit into my dress and feel great.  Pic 2️⃣: my BFFs wedding, Aug 2011 Clearly my habits had changed, we moved and I was in a cycle of eating a lot of quick and easy foods {aka fast food, starchy meals}, was commuting 2 hours and felt isolated and unsure of what my married persona was supposed to be {BTW we have a thing with pirates} Pic 3️⃣: August 2018 Post 2 babies, in a happy place of eating to fuel my body but without restriction from the things I LOVE, moving frequently, filling my mind and soul with positivity.  No magic pills, lots of ups and downs, and a whole lotta personal growth and appreciation for what I CAN do. 🙌🌈 #facetofacefriday #betterwithage #selflovecoach #regainyourself #mombod #strongasamother #balancedlife #idoitforme
buff.ly/2DjGOF7 Insight ⠀ ⠀ How would you like to be an even better You? Feel and look younger. We have what you need to accomplish that. It’s up to you to he a better you!⠀ ⠀ #lookyounger⠀ #feelbetterlivemore ⠀ #feelyounger #regainyourself⠀ #fountainofyouth⠀ #selfimprovement ⠀ #getinspired ⠀ #getinshape⠀ #loseweight ⠀ #bettersleep⠀ #getfit ⠀ #stressrelief
So what do you want MOST?🤔 Lattes everyday or a girls spa trip at the end of the year? All the evening snacks or the confidence to wear the short shorts? Self love or self loathing?  It’s so easy to get started on a new project or talk about making lifestyle changes but these things take time to see or feel meaningful outcomes, so it’s easy to lose motivation and that initial excitement without the immediate gratification. That’s when you have to dig DEEP!  Think about WHY you set that goal or got excited in the first place. What is the BIG reason❓❓ If it’s super long-term or will require several steps and consistent efforts, you will undoubtedly lose some momentum along the way, so it can be helpful to break it down into smaller goals and focus on the smaller but profound wins along the way.  Once you start seeing the small changes adding up it’s a lot easier to stay focused on what you need to get to your bigger WHY!  In some cases, like our health, there’s no defined ending where you’ve accomplished a certain level and can take a break; it’s a neverending marathon rather than a sprint, so don’t expect you’ll change everything easily or quickly but know that slow and STEADY wins every time because it creates healthier balanced habits and skips the start/stop cycle of negativity and frustration that keeps beating you down. . . . #slowandsteady #disicpline #regainyourself #onedayatatime #instantgratification #selfloveclub #babysteps
Last Sunday I cooked all the things and felt like the ultimate Mom. Today, we are all the carbs {waffles, grilled cheese, tortellini} and I was dragging my ass through every minute. • It wasn’t a bad day, I just had nothing in the tank, and we had a major case of the Sunday sillies/sleepies. • We took an early trip to the park only to have the kids just sitting on the equipment; they were not feeling it so we came back and played a bit, then had an early lunch and naptime {me too!}. We had a selfie giggle-fest before an all-character costume party, and thanks to #liquidsunshine I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of much-needed yoga. • Mamas: some days you’ll nail it like a #pinterestmom while other days you are a #tiredmom, but you’re always an #awesomemom and those kiddos won’t remember that you didn’t have it all together, only that you were there with them! 💞 . . . . #doyourbest #regainyourself #lazydays #hotmessexpress #wesurvived #momaf #toddlermommy #momminainteasy #cantwinemall #sundaybumday #balancedlife
I’m finally sharing my latest then/now photos; I’ve been hesitant because I know they aren’t wow-worthy. 🤷🏼‍♀️ These are 8.5 weeks apart, blue top at the start in July and back at end in September. I’m a bit embarrassed and mostly disappointed because I know why there wasn’t a significant change, and that’s 100% me.  Honestly, I was making fantastic progress about halfway through and, admittedly, got cocky and started rewarding myself with food. As you can imagine, that quickly snowballed into a habit and I was now sabotaging kickass workouts and great days of eating {PLENTY of tasty and satisfying food, btw} with evenings of junk-filled snacksI rarely eat and don’t even particularly love.  WTF🤷🏼‍♀️ I realized and acknowledged what was happening pretty quickly but the old me kicked in and I let it continue, almost as a way to punish myself for ‘screwing up’. How effed up?🙈 Despite all of this, I was still killing the workouts and made noticeable progress on my strength and abilities - I did legit tricep push-ups {still on my knees} for the first time EVER and pushed myself to lift heavier each week, but thanks to my lack of self-control in the food department, most of my measurements stayed about the same. I gained about 1/2” in each arm 💪 and lost the same in my hips, but gained weight overall {dropped 5-6lbs in the first half but gained them back and then some with the chip-cidents}. This shows how impactful your nutrition is; exercise is important for so many reasons, but without proper balanced nutrition {and the mindset to go with that}, you can almost erase or at least counteract those efforts, particularly when it’s with junk food that isn’t serving your body in any positive way. Let’s be real, you might feel satisifed when you eat that thing you’re craving, but I mostly felt gross, ashamed, and disappointed in myself, not to mention I was sleeping poorly. It’s one thing to have a few bites, but
Reclaim the reigns. Now #empoweredlife #selfcontrol #aimhigh #regainyourself
It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to August and the summer months but September brings a fresh start and clean slate, more so than the New Year for most, I think.  Use this {long!} weekend to reflect on your summer and to set some new goals for the months ahead. Is this the year you will try something new? Or maybe you’ll get a little better at sticking to the routine that you know helps you stay organized and accomplish your priorities.  Whatever it may be, go into this month knowing that YOU CONTROL YOUR MINDSET and decide that September will be a great month!  I mean, what could be bad about apples and squash {my FAV}, warm days and cool nights, pumpkin-everything {not my fav but I enjoy}, sweaters and fresh pencils with a new school year {even though I’m not a student, I still love new school supplies!}. Ya feel me? 🍎🍂. We’ll just pretend winter isn’t coming.  #newroutine #regainyourself #welcomefall #cleanslate #newgoals
What does your {potential} workout 🏋🏼‍♀️ space look like?  Let me tell you, you don’t need much space to be able to workout at home —> look at this disaster zone I use!🤦‍♀️ Our living/rec room {and main toy space} is also our workout space. Typically, we tuck the equipment to the right corner beside the fireplace but as our weight collection has increased and they are being used most days between our schedules, they tend to get left in a circle.  Then, the kids come in and tear up more stuff, play hide ‘n seek with my yoga mat, and Barbie’s horse needs a nap. Captain America left his shield around {irresponsible} and Spider-Man is creeping on everything.  Would I love a tidy space just for workouts with rubber flooring, a weight rack, inspirational quotes, and big mirrors? Duh, and maybe one day that’ll happen, but for now this is it, and often with one or both of the kids running in circles, jumping on that trampoline, drinking my water, needing a diaper change, or asking for ‘uppies’. It’s chaotic and often frustrating, but not an excuse to skip taking care of me.🧘🏼‍♀️ Whether you have a big room that only grants you a small area like us, or you have to nudge the furniture aside, you don’t need more than a couple shuffles either way, and it’s worth the effort to fit it into your life, literally and figuratively!  #workoutspace #homefitness #makeitwork #findaway
*le sigh* 🧘🏼‍♀️ There is nothing more peaceful and rejuvenating than spending a few days at a beautiful lake with good friends, bonus for running water and real beds! ☀️ Our kids are playing fairly well together now {not always, but enough for 5 and under} and can entertain themselves for pockets of time so we are {almost} able to sit back and enjoy a few moments of adult time! It’s so fun to experience the world through our little ones; their innocence really came out during a hunt👀 resulting in buried treasure after the Daddies planted a message in a bottle on the shore! So much exhilaration and curiosity happens during these moments, and we tend to rush through them in our regular life, which is so sad! 🌿 I find myself breathing deeper and really taking the scenery in when I have the opportunity to enjoy a taste of cottage life. The water, trees, big sky, and quietly active nature surrounding these areas is so calming and I feel more grounded after just a few days. Looking forward to next year already! 🌊 My question to you: what do you enjoy more for summer getaways: pool or beach? Camping or cottage? Lake vs ocean? . . . . #laketime #cottagelife #summergetaway #getoutsideandplay #regainyourself #freshairtherapy #glamping #pontoonboat #yourstodiscover #bancroft #hastingscounty
Happy Tuesday • • Featuring @tahli.lou  #personaltraining #goal #liftstrong #movements #strongwomen  #fitness #regainyourself  #findyourself #determination
Honestly. It’s hurts when a close loved one changes for the worst towards you so you have to let them go. 🍃. #moveon #letthemgo #regainyourself #selfcare #nomorepain 💐🕊
So proud of our guy for finishing his first {possibly only} season of soccer! It’s tough to stay focused on the ball when there are SO many people to watch in the park! 😜. Considering he’d never really been taught some of the basic skills or the rules of the game, all in all, he did ok.👌Maybe one day he’ll look AT the camera🤪! If nothing else, it was a great lesson for him on being part of a TEAM and while reflecting on his season {which mostly entailed asking for a 💦 or snack break} it made me stop and think - this is just like being part of any team, ether never sports, school, or work.  On a team, we aren’t all big goal scorers {or high income earners} but we help each other through a scrimmage {like offering moral support when we feel discouraged} and are always cheering each other on - win, lose, or fail.  Without each other - our team - there really is nothing. We can’t grow or get better all alone; we need our teammates to distribute the workload and offer different opinions and ideas to bring out the best in us!  Do you like being part of a team👯‍♀️ What is the role YOU typically play on a team - leader, cheerleader, strategist, perhaps the creative? LEMME KNOW! 👇🏻I think I’m flexible, I was always a leader (bossy) as a kid but became more adaptable with age, perhaps as fear or self-esteem fluctuated. 🤔 . . . . . . . #teamplayer #whatsyoursuperpower #timbitssoccer #weallplayapart #extracurricularactivities #moralsupport #lifteachotherup
How many of you know this is one definition of co-dependency? Think about it. 🤔Does this sound like the dynamic in ANY of your relationships??? ☝️The other person going down and you drowning with them , losing YOURSELF to save someone who doesn’t care to be saved?  Maybe it’s time to choose YOU. Chat w me @ coachchristi27 @gmail.com. I’d be privileged  to assist you untangling yourself from this entangled dynamic in your relationships. Wishing you freedom and peace❤️ #codependency #regainyourself #befree #letgo #fearless #bestrong #followme #workwithme #coachchristi #anextraordinarylife #peace
We have a choice about how we take what happens to us in our life and whether or not we allow it to turn us. We can become consumed by hate and darkness, or we're able to regain our humanity somehow, or come to terms with things and learn something about ourselves. 🙏🏻💫 . . . . . . . #mrorcohen #like #like4like #follow #followers #follow4follow #followforfollow #smart #regainyourself #telaviv #smile #motivation #strength #instagram #inspiration #laugh #book #love #energy #relationshipgoals #f4f #viral #photo #words #wisdom @thegoodquote
Getting into my suit to go play with my loves and I thought - ‘huh...ok you look pretty good but there’s still plenty of work to do.’ I still have some muffin top action {hence the high pant line marks😂}, my muscles aren’t as defined as they *should* be by now, and apparently I have worn too many tankinis so my glowing midsection and stretch marks are really highlighted.  My boobs are uneven from 50 months {and counting of breastfeeding}, and of course I have cellulite.  But ya know what? I feel great.  I’ve made so much progress in my body; most of it can’t be seen or might not look that impressive like many of the pictures you see online, but I am so much stronger, more agile, and definitely more mentally stable than I’ve been since my early 20s. I’ve learned to appreciate my body for the 2 lives it’s produced, I now push through challenges instead of letting them knock me down, and I’ve stopped telling myself I’m too old, out of shape or less than {insert xyz} to try new things or be who I am.  You, my friend, deserve to feel this way too - to like yourself for what you are and can be rather than hating yourself for what you aren’t.  That’s some serious BS we’ve been conditioned to believe and I’d like to remind you that CAN feel great and stand proud, with all the ‘imperfections’. Don’t waste more time hiding and hatin’ on your bod woman, live your life, cause you’re not getting younger or more able just waiting around. Tough love, but all love.💜 #liveyourlifenow #loveyourbody #useyourbody #stopwaiting #startliving #confidentwoman
Relatable? 🤔  We are all busy, but we are also very ‘busy’; we have almost lost the ability to prioritize because we are trying to do ALL THE THINGS and that’s simply not possible, and we tend to add too many things to our pile and in an effort to do ALL we end up shutting down and accomplishing very little.  1️⃣ make a list of your daily and weekly priorities —> e.g. time to make & eat meals, sleep, workout {you keep telling me it’s a priority but are you acting that way?}, extracurriculars, appointments, family game night, commuting and work hours, date night, working your side hustle...whatever HAS to be included {by your standards}! 2️⃣ Slot those into a calendar with an hourly scheduling function (I love Google calendar!) so you can have a visual. Organize by colour if you’re so inclined! 3️⃣Make a list of things you would LIKE to do but aren’t mandatory, or need to happen but aren’t urgen —> e.g. take a painting class, bake muffins, watch TV, read a book, volunteer, Christmas shopping, visit a friend (I believe some social time should be a priority!), etc.  4️⃣ Once you have the visual from your primary list you’ll be able to determine where you have pockets of time to add some of the other tasks into your existing schedule.  By identifying your TRUE priorities✅ you will be able to better manage your life. You might have to say no to things for others or that just don’t align with your current priorities, and it’s nobody’s business to guilt you into spending YOUR valuable time on something you aren’t interested in or just can’t commit to at this time.  Dude: it’s ok to be a bit selfish! If you don’t fill your cup first💆🏼‍♀️, you can’t give your best to others and will end up feeling empty and resentful, and nobody wants to be around someone like that anyways!  Stop being a martyr🙅🏼‍♀️ - it’s making you feel like shit and to be honest, others are trying to keep up and they feel
Never Forget The Damage Any Situation Brings You.  #regainyourself #neverlookback #neverforget #standalone #storiesbehindyourback #neverreturn #simplywords
Don’t you miss the fearlessness of childhood? I love the curious nature and willingness to TRY something new. Sometimes it’s hard or you fail, but sometimes - like Allie climbing this ladder - you succeed and feel like a rockstar! 👉 swipe to see the next challenge she checked out after watching Anderson...she cautiously attempted to get her foot on the first rung but (thankfully) realized it was a bit far for her tiny body and backed off. She tried, noted what she couldn’t change and no doubt will go back and try again next time!  #setsomegoals #regainyourself #takeachance #findyourinnerchild #trybeforeyouquit #giveyourselfsomecredit
Ya know that feeling when you make a decision to do something scares you - something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and past your bullshit excuses?  This is the face I make when I do that. 🤢🤗😱 #regainyourself #dreambigworkhard #showupforyourself #chasingfireflies #justdoit✔️