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Doesn't matter what angle you look at it from always make sure to focus on what you already have and be grateful for every bit of progress. Look beyond the mirror because often the progress is the things that can't be seen like resilience and emotional strength 😊  #progress #strength #focus #resilience #fitfam #goldcoastpt #personaltraining #fitspo #training #fitness  #epicprofitness #bebrave #laughlots #takerisks #beautywithin #nutrition #pt #health #wellbeing #goals #running #cardio #weights #fitspiration #functionaltraining #hiit  #goldcoast #tweedheads #gym #grouptraining
You can’t handle what you’ve been praying for. . You’re not ready yet. . There are lessons you need to learn. Qualities you need to develop. Skills you need to cultivate before you are ready to accept your blessings. . You are being tested right now to find out how badly you want it. . Can you handle it? Do you have the mental toughness? The discipline? The perseverance? The vision to hold on to while you weather the storm? . Greatness is forged in the tough times. . You are being tested to find out if you’ve got what it takes in the bad times to earn the privilege of enjoying the fruits in the good times. . Prepare for battle.
Well local artists including Still Waters survived a freak storm with 60 mph winds in New Orleans Friday. Bayou Boogaloo festival was scheduled to start on that day. The festival went on due to the resilience of the artists and the organizers. The damage and loss of art was huge but many lives were spared. Here’s to the human spirit ❤️ .(picture taken by local nola Artist) #neworleans #nola #thebayouboogaloo #nolaevents #nolastorm #resilience #cantkeepanartistdown
First day vibes #datewithdestiny 😀 Oh my goodness, what a day, what a crowd, what fun! Yesterday we kicked off this amazing event, watched a few lives getting changed, laughed a lot and also shed a few tears 💜 This beautiful environment of love that embraces such openness is incredible and mind blowing! Bring on the next 5 days I can’t wait to experience this emotional roller coaster of self discovery ☺️ . . . . #smile #fun #laughter #tonyrobbins #eyepatch #purple #joy #positivevibes #resilience #celebrate #lifecoach #excited #dwd2018
You may create a vision of your ideal job or career based on unrealistic expectations or others’ perceptions. It’s important to frequently take the time to assess what really matters to you in a career. What is your definition of  paradise? Otherwise you’ll think you’ve landed in paradise but something will still be missing.  For more information on building resilience read my award-winning book Shift Into Thrive, listed as one of the top 60 business books written by women, by Inc.com, at Amazon link in bio #women #career #resilience #thrive #selfcare #challenge #book #author #reader #amreading #path #vision #paradise #work #job #value
❤️ "I think this is what we all want to hear: that we are not alone in hitting the bottom, and that it is possible to come out of that place courageous, beautiful, and strong." - Anna White, Mended ❤️ #healedpeopleheal 🙏🏽 • • • • 🤗❤️🙏🏽 It's a wrap on another @ConnectionCoalition #traumainformed weekend journey of deep introspection, understanding, #healing and purpose. A huge THANK YOU to our host @YogaForAllMovement for your deep support in activating your Santa Cruz community and beyond! This weekend truly embodied the truth that #connectionisthecure as two yoga #nonprofit orgs joined forces on our unified mission: to make the healing tools of yoga, meditation and mindfulness more accessible to all populations, regardless of race, culture, income-level, body-type and more. It is when we recognize how privileged we are to have been introduced to these practices which  are scientifically-proven to heal our own trauma, that we recognize our shared responsibility to bring them to those who are under-resourced and may never even step foot in a yoga studio due to a myriad of factors. Remember that we're all doing the best we can with the tools we've been given. It is up to us to #bethechange that we want to see in the world by sharing the healing gifts we've been blessed with. ❤️🙏🏽🤗
Moça de alma colorida, pintou as suas dores com tintas e plantou flores em suas feridas… 🌷😊 #meumundoju #resilience #make #blog #life #happy #amorpropio❤
Definitely  tired now , but after a very tedious journey we have released the first week of content🙏 But @auroratutoring released our first web episode #motivationalmonday ❤️ Full video is on our FB page (facebook.com/auroratutoring305)🙇🏽‍♀️ This is definitely  an ongoing journey. One that allows YOU to take part in. So grow with us, talk to us, leave some love. Start a conversation with us 🙋🏽‍♀️ Happy Monday yall ✌🏽
It’s all in the mind #resilience
Quem olha um sorriso não imagina o que pode ter por trás; Pode ser por felicidade ou apenas por estar diante de uma câmera. Quem vê um sorriso não imagina o que já passou; Os problemas, os aprendizados, a resiliência ... Em um mundo cheio de aparências, cheio de superficialidade, esquecemos de uma simples pergunta, um simples “tá tudo bem?”. Vivemos em tempos de ligações frágeis que só alimentam as doenças da mente. A vontade de desistir é enorme, mas força, isso também passa. Seguimos lutando e aproveitando a alegria das pequenas coisas do dia, agradeço pelas novas pessoas que entraram na minha vida, a minha terapeuta, minha família e aos velhos amigos que surgem como se nunca tivessem se afastado. . . . . #lifeisbeautiful #keepwalking #keepbreathing #takeyourtime #newtimeiscoming #vida #resiliencia #resilience
Today's Hashimoment: How to Build Resilience  One of the biggest challenges about living with Hashimoto's is that there can be many set backs.  And if you do not have the ability to bounce back quickly and be resilient, then this may compound your suffering.  Because if you have multiple setbacks, one after the other, and you are still having trouble getting over the first, then you can become mired in gloom, despair and defeat.  One of the best ways to develop resilience is to practice mindfulness and detachment. The more you strengthen your detachment muscles, the easier it is to bounce back.  Detachment allows you to view your emotions from a bit of a distance.  This way you can see that feelings are not facts and emotions are not emergencies. They are just feelings and emotions and they come and go.  And you have a choice about how much importance you are going to give them. It's all about your perception of them.  A great practice for developing detachment is meditation. Simply sitting, breathing  and observing your thoughts.  Even as little as 3 minutes per day can help you develop the ability to observe your mind.  And as you watch it, you will observe thoughts and emotions rush in. Instead of holding onto them, return to your breath or to observing something in your physical body and let those thoughts and emotions go.  It can be challenging at first, but it gets easier. It’s like building another set of muscles, with practice, you get stronger.  And once you get a glimpse of the world outside of attachment to these feelings, thoughts and emotions you realize what a prisoner you can be to them.  Getting some degree of freedom from them can have a big impact on our ability to bounce back.  Sit, breathe and let go.  Please share with us your thoughts, experiences or tricks for finding detachment.