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You never told me that you didn't want me. You simply walked away; without words, without any expression. Your absence left a path of destruction within me. Like a dark abyss it sucked all the joy I've ever felt. Now all my smiles are forced, all my pleasures fleeting. Because of your indifference I'm trapped. A prisoner to the violence of my emotions. I can never be free not as long as you keep me banished here in a transparent cage while you hold the key. People look at me like I'm mad. "Why don't you just leave" they say. All I need to be free is for you to speak the words you so cowardly keep hidden. Say you never loved me, that you never cared. Tell me you never wanted me, so that I may leave. But that will never be. You won't speak this as you want me right here; waiting for when you are ready. How cruel can a human heart truly be? Why must you force me to watch your temporary happiness with her, while awaiting my own miserable forever with you.
Final rear view sketch from my project! Almost done😭 Day #442
Our ride home yesterday this song was playing on her playlist and she told me “I always wanted to have someone to sing this about, and now i have you”. She makes me feel so important, that same feeling my kids gave me where i just want to be a better man. #blessed#her#love#scribbles#feels#adinahoward #thatman#songs#important#truelove#respect#care#words
My fourth @enjoi board I'd ive really liked them all. On top of that I always enjoy putting my own ideas on the panda :) #enjoiskateboards #art #panda #color #sharpie #skateboards #kruxtrucks #scribbles #davidbowie
🌻don’t you fret I’ll find my way🌻 carefully 🌻walking 🌻from the devil’s 🌻plane - Matt Corby🌻