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“Changing The World”- Video 1 of a video series
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Want to change the world?
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Everything is energy to obtain the reality you desire one must tap into that frequency. Every thought every action is carried out into the ether which is a web of information, the YOUniverse will provide be willing to accept. Love yourcellf & express thycellf
Some very cool shops are popping up all over Palma Old Town. Here’s one of my favourites #lafedericka @lafedericka. #lovethecolours . #seekandyoushallfind πŸ’•#palmademallorca #cascoantiguo #balearicislands #mallorca
When sh*t gets real and you fall "victim" to Something or someone else that was out of your control, feeling like a victim is inevitable, in the process of grieving and healing, I found it helpful to see myself as the heroin if my own story, this in itself was not an easy task, i have always refused to be labeled as a Victim of anything, I proclaimed I was in charge of my life, and took responsibility for my actions, but, sometimes,  that "label" is true, the problem comes when we accept it as our personal flag and wear it proudly. regardless of what happened in my life, it was my responsibility to get through it, to seek the path that didn't compromise my true nature.  At times I questioned what that true nature was, through introspection, meditation, tears, resistance and acceptance,  I had to have the courage to peel off the layers of my beliefs and views of myself, take off the self imposed masks and perceptions of others. Having the courage to view yourself raw, true, spirit, mind, body, and learn to address it with self compassion and self Love is not easy, specially if the events out of your control where dehumanizing.  As you go through this journey, at your own pace, take the time, to acknowledge and feel gratitude for your effort, how far you have come, your new gained wisdom and perspective. Be your best advocate, be grateful for those who have been placed before you to help you along the way, be it family, friends, an author, a musician, a therapist, an activity such as yoga, meditation or prayer, and your willingness to take responsibility and action towards your healing.  Reaching the point of forgiveness is Epic, not because you forget, but because you let go of the harmful poison eating at your soul. Come into your power, be your own heroin/hero.  Allow the experience to help you grow, not defeat you. Crack yourself open from your shell of despair and allow the light in. The journey is worth it. Much Love to you! -Vero #beyourownheroin #heal
A place I call home πŸ’™ • • • • • • • • • • • • • •  #live #love #roam #seekandyoushallfind #adventures #summervibes #wonderland #outdoorviews #mountainair #beauty #home #colorado #landscape #photography #memories #captured #nature #potd #outdooradventures #june
#tbt to car hunting in North Carolina - a friend tipped me off and led me to one of the most amazing collections I have ever seen.
“Dealing With Anxiety”- Video 6 of a video series
With Wedding Planning we know there are a million questions you may have or want to ask even before booking someone. This can be frightening, but not asking the question at all is even worse. •••••••••••••• Not asking questions or not asking the right questions can result in wasted time and money. •••••••••••••• I want you to take this simple step of faith. If you have a question that you have not received an answer to, comment below and I will give you the best answer possible. I may not know everything, but I promise you that I can find out so that you can have a solution. . . . . . . . #weddingquestion #wedding #weddinghelp #bride #groom #weddingplanning #ask #question #seekandyoushallfind #weddingplanner #freeconsultation
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Always or Never... . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... #wanderlust #intention #friendship #friendshipquotes #respect #selfrespect