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Taking the world one vineyard at a time! 🍷
🧚‍♂️ Probably thinking about chicken nuggets. πŸ“ //
제일 섀렐 λ•Œ : μΉ˜ν‚¨ 기닀릴 λ•Œ
When this started happening to me It was slow at first and everything accelerated. Issues that I thought I dealt with resurfaced and I had to dissect it, relive it again and learn from it. You will question everything, the people in your lives, strangers, family members.  With this awareness you will see the world with a new set of eyes. You will feel that you can no longer adapt or belong in the environment. I went through this all last year and still learning. Trust the process and the messages being sent your way. It is like a jig saw puzzle and everything makes sense when you finally see the bigger picture. If you need confirmation go seek it and most importantly trust your intuition the knowing deep within you. There is a reason that you are being guided down that path for a reason. Just remember to breathe and try not to be consumed or overwhelmed by it. You are not alone on this journey. You will meet people that will understand you and help you to discover the underlying layer to the answers you seek but most importantly it is a lesson you must endure on your own. Enjoy the journey.#journey #inspiration #spiritual #mindset #awakening #consciousness #conscious #innerpeace #truth #motivation #innerchild #self #selfcare #selfacceptance #love #selfdiscovery #positivevibes #positivequotes #healing #energy #light #ego #chakras
μˆ ν•œν…Œ λ‘λ“œλ € λ§žμ€λ‚ β€οΈ
Probably Woulda Gave You Everything You Wanted...πŸ’―πŸ”‘