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Never been much of a reader but thought it was time I try something new, thanks for the inspiration @paulaweel #selfdevelopment
💖You don't gotta have it all figured out 💖  So here's some real talk; I've been free from the hold of diets, food restriction and food rules running my life and dictating my daily thoughts for a while now. But last night I came in and ate a slice of pizza and 2 bars of chocolate in my kitchen before I even took my jacket off. It was pure emotional eating, I wasnt hungry, I needed the comfort, I needed to taste the sweet stuff and needed it in that moment.  The thing is nobody is perfect, nobody gets to a point where they NEVER EVER eat out of emotion, never over eat or never eat when they aren't hungry. But the difference is I do these things without judgement. I show myself the compassion of not dwelling on it, not beating myself up about it and not feeling guilty about it. 💖 There would have been a time that that would have been it for me. I would have thought 'well now I've ruined it' and eaten the rest of the pizza, another chocolate bar and carried it through the weekend till I could 'start again on Monday.' But I don't do that to myself anymore. I give myself a break and I move on.  Healing your relationship with food isn't about creating a 'perfect' way to eat, its about food being just food. It's about you loving yourself enough and valuing yourself enough to let go of all the crap and the rules that surround food and not have it as something that dictates your mood, your thoughts or your emotions. Its about not trying to be 'good' or perfect or 'stay on track'. Its about just living in harmony with food, understanding that if you eat things that your body disagrees with, if you eat too much or eat when you're not hungry that doesnt make you a bad person.  Nobody has it all figured out and you don't have to either beaut 💖
Demand to be loved the way you deserve. We all deserve to loved in all of our messy imperfections. ❤️ @EmilyJoyRosen @The.Empowered.Woman #couragemylove #justwakingup #healinghearts #secretkeepers #findthelight #woundsintowings
Most of the times I am overoptimistic about my dreams and what i want to Archive in life. People call me naive because I don’t like to hear that things are impossible or that i am not going to archive what I have set out to do. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I like to set myself goals that are really hard to archive. Not to set myself up for failure but to fail at the level of other people’s success. Giving myself goals that are “out of reach” make me grow so much in the process of trying to reach them. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My dreams are the fuel to my life and I am aiming to work towards them every day. Which doesn’t always look like the classical hussle. It is a lot of mental work, growth and communication. Being honest to myself about where I am at and how to improve. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Some say my life is risky, not just from an extreme sport viewpoint but also my financial security, not having a home base and a lot of solo traveling.  But for me that is all so worth it, my dreams are with my life. Because it is why I am alive, it makes me tick and gives my life purpose. And I am left wondering if there is anything less risky than living the live of your dreams, no matter the sacrifices along the way.  quoteofig #motivation #motivationofig #qoute #lettinggo #takealeap #risk #dare #selfdevelopment #grow #expand #findyourpower #loverules #compassion #comfortthedisturbed #disturbthecomfort #daredevil #justdo #doit #goforit #goforward  #risk #movingforward #lifedream #themagicisinthedoing
For the past few years I’ve been teaching a one-night course called START on how to eliminate procrastination and creative block by killing excuses and embracing reality. This summer we’re turning it into a 4-week workshop. The goal is to get you out of the “I wish I had more time” or “I don’t know what my work should be about” malaise and into full-blown creative addiction. Class runs 6/7–6/28. Link in bio. — (Image is a #garbagesculpture. A silly meme that is crucially my own development as an artist). — #artschool #creativeprocess #creativity #artteacher #selfdevelopment #selfhelp #growth
So excited to be collaborating with @_agirlinprogress and some amazing brands for A Girl in Progress Ultimate Self-Care Giveaway. 😆 It’s packed with everything you need to treat yo’self, just like you deserve. 😉 To enter, head to @_agirlinprogress 💖 #pledgetostaywell
🌸Описание смотри под фото с надписью КОНКУРС🌸
Венерианки, всем доброе утро! ☀️ ⠀ Я решила устроить конкурс и подарить одной из вас 3 невероятно красивых блокнота 😍 ⠀ Условия очень простые: ❣️Подписаться на аккаунт ❣️Отметить в комментариях свою подругу ❣️Сказать подруге, чтобы она тоже подписалась на мой блог для девушек ☺️ ⠀ 👆🏻Отмечать можно сколько угодно подруг: один комментарий-одна подруга, второй комментарий-другая и так до бесконечности 😃 ⠀ Чем больше комментариев, тем больше шансов на победу! 🐾 ⠀ Результаты конкурса подведу 1️⃣ июня! Удачи, мои девочки ☺️ Обнимаю, Венера 💕