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We must learn to hang on during our dark moment. From experience I have leary that when things go south, and things gets difficult, most times life is teaching us something. We only need to look at it with a positive mindset.  I know things can be extremely difficult, and life sometimes so unreasonable. But we can't give up, we can't give in. We must learn to hold and understand that nothing of value comes cheap. - 📸 to respective owners | #georgebluekelly - #happylife #selfeducation #succeed  #happiness #motivationalquote #successtips  #dailyquotes #ambition #bestofday  #businessmindset #entrepreneurs #lawofattraction  #empowerment #successquotes #entrepreneurlife
What others will say? Will they like it? Will they make jest of me? What if I make mistake, will they laugh at me? Will they think am weird and stupid?  I wonder how many dreams has these questions buried? How many talents, abilities and skills will the world never experienced because of these questions.  Am saying today, people's opinion doesn't matter. Because they do not define you. That part is your job, and only you can define that. - 📸 @successinspiration.ig | #positiveimpactquote - #happylife #selfeducation #succeed  #happiness #motivationalquote #successtips  #dailyquotes #ambition #bestofday  #businessmindset #entrepreneurs #lawofattraction  #empowerment #successquotes #entrepreneurlife
UNapologetic: My Life in My Words 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 Episode 10: iSuck at Love 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 Acknowledge your truth. Live in your truth. Be comfortable with your truth.
“True faith comes from how the path you are taking can bring you life and love and happiness everyday.” - Thich Nhat Hanh in Going Home (check out our previous posts) 📚✨
Nothing beats the truth. Stop worrying about how many likes or followers you get. The number of likes/followers doesn't define the value of the content! Just be real and do what you love. Even if your audience is not as big as the content deserves it. Keep grinding. The success will hit you. 🤘 - Quote by the one and only @garyvee - #motivation #inspiration #success #successful #mindset #successmindset #growth #growthmindset #millionaire #billionaire #entrepreneur #millionairethinking #successtips #onlinemarketing #positivemindset #positivethinking #5am #hustle #grind #garyvee #selfeducation
#20 - The Problem With Getting To The Problem  Have you left the GP confused because there's something not right, but they won't test you? This might by why.  Fingers crossed you learn something - and if you do, TAG a friend!
#20 - The Problem With Getting To The Problem  Have you left the GP confused because there's something not right, but they won't test you? This might by why.  Fingers crossed you learn something - and if you do, TAG a friend!
For Those Who Have Been Asleep Or Oblivious When It Comes To These Captions, Let Me Remind You Of 2 Things. I Am An Empath & Twin Flame. As An Empath, I Know More About Other People Than Myself. I Am Quite Accurate On Other People's Energy Even When They Think Differently Of Themselves. I Usually Have To Challenge & Question Myself Especially In Spats & Other Arguments Because I Am Always A Mirror. What People Think Of Me Is Actually A Direct Reflection Of Them Whether They See It Or Not. Thus, I'm Always Charged With The Task Of Triggering People So Deep That They See Themselves In My Resistance. It's A Fortune & Curse Especially Online Where People Are Far Less Self-Aware Than In The Real World. As A Twin Flame, I'm Known As "The Chaser" Which Is Something That I Have Been Trying To Remove From Me For Months Now. I Know Who He Is & Why He Is "The Runner." It's Because There's A Lot I Need To Still Work On Alone Before He Is Fine With Meeting Me Half-Way. I Have Fears To Get Over & More Wounds To Heal Without Losing The Good Parts Of Myself That I've Found. So Much Awakening Is Happening To Me All At Once That It's Insane. As Much As I Want Him Woke & Not In Lower Vibration, I Have To Be More Focused On My Inner Work Than Anything. Sure, I Want To Help Him But I Have To Put The Mask On Me 1st & Foremost Because Only I Can Best Help Myself. The Man I Quoted Here Has A YouTube Channel Where Part Of His Platform Focuses On Twin Flames & The Video I Watched Was So Good That I Had To Meme His Main Message. Being Woke Is Not A Finality Or Destination. It's An Ongoing Process & Cycle Of Unlearning & Relearning. Knowing & Owning Your Holistic Truth Not Just Someone Else's Is The Point & Not The Distraction So Find A Way To Actually Get Self Absorbed But In Healthy & Humbled Ways. I Hope This Helps Someone & Not Just Me So With All Of This Said...Namaste. 🌷⛅💙🙏😑🙏💙⛅🌷-- Repost From: @natgeotravel & 📷 Photo Credit: @jonathan_irish
Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune. #formals #bengaluru #throwback #sundayvibes #motivationalquotes #deepquotes #goodafternoon #selfeducation #fortune
Our time measure, past, present and future.  Life events, people come and go, it’s all so real when it happens and suddenly everything becomes just a memory.  Learn what you can, let go and move on.  Life has so many wonderful things to offer if you simply accept it.  #mindset #livelife #openyourmind #mommyblogger #mommylife #bossbabe #ladyboss #womenstyle #entrepreneurmindset #womenempowerment #womeninbusiness #beyourself #healthandwellness #mindovermatter #personalgrowth #selfeducation #selfdevelopment #selftalk #timeless #timelapse #lifelessons #acceptance #love #openmind #happylife
Приглашаю вас со мной в бесплатный курс блогерства от @blogging_academy. Все подробности здесь 👉 @blogging_academy ⠀ Я закончила магистратуру в 21 год. Не спрашивайте как, просто очень захотелось 😅 Но я совершенно не представляю свою жизнь без обучения! Это включает в себя всё - полезные книжки, вебинары, совместные активности как эта, и полноценные курсы повышения квалификации (цена у них правда мама родная 🙈) ⠀ Сейчас образование я воспринимаю иначе, без сопротивления, как многие из нас в школе. Весомо и то, что изучаю я ровно то, что нужно МНЕ что интересно МНЕ что выбрала Я САМА И сразу хочется домашку делать при таком раскладе 📚 ⠀ Хочу спросить: вы ещё учитесь? Если да, то где? 😘 ⠀ #blogging_academy #онлайнобучение #thoughts_slowdown
Let’s do it! If you have any questions about self development, life struggles, health, and finances, or just want to inform us of a world wide concern of yours. Email us at Info@projectditto.org . If our team feature the blog based answer, we will send you a 35% off discount voucher 💫 (Talk about a win, win situation)
A goal without a plan is just a dream. #organizeyourself
“When we really pay attention, everything is our teacher”- Ezra Beyda——— Whether it be in the form of books, television, people and various other aspects of our lives that have the potential to influence our actions and/ or 💭 thoughts etc. When we take the time to expose ourselves to alternate perspectives and viewpoints that may vary from our own it enables us to grow in significant ways. Each and every single day we ought to be striving to learn at least one new thing. 📚That’s 365 new things each year, and if we were to take a small portion out this (say 10%) to expose ourselves to various other areas of life that are not what we typically care to deal with, we may find that we are able to  look at the world 🌎 with new eyes 👀!🤗 There is a quote by Albert Einstine that I love, 😍it states that- “Those who follow the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd, those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.” This is likely due to the discomfort that is often associated with deciding to go your own way... “Become friends with people who aren’t your age. Hang out with people who’s first language isn’t the same as yours. Get to know someone who doesn’t come from your social class. This is how we see the 🌎 world. & This is how we grow.”📈. @bibliophilemedonnalee
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