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We all know we need to make self-care a priority, so why is it so difficult to do? .... For many when we do something for ourselves we feel guilty? Why is that? ... When you start to realize that self-care is a huge part of your well-being you can start to gradually take and do things for yourself. ... And when you do you will feel more joy and happiness which in turn the people around you that you love will benefit from your happiness as well! . . .  #livewithintention #designyourlife #showupasyou #dotheinnerwork #selfleadership #shineyoulight #selfcareisentselfish #mindful  #mindfulness  #selfcare  #selfcarematters  #selfcareroutine  #selfcareday  #relaxwithfriends  #selfcarewithessentialoils
Men are more vulnerable to loneliness than women, they have a greater need for belonging and connection. Not vulnerably sharing is death to emotional intimacy in relationship, which amounts to inauthentic relating. Not only does inauthenticity impair loving connection in relationship, but in sex, friendships, your relationship with yourself, and in all the little moments of time in your life. The conundrum for men in being vulnerable, is that they want to be vulnerable, share their pain, their fears, even their darkness, but they also know that women (this is a generalisation of course) find our confidence attractive. Mistakenly, however, men think of confidence as excluding vulnerability, when in fact, the foundation of true confidence is in their ability to be real and vulnerable. Why is it so difficult to open up? First off, most men are not trained in the delicate art of vulnerability, but another part of the challenge is how women respond to vulnerability. Women tell their men that they to want to know how they’re feeling and how they want them to be more vulnerable. But when men do share there can be a subtle shaming from the woman. The message many men receive is “Please share yourself with me, but don’t share too much or in a way that makes me feel like you’re not a strong confident man.” I’ve  even heard from some men that their partners want them to share and when they do, their women have responded with something like “man up.” I think that some women are not used to men being emotionally vulnerable and when they are it can feel really unsettling for them. So are women really okay with a man being so open as to allow tears to flow? Most men are on the side of “I don’t want her to think I’m weak” so I won’t share in a real way. Men can share from anger, but from sadness or shame is a much more difficult task. Men’s inability to be vulnerable is really fear of shame, and criticism and if they are met with a shaming response
I am serious person at least 80% of all the time or to be honest 100%. I am always thinking of something, analyzing even when I am joking. . I actually like funny things and  I may acknowledge a joke is funny but I may not laugh out loud but in my mind I know it’s funny and I think that’s a really good joke ( can anyone relate?). . . But I started thinking of trying to be different and all, put a little more sanguine on it so everyone would stop asking,’why are you always serious?’ . . We had a class picnic and it supposed to be all fun and games( I was actually enjoying the games) and then they ask me to speak... to cut the story short it became sorta serious talk.. I had to  decide to sit. . . Now I am realizing it’s not such a bad thing because we all need that one friend who would be on our necks and remind us about purpose, hold us accountable, remind and push us to do those projects that we said we would do or the ones we are capable of doing and running from... . . That’s a value I can bring to my relationships while I am slowly learning to be more ‘life of the partyish’.. #iamowningit#beyourownperson #shineyourlight #pathfinder #pathfinding #selfmastery #selfleadership #knowthyself👑
Want to be experienced as more inspirational?  Want to experience more joy & fulfillment?  Want to experience happiness on tap?  Today I’m working with Scottish Entrepreneurs to develop their leadership capability.  A study by Daniel Goleman shows that organisations where culturally equal attention is given to: - Self: our purpose, values, energy (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) - Others: our relationships (family, friends, at work and at home) - The task: the ‘stuff’ on our to do list  experience a whopping 390% ROI compared to an ROI of around 50% in organisations where culturally the focus is on the ‘task’. Where are you placing your attention?  When you get up do you go straight to your phone, emails, to do list, household tasks?  OR  Do you give attention to self? Movement, eating a healthy breakfast, nurturing your mind, your purpose.  If you aren’t experiencing joy, fulfilment in your life look at where your ‘attention’ goes in your daily routines. It’s not about time. It’s about your attention.  Joy & fulfillment are an OUTPUT of purpose.  The human system only works one way.  If you are looking for joy, happiness, fulfillment ‘out there’ you are looking in the wrong direction. It’s an inside job.  If you’d like experience more energy, more joy and fulfillment, if you’d like to understand more about how your system works ... I’d love to hear from you 👍  #selfleadership #selfworth #leadership #purpose #values #fulfillment #insideout #energy
Nobody has a life that's absolutely smooth. Everybody has a story and that story consists of all the struggles, troubles and tribulations that the individual had to go through. I'm sure you've had a good share of storms in your life. But that has made you 'you'. Let me know in the comments section what storms have occurred in your life and tag your friends to remind them that they're warriors of their own life .  #feeljoy #mentalhealth #compassion #resilience #patience #mindfulness #buddy #listener #guide #health #inspire #positivevibes #selfleadership #art #illustration #strength
The world is what it is.  Your thoughts about the world is what you are!  Change your thoughts you can change your life experience and your future.
You don’t need to wait until you’re ‘broken’ to make your life better. Positive psychology is all about going from good to GREAT.  Don’t settle for average, learn to THRIVE.
What's holding you back from being more successful?  More importantly, what can you do to overcome this?  With great online courses, interactive impactful workshops and exceptional one to one coaching options, create10 has a solution that's right for you.  Link in our bio  #leadership #corporate #executive #coaching #lifecoach #icf #teamwork #learning #create10 #onlinecourses #success #elearning #business #selfleadership #blogger #selfimprovement #quoteoftheday #csuite #solutions #coach #businessowners #performance #thoughtoftheday #ireland #motivation  #innovation #management #training #professional #positivemindset
2018 Lightyear Mozambique Shareback spotlight ✨ Laura Appleton! —  What she’s up to: “To reach my fundraising goal, I’m combining my passions – people & purpose. Purpose Stories is a fundraising evening of learning, inspiration and laughter. Five inspirational speakers will share stories of how they discovered their purpose in life and work. Join us Wednesday, June 27th from 7-9pm at the Arc'teryx Pub (Head Office)” —  Get your tickets here:  https://www.picatic.compurposestories  Can't make the event? Please donate here and I’ll send you the video: https://www.classy.org/fundraiser/1222548 —  The more I learned about  Legado and Majka's leadership in the conservation and climbing world, the more I have been inspired to fundraise finding a different way to protect wild spaces. For me this is a trip of a lifetime, exploring and giving back to the continent where I was born and as Rudyard Kipling once said, “One cannot resist the lure of Africa”. —  Follow Laura and Purpose Stories here: @lauraappleton @purposestories
“There are uses to adversity, and they don't reveal themselves until tested. Whether it's serious illness, financial hardship, or the simple constraint of parents who speak limited English, difficulty can tap unexpected strengths”... Sonia Sotomayor I have lived this quote. I was raised in the public housing system in the South Bronx and Puerto Rico. Raised by a non-english speaking single mother who was raised by single mother, we had our share of challenges. I was taught to be able to survive, but I had to learn to thrive. Today I am a Certified Strengths-based Human Potential Coach and Founder of StrengthenHER, helping others to grow their talents to strengths, reset their health & well-being, and clarify their vision of their purpose-driven life... Hope, gratefulness, and love are our biggest tools to build resilience and co-create a life of impact so that it mattered that we lived. #strengthenher #courage #womanempowerment #health #wealth #relationships #truth #leadership #selfleadership #strengthenherleadershipretreats
Today’s Mid-Day Mastery was next level! There was #reflection on where we were,  #strategy conversations to course correct, and #slg members left with a developed and solid #plan for moving forward. #ceomindset #ceolife #ceo #leadership #empowerment #selfleadership #selfleadershipglobal #selfleadershiplifestyle #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurmindset #success #strategy @thejason1012 @sarabfit @hivibehealing @alana5280 @rachaellyman1976 @kellyannezielinski
HAPPY WORLD PRODUCTIVITY DAY! 20 June! ... Sally Foley-Lewis. Sally works with you and your team to master essential people, management and leadership skills for increasing productivity in today's workforce, challenges and demands. Book Sally for your team or association meeting, event or conference: http://www.sallyfoleylewis.com ... #productivity #execute #theproductiveleader #productiveleadership #timemanagement #taskmanagement #focusmanagement #leadership #selfleadership #culture #listen #habits #peopleskills #focus #performance #balance #team #teamleader #strategic #success #leadership #peopleskills #management #results #confidence #mentor #author #coach #productivitycoach #professionalspeaker #eventprofs
A quick productivity check. iPhones - go to Settings, Battery, Last 7 Days then click the little clock button. What could you have done with that time instead of...#facebook #snapchat #instagram or browsing #safari challenge yourself, does your behaviour add value to your purpose? Post a pic of your #app usage! #fitlivin #purpose #realitycheck #behaviour #selfleadership #iphone
Could what is keeping you stuck be due to waiting for permission from others to take action, to think differently, to want more, to believe better and to seek more? 🌟Recognising that you hold the power to grant permission to yourself to do anything your heart desire, to stepchange where you are and what you do everyday can fundamentally change things for you. 🌟When you stop waiting and relying on others to ‘permit’ you to do anything you can open up the mind to so many more opportunities, swing open closed doors and see the world through a completely fresh lens. 🌟We are taught at an early age that we should ask before taking and this sticks with us through life. An in-built polite system of asking for permission our parents would be proud of. 🌟But if no one is listening or when they don’t have the power to give you what you what you want, what do you do? Give up? Keep the hand up and wait? Stay stuck? 🌟if  you want something the reality is sometimes you have to just take it under your own permission or it may never appear. 🌟Pemission to be happy, to do more of what you enjoy, to believe in yourself, to dream bigger, to change processes and systems which don’t work for you......... Stop looking around you and look in the mirror when asking permission. Empower yourself.  #selfleadership #giveyourselfpermission #believeinbetter #careercoach #careershift #careerchange #lovewhatyoudodowhatyoulove #mindset #performancebooat