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#viernesdetests  La pregunta de hoy es, ¿Es la gestación subrogada un derecho o una imposición?  La gestación subrogada es, en términos generales, la práctica en la que una mujer gesta un bebé para otra persona o pareja.  Es un tema súper polémico. Básicamente, el debate alrededor de éste se divide en dos posturas:  1. La mujer tiene derecho a cobrar por un servicio (como gestar un bebé) y las parejas que no pueden o no quieren gestar, tienen derecho a pagar por dicho servicio.  2. Es una práctica capitalista en la que una o varias personas se aprovechas de la situación socio económica de una mujer para rentar su cuerpo para un embarazo de un hijo al que no tendrá el derecho de criar (y aveces incluso, conocer). A mi me parece que, si bien la mujer es dueña de su cuerpo y puede decidir qué hacer con el, el embarazo no es cualquier cosa. Creo que incluso cuando la decisión es “libre” hay un contexto social y/o económico que lleva a las mujeres a rentar su cuerpo. ¿Ustedes qué piensan? ——— #testfriday Today's question: is surrogacy gestation a right or an imposition? Surrogate pregnancy is, in general terms, the practice in which a woman carries a baby for another person or couple. It is a super controversial topic. Basically, the debate around it is divided into two: 1. The woman has the right to charge for a service (such as gestating a baby) and couples who can not or do not want to gestate, have the right to pay for this service. 2. It is a capitalist practice in which one or several people take advantage of the socio-economic situation of a woman to rent her body for a pregnancy of a child who will not have the right to raise (and sometimes even meet). It seems to me that, although women own our bodies and can decide over them, pregnancy is not just anything. I believe that even when the decision is "free" there is a social and / or economic context that leads women to rent their bodies. What do you think? . . . . . #fem #grlpwr
“You need to love yourself. Love yourself so much to the point that your energy and aura rejects anyone who doesn’t know your worth.” #selfie #selfrespect #selfvalue #enjoyinglife #behappy #keepsmile😊 #
Liam & Alanna getting their uphill walk on 🕺🏾 @anytimefitnesscarnegie are only a couple more 15min time slots away from cracking $1000 raised for Suicide Prevention Australia 👍🏼🙌🏼 A big thank you for everyone’s contributions and let’s finish off the last leg #treadtogether
Today was a long and exhausting day, and it was capped off by our school’s graduation where I’m a librarian. Being there made me happy for my students, and it reminded me how hard I worked on my undergraduate and graduate degrees, and how excited I am for my students and hope they appreciate all the possibilities there are for them. And when I snapped this photo, I felt genuinely happy, proud of myself, and beautiful inside and out. I was caught up in the magic of the moment. I got home and was planning to upload the photo to say all of the above, but then I saw how heavy my makeup looked in the humid heat and this lighting. I noticed the crease in between my eyebrows. I suddenly let myself pick apart all of the goodness I felt this evening because of tired, worn-down eyes, because it’s late, because who in the hell knows why! I chose not to filter this because I want to remind myself that the way you see yourself is just a perception. It can take the smallest thing to knock the wind out of us. I choose to see myself as beautiful, the same way I saw myself in that moment...with love, acceptance, and compassion. I encourage you to do the same and for you to remember you are beautiful in so many ways, you have flaws, and it’s ok. Those things you consider to be flaws are nothing compared to the magical creature you are, whether man or woman. You are beautiful and wonderfully made! You and I...we are poetry. 💖 #selfacceptance #selfimage #lovethyself #selflove #selfrespect #beautiful #life #love #believeinyourself #believe
Let’s go blue!!! 💙
Ladies - don't believe the social media hype... ⚠🚫 You can still look sexy and be fully clothed. 👀😍😉💋❤ • • • • •. #beclassy #dontberatchet #selfrespect #selfesteem #love #selflove #respect #fullyclothed #feminine #sexy #notvulgar #class #welldressed #womensfashion
Blábláblá...Whiskas sachê.#self#selfieesteem#selflove#selfpreservation#senseofself#selfworth#selfrespect
Dude.... I don’t think anyone should ever use this word. At all. It is NOT okay. It is not empowering, it is not cool. Furthermore, it is not okay to call yourself a “bad bitch” or any other sort of bitch. Have some self respect. As well as the curse word “mother fucker” (look up its origins).... what’s wrong with us? #thinkbeyondthetrend #riseabove #selfrespect #honorourbrothersandsisters #womanholdscreationwithinher #respectthefemaleenergy #givethemsomethingtorespect
Finally arrived at Mt. Kailash after an insane 4 day drive across to Tibet. Can immediately feel the power, wow!!!! Home of Lord Shiva for Hindus. Home of Shambhala and all the Buddhas for Buddhists. The center axis of the earth and even the universe for many scientists.  Will be off the grid climbing for next few days but back next week w tons of awesome photos and videos for you. Much love, get out there and BE YOU, who gives a shit what anyone else thinks? ❤️❤️❤️ Matt Adams Buddhist Life And Business Strategist Advisor to CEOs and Champions MBA Harvard, BA Princeton www.mattadamsglobal.com  Are you living your dream? If not, I’m the guy to work with. Just ask my Global clients. Message me for details on June only special, 4 calls w me normally $1500, $297 if you sign up before June 1. ❤️❤️❤️
R E S P E C T ...... ..... .... L O Y A L T Y ............ .................. ................ #fortunecookie #fortune #quote #selfrespect #respect #love #loyalty #treat #liferules #lifelessons #teach #lessons
"Memayu hayuning buwana" is one of  an ancient Java philosophy.  it means- have an intention to enhance this beautiful earth with something beautiful in all aspect of your life.  Mind, Body, and  Soul . ================================ #philosophyofancientjava #ancientjavathingking #selfappreciation  #selfrespect  #selfdiscoveryjourney #selfdiscovery #selfawareness  #coaching  #iriantierningpraja#nofilter #quote #kutipan #nasehat #eejangan #kebijaksanaanorangjawa #wisdomoftheeast #wisdomsayings