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We are the kings of the castle! 👑 Hope we get some service here soon, cause man are we thirsty 💧 #pleaseandthankyou #royal #cavitude #sundayfunday #weekendvibes #rescuedog #seniordogs #ckcs #prestonkingsley #romanskyrocket #happyplace
💙 Morning snuggles with Duke... #rescuedogsofinstagram #mothersdaygift #caninecastaways #ilovemydog  #seniordogs #seniordogsrule
He’s no longer lop-eared.  #seniordogs #rescuedogs #rescuedandloved #venäjänkatukoiratry
Friendship is the marriage of souls. Voltaire (1694-1778)
Cassius says yes I run this house and what I want I get and what I say goes. That is what happens when you are a King and just irresistible. Any dogs need tips on how to achieve this honor in your household. I might show you my tricks in exchange for 1 or 2 natural balance sweet potato and fish biscuits....LOL #seniordogs #boxersofinstagram #spoileddog
My family  Thanks to Purelight Photography (Dave) for the photo session today. We always get amazing photos from you  #kobie #ilovestaffies #staffy #seniordogs  #vonzennith #vonzennithfinn #vonzennithbosco #furfamily #furmum #family #lafamilia #ilovemybabies #motherofdragons @purelightphotos
Caught being cute...
Blue skies. Green grass. Sea breeze. Best friends. My happiness ❤️ #girlsbestfriend #love #dogs #canine #happydays #seabreeze #bluesky #kiss #mastiff #mastiffsofinstagram #seniordogs #loyalty
#repost @ kpsaveslife ・・・ URGENT ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ @charliesfoundation_rescue  Welcome Leila to our rescue.  Leila was at a high kill shelter in California and she was running out of time and we couldn't let this sweet neglected girl not have a wonderful end life.  She's very skinny and her poor body shows a life of ugliness.  Rescuing senior dogs is very sad and sometimes knowing what they've had to endure makes it harder.  She has callouses all over, she has at least been bred once, she has pressure sores, her ears have the telltale signs of multiple hematoma's, her ear canals are full of gunk, her hair is coarse and she is incredibly underweight.  Through all of this she is kind, sweet and affectionate.  Man's Best Friend they say to people who have dogs.  Well her previous people called animal control to come out and pick her up and take her to the shelter.  We will never understand the cruelty that so many animals endure.  We immediately brought her to our vet @newportharborvets and had an ultra sound, X-rays, full senior geriatric blood panel and a few other blood tests as well.  All her lymph nodes are swollen, her hip bones are protruding and she wasn't eating at the shelter.  Tonight she is warm, safe and loved in one of the most skilled and compassionate foster homes we could of hoped for.  We have an idea of what her medical results will be but are being cautiously optimistic.  We will post what we find out and until then please keep Leila in your hearts.  We'd like to thank @tazzyfund for offering to help with today's visit.  We can't do this without help and we are grateful we were able to make a difference in her life today.  If you'd like to help us help Leila with her on-going medical needs you can visit our website and select the ⚠️"donate now button"⚠️ or you can also send funds via PayPal by using our email address.  Thank you for believing in us and allowing us to help senior dogs in need like Leila.
Ok, I had a great day, but I’m ready for bed. 🐶💤
When the car is packed, the ladies do their due diligence and pack themselves too.  #seniordogs #chihuahua @muttvillesf