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Best way to spend the mornings ๐Ÿ’• I’ve been working off leash training just getting to know positions and such. Trip is doing great and I went for over an hour long walk totally off leash yesterday. Never chased anything and if he looked a little too interested in something he listened perfectly to a “leave it” command. Worked with alternating “go free” “side” “stop” “stay” “closer” “yard” “back” all from different distances. It was so comforting to see how wonderfully he listened. For the first several months of his life, he would pull so hard on a leash that my hand would burn and I would have to stop after 5 mins. It’s nice to realize that the more your dog listens the more comfortable you are giving them so much freedom. When they learn boundaries they can do almost anything. They can communicate that they are asking permission to do things, and you can communicate your answer back - I love the dynamics of it all. I’ll try to get a recording of it on Wednesday! . Follow our friend @cayenne.the.service.pup ! . . . #servicedog #servicedogintraining #servicedogs #servicedogteam #servicedogsofig #trip #dog #dogsofinstagram #bordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #heterochromia #blueandbrowneyes #twodifferentcoloreyes #servicedogbordercollies #ocd #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #ptsd #posttraumaticstressdisorder #panicattack #panicdisorder #anxiety #anxietydisorder #generalizedanxietydisorder #depression #dissociativedisorder #derealization #dissociation #depersonalization #puppy #goodboy
I had a scary dream last night so I curled up real tight next to mom to protect me- Thea xxx  #servicedogintraining #sdit #intraining #learning #nightmare #keeshond #keeshondsofinstagram #husky #huskiesofinstagram #keeshondhusky #huskykeeshond #mixedbreed #mixedbreedsofinstagram
Happy Monday from Norman Valor ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿถ๐ŸŒž #servicedog #servicedogintraining #workingdog #tampa #goldenretriever #dogsofinstagram
Doing DPT in my recliner. What a good boy. #servicedog #servicedogintraining #goodestboy #servicedogsofnevada #deeppressuretherapy
#destinytheservicedog #emotionalsupportanimal (she is both, well the service dog part is still training #servicedogintraining ). But those beautiful orbs of love/trust/devotion! I just eat her up everyday โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ #bulloxer #boxer #pitbull #bulloxersofinstagram #boxersofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #puppyeyes #spoiled #furbaby
Bear with me for this one, I haven’t been posting because I literally feel like nothing I’m writing is making sense BUT here we are ๐Ÿ˜Š . Whether you choose to ignore them, change your perspective, or simply make peace, everyone handles their demons differently. I believe that in order to conquer the devils eating at our soul, we have to face them head on. This means diving deep, investigating the causes, scouring any related research as if it’s your job, because right now for me it kind of is ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผ‍โ™€๏ธ If I want to take control of my life, I must keep an even stronger control over my inner demons. Throughout the time we’ve spent together so far, I can say I’ve come to the safe conclusion that these monsters are never going to leave. All I can learn how to do is manage them to the point where I am “normal”-esque (*bc who reallyyyy wants to be totally normal? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ซ) . I do enjoy having the racing thoughts chill out enough to not sound like word vomit - or to be able to kick my butt out from under the covers after a round of night terrors that has me wanting to do absolutely nothing the next day except watch some Rick & Morty, maybe Bojack Horseman if feeling truly cynical lol The point is we can continuously prepare our brains during the ups to go into a muscle memory repair action once we hit our lows, but your brain is COMPLEX. Just because you’ve done your breathing exercises, meditated, drank enough water, ate your fruits/veggies, there can always be an OOPS moment. For me I had a hardcore oops moment last week when I went to California and forgot one of my medicines at home. Lord am I paying for it. Sometimes I like to think that I’m invincible and that my meds are just a supplement to all the safeguarding I’ve created for myself (i.e. Vici) But this past week could not have been a bigger slap to the face/shake of the shoulders/ARE YOU STOOPID moments. I am grateful to have my dog be task trained to the point where he can
I love it! Franks @blackonyxgear737 cape came today and it's amazing!!! He always sulks when I first put on new gear so just ignore him!
The pure splendid life of Destiny #destinytheservicedog ! We didn’t sleep well last night, we both have insomniac nights, she patiently endured then with me. When I came back to bother her, she was in luxury, with her favorite Betsey Johnson comforter in her mouth as a sucker while she lounges luxuriously in our shared purple mattress from @lifeonpurple #purplemattress #purplebed #bulloxer #pitbull #boxer #mutt #rescuedog . She has come a long way from living on the streets! She’s the most affectionate and patient dog, I bitherchec all day with hugs/kisses. She loves sleeping on me any way she can! #deeppressuretherapy #dpt #servicedogintraining
Let's talk about heat exhaustion and heat strokeโ˜€๏ธI know this isn't a fun topic, but especially during the summer months it's so important to talk about! Dogs can get overheated easily. They've got lots of fur and don't sweat, except through their pads. So if you have an active dog or working dog who is spending a lot of time outdoors, please take precautions! • Heat exhaustion occurs when your dog's body temperature rises to between 103 and 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above that and you dog is at risk for heat stroke, so please call a vet. • Signs of heat exhaustion include heavy or excessive panting, pale or dry gums, less responsive to commands, glazed eyes, excessive drooling, dizziness, lack of coordination, lethargy, or exhaustion. If your dog's gums turn bright red or blue, they have seizures, have diarrhea or vomit, or lose consciousness, see a vet immediately. To cool down an overheating dog, get them into a cooler environment, preferably where there is AC, or take them for a swim in a pool or river where it is cool and safe. Otherwise, use cool cloths or a cooling coat and wet the dog's armpits, neck, between their hind legs, ears and paw pads. If they are willing to drink, provide cool, fresh water. Do not give ice cubes as that may lower the dog's body temperature too quickly and result in shock! If they will not drink, continue to wet the tongue, but do not force drink as it could end up in the lungs. • To prevent heat stroke if you have to be outside, use a cooling coat, find lots of shady areas for rests, give the dog breaks if they are wearing boots as dog's cool themselves down through their pads, and make sure the dog stays hydrated! If you have any concerns about your dog having heat exhaustion or if they reach the danger zone (above 106 degrees Fahrenheit), head to the nearest vet. • With Gnar being so active, we've had to be very careful about preventing heat stroke in the Florida heat! He wears his cooling coat anytime we
Hurricane horses are out, Riley has replaced them as our new mascot ๐Ÿ˜ . . . . . . . . . . . . .#servicedogintraining #eds #edsawareness #polestudio #poledancersofig #polefitness #poledancenation #unitedbypole #likeagirl #polefit #polesport #ripolespace
So proud of my baby girl for behaving so well on the bus #servicedogintraining #pitador #pitlabmix #gooddog #furbaby #rescuedog #dogtraining #dogsofinstagram #muttsofinstagram
Even though I’m a puppy I knew my friend Abby needed support. She may reach the rainbow bridge soon and I was so gentle and just laid near her.
Practicing at the Trax station to simulate airplane movements and noise!
Is it weird to be attracted to your own dog?? He's so handsome and will only get better as he matures! ๐Ÿ˜ Arlo, my trainer's GSD, is stunningly gorgeous too. The boys are showing off their new @k9tacticalgear e-collar collars with handles, that I just love so much. The patches are customizable to your preference. Hides the e-collar to avoid public disrespect and the added handle is nice for multiple use. #mancrushmonday #k9tacticalgear โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡โ—‡
Happy belated Father’s Day to papa! Thank you for the best snuggles and snort conversations โค๏ธ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ•. . . . . . . #emotionalsupportanimal #servicedogintraining #fortmyersbeach #puppylove #fathersday #dogdad #puppydad #dadsday #lovemydad #daddysboy #rescuepuppy #floridadog #snuggletime
Niblet is having an adventurous summer boating and playing on the beach. It’s safe to say she is having a great time! Any other pups have some fun summer plans? #gebniblet #guidingeyesfortheblind #servicedogintraining #gebrichmond #labsofinstagram
We got several compliments while grocery shopping today! ๐Ÿ˜Š keep reading to hear about our fun fake service dog experience this morning... #rant #sorryforthelongpost I noticed a dog in a “certified service animal” vest and started watching the team’s behavior. The dog kept switching sides and not paying attention to the handler. The handler wasn’t looking at the dog either other than to pull her along when they were moving. The dog was sniffing the produce and eating food off the ground. When we walked by it pulled towards Echo. I didn’t want to say anything but then the woman walked very close to us and I asked her if her dog was still in training and she immediately got defensive and told me her dog saved her life by reminding her to take her supplements. I told her I wasn’t arguing with her, but her dog wasn’t behaving like a service dog should. I then said SD certification is fake, and asked if she was a trained SD. She ignored me. She dropped her dog’s leash and starting yelling at me and didn’t give her dog a single command the entire time. Her dog immediately ran up to Echo and was right against his face trying to play- he stayed sitting but had a very hard time ignoring the dog. I asked the woman to take control of her dog because it was distracting my service dog and said that it was very inappropriate SD behavior for her dog to approach mine without permission. She ignored me. I asked her again. Nothing. I said I was going to leave because she wasn’t controlling her dog and told her that faking a service dog is a federal crime that can be dangerous to real service dog teams. She continued to yell at me about how her dog kept her alive and how I had a long healthy life ahead of me (LOL yup that’s why I have a service dog) and needed to pick my battles. I told her that her actions are endangering me and my dog and that it is a very important matter for me. She then told her husband who had just walked up that “this stupid girl
I don't know if he's singing the song of his people, or talking shit... either way he's very passionate about it . Give our pawtners a follow!! ๐Ÿพ@servicedogbailey ๐Ÿพ@life_with_marlee ๐Ÿพ@diabloandcinder_sdandsdit ๐Ÿพ@whitneyjustwhitney ๐Ÿพ@leviathan_spoon.paladin ๐Ÿพ@medical.dog.midna ๐Ÿพ@servicedog_siriusblack ๐Ÿพ@bear_n_barnaby ๐Ÿพ@servicehuskyjupiter . #germanshepherd #gsd #germanshepherdsofinstagram #workinglineshepherd #workinglinegsd #sablegsd #servicedogintraining #sdit #servicedog #workingdog #workingdogsofinstagram #workingshepherd #r2d2 #spoonie  #somaticsymptomdisorder  #alwayskeepfighting #akf #artoo #artoodeetoo