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Okay I have a confession to make. I honestly deal with the voice of shame on a daily basis. That temptation to shrink, keep your mouth shut and be as small as I can possibly be. When I put myself out there, share my opinion, I have to deal with that 'who do you think you are' voice every single time. I'm learning to tell that voice to go to hell and completely ignore its counsel.  The problem is is that we can sometimes think this 'who do you think you are feeling' is valid and true.  BUT ITS NOT.  It's important that we talk about this. The more we talk about this the more shame will NOT have a hold. Creating and sharing is VULNERABLE and we have to choose to speak up and shine bright despite the fear of it. We must NOT listen to shame. We must stamp that thing on the head.  Babe. PLEASE post that blog. Sing that song. Dance that dance. Post that insta story. Have that debate. Stick up for that person. Say what you think. Start that YouTube channel. Share the gospel with that person. Sign up for that class. Take the RISK. Pursue that friendship. Ask that person out. Enter that comp.  Fear cannot guide our lives any longer. We must LIVE as ourselves. Or we will suffocate and lose ourselves.  People will hate you yes. People will be jealous yes. People will criticise yes. But that's only because they admire you for you being true to yourself and they want that freedom for themselves as well. 🌼 #shame #loveyourself #wildones #wildhearts #selflove #shamesvoice #liveloud #livelife