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THERE IS A FOUNTAIN (FULL OF LOVE) is live on the site // charts in every key, cello charts, instrument videos, and devotional content. #hymnsvol1 #theworshipinitiative #shaneandshane
Though you slay me. By Shane & Shane  #shaneandshane
Uno is growing up @unodawson #imshy #adorble #tocute #shanedawson #shaneandfriends #shaneandshane #shaneanduno
If you’ve had a hard day, you need this. If you know you’re going into a stressful situation, you need this. If you just want to feel less stressed, you need this. Diffuse it alone or with Orange. Apply it to your palms, cup over your face and take a deep breath or set the open bottle near enough you can smell it. You’ll love it. Currently soaking in an Epsom salt bath with it and some Shane & Shane worship music that’s rocking my world. #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #stressawayessentialoil #shaneandshane #worship #selfcareneedsfulfilled #thisbecklife2018
I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been said, but this whole album is absolutely fantastic. #hymns #shaneandshane
We get our inspiration from the best source: His Word.  #comethoufount #hymns Vol.1 Get it here at the link in bio. . . . rcmco.co/2oPTOxy
THERE IS A FOUNTAIN // “The dying thief rejoiced to see that fountain in his 	day and there may I though vile as he wash all my sins away” •• Come learn this new arrangement of a classic hymn with us. Chord charts, cello charts, instrument videos, devotional content...all live now. Link in bio. #hymnsvol1 #theworshipinitiative #shaneandshane
after finishing “Everybody, Always” earlier this week, I felt compelled to share this song and a paragraph from the book that stood out to me - and shook me to my core. . . *in reference to a man who was involved in an accident that paralyzed him from the neck down in his teenage years* . “ people who have developed a friendship with Jesus and are becoming love aren’t immune to life‘s setbacks. They have just as many as everyone else. Sometimes I wonder if they have a few more, but I haven’t tried to count. People like Karl have found something many of us are still looking for. He knows he’s neither defined nor limited by his circumstances. He sees power in his brokenness and opportunities in the opposition he faces. Karl’s not stuck trying to figure out why this thing happened to him; he’s too busy celebrating other people’s lives and making things happen for them. People like Karl don’t think about what they’ve lost. They think about what they’ll do with what they still have. And the answer is MUCH.” . . . We all face trials, struggles, sometimes trauma - it’s part of life. God loves us enough to allow us free will and the result of that is a cruel world. God doesn’t MAKE anything happen to us - He allows it. Not to punish us, but so we can find strength, healing, forgiveness and endless opportunities to do better today that what we were yesterday. . I’ve been broken down, in a deep depression, battled suicidal thoughts because of mistakes I’ve made and because of this corrupt world we live in. But what help me accept my circumstances and was able to move on was the reassurance of knowing God still loved me, still wanted a relationship with me, forgave me and told me I am not defined by my past. Just because I made a mistake - does NOT mean I am a mistake. . I pray every person that reads this will know that you are loved and cherish by the Creator of the universe. And He wants, eagerly, to know you. . . Amen. #everybodyalways
“I see Your power in the moonlit night. Where planets are in motion and galaxies are bright. We are amazed in the light of the stars. It’s all proclaiming who You are. You’re beautiful. • ...When we arrive at eternity’s shore where death is just a memory and tears are no more. We’ll enter in as wedding bells ring. Your bride will come together and we’ll sing You’re beautiful. Oh you’re beautiful.” From the song “You’re Beautiful” by Shane & Shane. • Sunrises and sunsets always bring a smile to my face and a peace in my heart because it is a sweet reminder of the Lord’s presents and love! I often put my hope and trust in the world, but my heart yearns for something greater....and nothing but the Lord can satisfy! . . . #morningthoughts #musiclyrics #shaneandshane #faithoverfear #texassunset #getoutsidemore #naturelove #wellnessinspiration
“My Worth is Not In What I Own” is live. Click the link in bio for charts in every key, cello charts, devotional content, and video tutorials for every instrument. #hymnsvol1 #shaneandshane #myworthisnotinwhatiown
Those He saves are His delight Christ will hold me fast Precious in His holy sight || HE WILL HOLD ME FAST || #hymnsvol1 📀 Get it at the link in bio. . . . rcmco.co/2oPTOxy
Having so much fun tonight blocking in color, finding the shadows and light, and looking for the abstraction in every shape. PS: @shaneandshane is LOUD! . . . #shaneandshane #abstractart #figuredrawing #figurestudy #oilpainting #art #markmaking #expressionism #wip #faces #holyground #photography #abstract #homedecor #originalart
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Go give my spotify playlist a listen! (five16living)  I’ll be changing the music every Monday, so follow it, download it, and enjoy! 🎶🎶🎶 #music #spotify #spotifyplaylist #christian #christianliving #five16living #spotify🎧 #laurendaigle #elevationworship #jeremycamp #taurenwells #bethelmusic #hillsongunited #torikelly #aaronshust #shaneandshane #hillaryscott #christomlin #davidcrowder #crowder #jordanfeliz  @lauren_daigle @elevationworship @jeremycampofficial @taurenwells @bethelmusic @torikelly @hillsongworship @shaneandshane @hillaryscottla @christomlin @crowdermusic @jordanfeliz