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I’m ,, in love I got this boy from @monsterdrools !! I’ve named him Wrath and I’ve made an anthro form for him!! 1st pic by monsterdrools 2nd is mine with pose help from @blissful_rouzes #shyartistocs
Drew my boi Caelum in a kissy meme for VDay uvu #novatts #shyartistocs
Baby boy Decided on the name Caelum Used the pose from Me!Me!Me
You don’t know how sick you make me You make me fuckin’ sick to my stomach #shyartistocs #novatt
NEW BOY I love him.. decided to name him Valerico! He’s a Tuxedo Cake Cinnadog! #shyartistocs #cinnadog
I LOVE MY NEW CINNADOG he’s beaaaaautiful, any ideas for names? #shyartistocs
A new oc! I have no idea what to name her, but I’m pretty proud of how she turned out ,, I tried something new with my pixel style! Original sketch by @/blissful_rouzes
New bab,, lined and colored by me Original sketch by @/blissful_rouzes  #shyartistocs #transformers #tfp #rid
BIG BOY BEAUTIFUL BOY AaaAHH  I love my boy Dogfight he’s gorgeous, lovely lovely art by @lillinapoc !!! #shyartistocs
Look @ my new boi I made ,, He’s part of a closed species owned by @mr.starscreamer and @blissful_rouzes He’s a merchant that sells runes, bone charms and potions! He’s got an Alloy mutation on his left arm made of Pyrite, along with a rune for Luck on his hand. I lov this boi, any name suggestions? #shyartistocs
I love my new girl sm,, Say hello to Sonata! She’s my new Goo Dragon, a species owned by @moshiibun !! The first piece art is @moshiibun and @dekonyan The second was made by me! #goodragon #shyartistocs
Attempting to make an Overwatch oc,, here he is so far. He's a prissy French boy (his name is pronounced Tee-boo Roh-Yair) #shyartistocs
Aaa I finally felt motivated and designed this boy, he's based on an Hourglass Dolphin!! Names would be appreciated, I'm so down for ocean pun names. He's a soft and dumb child, gullible and takes everything literally. #shyartistocs
My first drawing of my new boy!! Drew him alongside my other Macaw boy, Spencer (left)!! Still debating on a name, but I think I want it to start with an S so he matches Spencer! I was thinking Shaun, Sage, Santiago,,? Not sure yet, but I love him.. #shyartistocs
Look.. at my new son I love him. I'm still debating on a name, but he's going to be a brother to another one of my ocs, Spencer!! Spencer is based on a Spix Macaw, so these two go well together!! Name suggestions would be appreciated, and to practice drawing this boy, I might take requests to draw him with other ocs?? Not sure yet.. but I love him God bless @mr.tall_and_mr.small for buying him for me,, #shyartistocs
I drew my Russian OC Viktor alongside my brothers Russian OC Mikhail, this was a lot of fun to do lmao, I used a "Draw" meme #shyartistocs
After I think three years,,? I gave my OFF oc a redesign! The second picture is the redesign, and he's now a fandomless oc uvu #shyartistocs
I totally forgot I owned this babe.. his name is Prophet!! #shyartistocs
LOOK AT HIM I LOVE His name is Cernunnos and he's a beautiful custom deer boy I got from @moshiibun !! #shyartistocs
My new robot babe,, unsure what to call them or even what gender to give them lmao.. I just love those big hands Art by @blissful_rouzes #shyartistocs