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It is amazing how as soon as you book one spa treatment day, all of a sudden you are wanting to get a load more planned in the diary! I have been neglecting this important part of my self care ritual.... massages and facials totally rock! I currently have my eye on a little return to a few Fifi faves..... if you could be spa-ing anywhere this week.... where would it be?
I love his handbag staple πŸ’š Do you have hand cream as part of your skincare routine each day?
I woke up like.... oh man I really want another few hours sleep. Winning at Wednesday already!We are two weeks into the school holidays in Scotland and the Fifi household is in relaxed mode. Hello sleep! Huzzah! I am noticing the difference in my skin too. So today I am keeping the skincare routine fairly simple. This morning's dream #skincare dream team .. 1️⃣ De Manuel Restorative Facial Cleansing Balm .... Perfect blend of essential oils to start the day 2️⃣ Argentum La Potion Infinite 3️⃣ Schmidt's Charcoal & Magnesium Natural Deodorant 4️⃣Suki Tinted Active Daily Moisturiser
#sunscreen The #schoolholidays have started and hopefully you have been getting to see a little bit of that yellow thing in the sky. When it comes to sun protection I have been enjoying using more natural sunscreens  for nearly a decade. Whether you are looking for non-nano, organic, reef friendly or safe beauty these natural sunscreens have passed my family sunscreen test.... But who will be the top three? I would love to hear who gets your vote.
This cleansing oil is the actual schiizzzzz to use .... especially when your skin has been dealing with the heat or hayfever. Keeping the ingredients to a minimum but with maximum effect and organic. Always a favourite product to use. Also love that it comes in a more #plasticfreejuly glass bottle πŸ’š
#smile There is something about peonies that instantly make me smile.... who is with me on that? The smell, the beauty, the different colours. Simple pleasures. Funny how the simplest thing can make the best smile. I wanted to get all #freshflowerfriday yesterday but could not find any peonies nearby.... the end of peony season officially sucks. My challenge this weekend is to find the little (.... and big) things that make me and the family smile... and also potentially hound ever flower shop until I find my last hit of peonies for 2018 πŸ˜‰. Until then I am going to be properly jealous of this sink full of my faves from  @my_ownstyle_diary πŸ’—
Thank Friday it is #friday .... So I had an afternoon nap this week..... it felt great ..... but those pesky crows are still doing their thing at 4am and killing my good nights sleep. In homage to that here are 5 ways to fake looking more awake 😜 https://buff.ly/2JKEMSt
Sun is out ..... yeee to the hah! Give your skin some love with these awesome body moisturisers! #bodycare #skincare #beachbody #bikinibody #dryskin #365inskincare #bankholidaymonday #beachready #sunshine  https://buff.ly/2ktQTrW
My product review of Little Aurelia, find out what the kids made of it! https://buff.ly/2HPCSSW
This weekend.... I became a little obsessed with air purifying plants..... this is only a handful of my new beauties!  Who would have thought that after that summer when I “allegedly “ killed all my mums plants, I would now find my greener fingers! #thegreenerlifestyleedit
Would you like to know one of my beauty secrets ? πŸ€«πŸ‘‰ βœ¨πŸ’•#primergoals #glowgoals @biobellecosmetics . Te gustaría saber uno de mis secretos de belleza? πŸ€«πŸ‘‰βœ¨ úsalo antes del maquillaje para un resultado espectacular .  #skincaretips #primer #skincareasddict #selfcare #selflove #secret #tips #insttips #lablogger #blogger #bblogger #instablogger #influencer #entrepeneur #metoo #girlboss #latinaboss #boss #girlpower #glowskin #flawlessskin #flawless #makeupaddict #mua #sundayvibes #millennialpink #millennials #beautyambassador
.... wondering if it is too early to spend the next few hours in a bath and do this facial?!?? πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Love a #dryshampoo but want to find one that is paraben free or sulphate free or 100% natural? Over on the blog are the dry shampoos you want to get to know! https://buff.ly/2BDRq0A
#friday goals versus Friday reality........
Some may say buying a face oil without smelling it let alone testing  it first is a bit of a gamble, but that is what I did with this one from Votary. Only slightly amusing when my first order of it arrived and all I could smell was the oil coming through the package after it has leaked. Sadly there had been an issue along the way but that was fairly easily rectified with the store. So voila.... here is my gorgeous looking, smelling and feeling Votary Facial Oil!  The is the second product I have tried from this British brand and I really like it!! Face oils are a skincare favourite of mine, how about you?
Twinkle, Twinkle.... Take Me To The Spa!!! Over on the blog today I have been sharing 6 of the places that I am planning to get my spa on in 2018. So if you are done reading about Brexit, Snow or if you want a little Christmas Gift inspiration why not check it out! Link is in the bio πŸ’š (Pic : @bamfordhaybarnspa )
We are big fans of visiting London in our house and we have a list of things that were musts to do in each visit! In no particular order .... Snowflake Gelato, Content Beauty, Sushi, Our favourite Greek restaurant and for me I LOVE FaceGym! πŸ’š You may have noticed but I do tend to duck away from pics of me, but after a trip to FaceGym I am happy for a selfie and without make up! The team at FaceGym are epic and I love how they iron out my elevens lines in between my brows! No elevens lines ..... woo hoo ..... miracle .... Instant face lift ..... I really need one of those today. I would love to know what treatment makes you feel selfie ready! #theeverygirl #flashesofdelight
Standard position for Mr Dog when there is roast chicken for dinner ..... on guard! #hoopnloop #butternutter
Sunday + family = everything πŸ’—  @root_and_flower (pic)