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Creating a safe & soulful bonding experience for parents and babies πŸ‘Ά Our Babywearing Dance Classes are great fun for the whole family and we even catch up over coffee (or something cooler) after class, so it really gives us a chance to get to know everyone. πŸ™Œ If you're interested in what we get up to in Hammersmith and Wimbledon, check out our bio or get in touch.
On with the dance! πŸ™Œ  Join us tomorrow at 11am in Wimbledon Hillside Church.
The Sling Ninja Storm @slinglifestorm and I rolling with our crew late last night. You will notice Sling Ninja scoping out the land for his next move! . . .  Thanks for the video of me Slinging Storm!  #slingninja #houston #slinglife #slingshothouston #texanslingin #southernslingin #htown #revemup #lightem #fastwheels #swords #mobileinnovationskatytx #wheellights  #polarisslingshot #slingshot
#repost @polaris_slingshot_body_kits (@get_repost) ・・・ #polarisslingshot #slinglife #texas
#slinglife #htown
First day back in rotation for this truck  #towlife  #johnnystowing  #hookinainteasy  #slinglife #lightheavydivision
Fractured arm, dislocated shoulder and near-death-by-dead-pig in the river aside, we did have a pretty beautiful vacation.
Guys!! Finally was able to wrangle on a sports bra one armed AND made it back to the gym!  8 days post-op, I’m calling that a win.  Commemorated with my first ever gym selfie.  I didn’t really like it. 🀷‍β™€οΈπŸ˜‚ Could only do 1/2 my normal pace on the elliptical, to follow the rules set by the surgeon.  It felt great not to be sitting around and being able to get back to something that’s part of my routine.  Gonna ice the shoulder and hope that following the rules at the gym, makes tomorrow no big deal.  Now to get back in the habit of going at 4a.  #seehowiamtomorrow #day8 #gymtime #firstgymselfie #onearmedsportsbrawrangling  #backtoroutine #orthoone #putinthework #onlymissed8gymdays #gymsling #slinglife
Healing, in any form, requires the positive action of both body and mind. Never before has this maxim been so relevant. I had my first surgery 2 weeks ago to repair a torn shoulder labrum - the recovery process so far has shown me that the mind plays an essential role in healing the body. And there’s research to back this up! 🌱 Last year the British Journal of Surgery published study results on the ‘Association between psychological health and wound complications after surgery’ (2017). The study concluded that patients with pre-existing anxiety or depression were more likely to have post-surgical complications. That is not to say all persons who suffer mental health issues will encounter complications but it does highlight the importance of pre and post surgical mental health. 🌿 Since the process of surgery and recovery is taxing on even the most mentally fit, it can exasperate pre existing conditions. The fatigue, the pain, the frustration can take their toll. 🌱 During the healing process it becomes more important than ever to find ways to exercise mental fitness and harness the power of positive thinking. 🌿 Make small goals and celebrate successes. Be grateful for the people, around you (and the NHS πŸ™ŒπŸ»). Read books you can’t put down and films you’ll want to watch again and again. But most importantly, Remember and reaffirm the goals of the surgery. 🌱 Luckily my surgery was relatively minor. My keyhole stitches are healing well - I got to see these two gems last night @lauren.elsie.24 @carthorse_91 I have an excellent carer @hemznz ❀️ and seeing my cousin @the_bondi_unicorn for the first time in 6 months! 🌿 The pain, discomfort and frustration are still real and it will be 4 more weeks in a sling and many months of physio till I’m back to my best but so worth it in the end. Stay sane, be patient and believe your body is healing. βš–οΈπŸ˜€ #tornlabrum #tornlabrumproblems #staypositive #mentalhealth #wellness #phdlife
What a great start to the day... a glorious sunrise, drove the slingshot to men's group, and got to take one of the guys for an early morning blast on the slingshot. #lifeisgood #resultsbymike #blessed #roadwarrior #slinglife #slingshot #slingmods #newtoy #biblestudy #mensgroup #100mph
Who’s ready for this little ride! I know I am! #surfingasphalt #lifeonthree #threesdalife #southernslingin #slinglife #ss22 @slingshotforums @polarisslingshot @slinglifestorm @slingmods @ledsoftexas @mobileinnovationskatytx @rshotacessories @threesdalife @htownssriders @slingshothoustongroup