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The universe did not want me to run #spartanpalmerton - I smashed my finger earlier in the week at crossfit and despite 4 days of 24/7 ice it was very bad .  I got to the venue 20 minutes before my heat was supposed to go off , and lost my timing chip in festival and had to retrace my steps to find it.  I had prepared and trained so I ran to the corral arriving just in time - so glad to see @sholt_fitness right before I jumped the corral wall and @juggernaut_ocr and @pretty_fierce_spartan and @storm_the_spartan at twister and @robfig2 on course and many other familiar faces throughout the race - you all kept me motivated ! I struggled with my finger / grip it was crazy painful and I ended up doing 210 burpees 😳 but enjoyed nearly every minute of this race. Despite 35 minutes of burpees😱 and a double sandbag-carry☠️ I pulled off a new personal best💯 for this course and #ruledmyday  My finger is in bad shape - recovery slated for a min of 3 weeks to a max of 12 weeks depending on if they find additional tendon damage but I will stay the course and keep training 👊🏼 #medalmonday #motivationmonday #spartanwomen #spartanup #spartanba18 #noregrets #spartanmountainseries
Combining these in a workout is quite deadly.  Suffered Paincave once again for @dustinellard . I'm glad you liked it. 😝  #spartan #spartantraining #spartanup #musclemonday #spartanlife #spartanph #occph #strength #training #armsweek #workout #fitness #functionalfitness #birthdaywod #paincave #howmanytimesdoihavetodie
Evening run with Tango the corgi! This 1 year old pup has more energy to burn than I do. He definitely keeps me on my toes. . . . #couchtoelite #fnxfit #fnxfitambassador #spartan #spartan40 #spartan40gogogo #spartanfamily #spartanrace #spartanup #spartanstrong #aroo #ocr #obstaclecourse #mudrun #corgi #corgisofinstagram
Playing around with form and grips on Olympus last Friday. It is for sure strange to go across it in street shoes(the shoes were sliiiiding)😜 Olympus is one of those obstacles I feel that surge of energy every time I hit that bell bc sometimes I will fail the dang thing if I am a muddy mess like hmmmmm Chicago🤷🏼‍♀️😜 but like all things I am working on it! 💪🏼 Who's with me!!!?🐿🦄 #ocrbyjennifer #runnersofinstagram #ultratraining
I cannot hold in my excitement anymore!!! I qualified for the FIRST ever trifecta WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! and get this in GREECE. I havent been able to sleep in a week since i got this email. Like what an honor! Such a huge honor  #spartan #spartanup #spartangreece #spartanwomen #spartanchampionship #worldchampionships #firstever #excitement
Meet my biggest Cheerleader!!! 🎉 Like seriously no lie, he LOVES it when I say I’m going to workout, he inspires me, motivates me, and always makes it fun. But it wasn’t always that way. Nope! He used to be my greatest obstacle on trying to get fit after pregnancy. When he was a few months old I tried getting back into the gym, but he would scream in the kid care until the teachers literally had to come get me because they couldn’t calm him down. (🤬= me 20 minutes into every workout when I would see the door open). So around the time he was 10 months old, I heard about these “home workout programs”. 🤔 You mean like Richard Simmons?!? I’m not gonna lie, I was TOTALLY skeptical. Like, how can someone like ME, who was a total gym rat, had multiple personal trainers, was a certified trainer herself, educated on health and fitness, ever be satisfied or even get results with HOME workout programs?!? Girlllll, puh-leaseeeee I thought. ✋🏼But I was gonna try them, because getting to the gym wasn’t an option and I wasn’t going to get ANY results sitting on my @$$ most of the day. So I gave it a shot, with Cheeky by my side every damn day. And who would’ve thought...I got into the BEST shape of my life! 💃🏼 Have a whole tribe of girlfriends all around the world now on the same journey! 💗 And my kids, my kids LOVE to workout WITH ME! 💪🏼 It’s like even as an infant, Cheeky knew there was something out there for US...and it was not just about me anymore. It was about showing my kids what healthy is, motivating other moms there is a way to get in shape again and to not give up on themselves, and opening the door to a financial opportunity that was tied to my passion which has literally changed my family’s life. So to this cheerleader of mine, thank YOU for the obstacles you created for me to get over in order to find this amazing life for us.
Always have the tribe that cheers the loudest  @1itsalicia @ramairgtz @nanallen @ocr_jason @jbay120 @eprn1 @chrismjones1994 @rctucker3 and isn’t afraid to make fun of your real first name!!!!Amazing race out @spartanfortknox this weekend!  The heat, the terrain, the competition, the strong athletes, the hits and the misses...the bends and the breaks...they are only made possible when you train and work hard with the best team @kōrocr and my St. Louis tribe!! I am so grateful to have my tribe with me that lifts me up and also has the courage to tell me to zip it if doubt creeps in my head.  Every win, is always dedicated to them! Happy to have claimed 3rd place finish in my Age Group!  So grateful to have the opportunity to battle it out with amazing and inspirational ladies in the 40-49 age group!!! Thank you @michelleamore1 and @les_lem for the inspiration and the constant grind!  You all are amazing! Follow your intuition and dreams!!!!! #spartan #spartan40 #conquerthekomplex #spartanup #lifesbetterwhenbattled #choosehappy #fitfam
Spartan Kimberley Trifecta weekend in numbers: •3 races, 2 of which were penalty-free •46 total kilometres •12,490 feet of elevation gain (!!!) •10.5 hours of racing •78 obstacles •2 outta 3 rigs completed •2 outta 3 spears hit •7 bruises that I cannot explain •2 black toenails •1 twisted ankle •4 barbed wire cuts •2 swollen but otherwise okay hands •1 qualification for Tahoe •4th, 9th, and 8th place elite female finishes  And 3 important lessons:  1. If the weather is hot, bring water even if it's "just a sprint." 2. Running down steep, technical terrain is still a major weakness (physically and mentally) that I need to work on. 3. Mental game can make or break a race, and that is the one thing you always have control over.  Aroo! . . . #spartanrace #spartanracecanada #kimberleytrifecta #spartankimberley #epicraceweekend #ocr #aroo #feelinggood #liftrunjumpclimb #funinthesun #racesmarternotharder #spartanup #gotitdone
@laurengmalone wanted to do a HIIT workout tonight, so we threw one together using Stack 52 Kettlebell cards and running the length of our cup de sac. In all, it ended up being almost two miles of running. Very solid workout and good practice for the @ruggedmaniac we are doing together and the few @spartan races I have of my own the rest of the year. #ocr #ocrtraining #ruggedmaniac #spartanup #spartanrace #running
Kimberley Beast was definitely one of the most physically challenging races I've done so far. Just when I thought we were coming close to the top of the mountain...our climb became even more inclined. It was definitley a grind. I am super happy with myself that I got through this and nailed the spear throw and olympus. I almost always fail the spear throw. SO HAPPY TO FINALLY STICK IT! Congrats to all who earned one of these medals this weekend or all three if you did the trifecta weekend!!! Not going to forget this one. Kept telling myself during the race.. "Gotta put in the work" . Shoutout to the volunteer who yelled out on the log carry " THIS IS SPARTAA"! You amped me and everyone around you up! AROO Spartans! Well done 💚
My #spartan life so far. About 17miles more or less, similar and yet different experiences, from clean quick Citifield race to a long, dirty and painful Super in Palmerton. I'm registered for West Point, Killington (beast) and Long Island to close the year with a taste of almost everything, except for UB which may be scheduled for next year. Trifecta, Open heats, AG & Stadium.  #spartanup #aroo #ocr #spartancitifield #spartantuxedo #spartanpalmerton #spartantace #obstaclecourserace #reebok #race #runner #vegan #veganathlete #vegano #fitness #fit #medal #medals #finisher #weightloss #bodybuilding #entrepreneur #crossfit #crosstraining #ilovemylife
What a roller coaster of a week- I decided to go to this race last minute against my doctors orders. Wednesday I badly sprained my ankle. Wednesday I was barely able to walk, one doctor saying I may have broken it, after the swelling finally went down we decided on wrapping my ankle up in a brace and head out to the already paid for race and hotel with intention of just finishing and taking it easy. Saturday morning the ankle felt “okay” under the circumstances and as I headed out for the race. The extreme ascents were my saving grace in this race as I had done a lot of hill training and while I had to take it easy on the downhill my goal was to just finish. I eventually found my ability to climb hills gave me the ability to finish top in my age group and get on the podium in the competitive wave. I feel incredibly blessed and I will now listen to my doctor and take it easy to let my ankle heal fully. Thank you to @spartanracecanada for the great race! #spartankimberley . . #spartanup #teamneverquit #ocr #ocrtraining #enduranceathlete #athlete #endurance #spartan #exercise #fitness #fitness #obstacle #training #injury #workout #trailrun #trailrunning #trails #run #running #beast #strength #climb
Break the chains that are holding you back. Today is a new day to create a new you! Make it count.  Aroo!  #occph #spartanph #spartanraceph #spartantraining #spartanup