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My very first flexing gym selfie. I feel like such a millennial. But the room was empty. #trainer #coach #instructor #trx #fitness #fitmoms #strength #womenwholift #momswholift #liftheavythings #ocr #spartanwomen
Lift heavy until it’s not heavy anymore. #spartanba18 #livespartan #spartan #spartanrace #spartanwomen
New ankle length socks based on our incredible long compression socks! We have a few in stock with our calf and arm sleeves at HopliteOCR.com.
Strength training today!  Warmed up with  Burpees Pike jumps  And skaters  Today's workout was 3 rounds of: 8 reclined chest flys 10 chest presses 10 tricep presses 10 each side oblique knee forearm plank 10 scap pullups Farmers carry with 2 40lb cinderblocks  And weighted squats with a 40lb cinder block  Cooldown: 30 minutes of yoga  Also super exciting endurance progress ran 3.46 miles last night non stop... NO WALKING for the first time ever. I didnt even wake up sore today. So excited about that.  18 days until the beast!  #spartanwomen #spartantraining #ocrlife #ocrtraining #fitness #fitchick #strengthtraining
I closed my eyes, but I realized there wasn’t much to see. So I opened my eye and now I realize a whole new world around me... • When I was in elementary school, I won a poetry contest and had this poem published in a book of young poets in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Every time I conclude my meditation, these are the first thoughts that come to my mind. The world is so bright and my outlook on life is renewed after every meditation. • Truthfully, those words haven’t popped into my head much recently. I’ve fallen off. I haven’t been meditating, my nutrition has been less than ideal, and my body is noticing a difference. • It’s race week. I’ve got to refocus. So I ran to Roche Bros to grab an Atlas Bar than decided to wander aimlessly until i ended up here in the Boston public garden. This place always re-motivates me. I am so incredibly fortunate to live in such an amazing city, living out every dream I’ve ever imagined. • Take some time to wander aimlessly today. Find yourself again. 🖤 • And don’t forget to refocus your diet as well. Take 15% off the cleanest protein bar on the  market, @atlasbars, with the code MEGAN.
It’s #trifectatuesday so I thought I’d share this goal I made for myself and reached! . First off, I’ve never been an athlete. Secondly, I had run 4 @spartan Sprint races but was looking for more of a challenge. I NEVER thought I’d run a Spartan Beast but after thinking about it for a bit, I realized that was the exact challenge I needed. Something that was out of reach that I truly had to work for. Once I had signed up for a Beast, I of course signed up for a Super and Sprint as well to complete my Trifecta. . And you guys.... I did it!!! I worked so hard this past year and smashed my goals! I finished all the races better than I anticipated and completed obstacles I had never completed before! 🙌🏻🎉💪🏻 . I learned so many valuable lessons at my races this year. I’m so stoked to have this trifecta hanging on my wall to prove to myself what I can accomplish if I work hard. . Trifecta nails are courtesy of: @essie Really Red @essie Butler Please @essie On the Roadie
I have never, EVER come out of a race as bruised and exhausted as I was crossing the finish line in Breckenridge. I had an easier time in Big Bear with a broken foot in a lot of ways! If I’m being real, I left this race feeling a little disappointed-I want so badly to have a race where I feel 💯 again, but I’m just not there yet. And the rain, wind, fog, and elevation made sure to load me up with a healthy serving of humility. But you know what? I certainly am heading back in to training with a fire lit, and I have a better feel for what exactly needs work. Thank you to @johntomal and @michaelprendez for sharing the weekend and the beauty of Colorado with me. And RESPECT to the amazing volunteers who stood in the rain and the cold to make sure we were safe and had the best race day possible. I will continue to race with grace. Always onward, friends ❤️ #spartanbreckenridge #spartanrace #spartanwomen #racewithgrace #weaknessintostrength #mrocarmy #ladiesofmroc #ponytailbrigade
What do you mean I’m done racing for the rest of the year 😖😫 #adultingsucks
Start the day with whatever motivates you, gets you pumped or makes you laugh! I absolutely love to start my day with music and dancing around my house while I get ready to train and cook breakfast! #roadtotahoe #roadtoregionals2018 #roadtotahoe2018 #thisissparta #spartanrace #spartanmom #spartanwomen #spartangirlsdoitbetter #ocr #ocrgirl #ocrwomen #ocrlife #ocraddict #ididntchoosetheocrlifeitchoseme #spartanwonderwoman #mommystrong #momsoftoddlers #momsofboys #momswhorace #momswhorun #momswholift #doitforari #edsheeran
Super awkward gym selfie...but I set a goal to get to my goal weight before I turn 30. 😱 6 months to go, and 60 pounds left to go. 💪🥓 #ketoon
Today I feel: ⭐️ strong ⭐️ empowered ⭐️ motivated ⭐️ hopeful ⭐️ grateful ⭐️ inspired ⭐️ beautiful ⭐️ powerful ⭐️ confident . Happy Tuesday! Who’s ready to shine today? . #linzinza #strongisbeautiful #hungry #strongnotskinny #betterthanyesterday #spartanwomen #nwphotoshootready #riseandshine #nicolewilkinschallenge
The skin tight event T-shirt from #spartanmidlands is now slightly over sized #eventtshirt #spartanraceuk #myjourney #curves #spartanwomen #womenofocr #redlipstick
Posting this picture, which is actually one of my "no reps" at a clean & press at our comp this weekend because it was just one area of weakness I discovered I need to improve on from here. At the same time, I look back a year ago and see how far I've come even in the past few months! What started out with setting a goal to run one Spartan race sparked a HUGE shift internally for me! I was forced to mentally & physically push myself out of the comfort zones I had built up. I've come far, but I still have some lofty goals & as this picture shows...some areas to continue to improve upon.  #spartan #spartanrace #spartantraining #spartanwomen #spartanchick #trifectabound #ocr #ocrchick #ocrwomen #runner #yogi #lifter #hiit #functionalfitness #gettingstronger #strongissexy #strongisbeautiful #gripstrength #getactive #getoutside
Post chiropractor feels....I started writing a caption for this and felt an essay brewing. What do ya’ll think? Am I better off just making a blog or do ya like my instagram paragraphs 😂😂 💋💕
It's your decisions, not your conditions, that determine your destiny. #tonyrobbins #lawofattraction * * We are our worst enemies. We hold ourselves back from so many things. Love, jobs, experiences... Why? Because we believe we don't deserve it. We believe we couldn't possibly have this, or achieve that. We make ALL the excuses. We place blame on our conditions. * Your conditions may make things harder, but your decisions are what will make or break you. Get your mindset right. Tell yourself every damn day that you CAN have what you want. It might not be pretty in the beginning, it might be really freaking hard, you might be tested in ways you never thought possible. You might fall flat on your face....but hey, at least you jumped 💜. At least you gave it everything you had.
I took a few days off from teaching to do the Crawford Path in New Hampshire with my dad this past weekend. We hiked 16+ miles over two days, and stayed one night in the Lakes of the Clouds hut. I love the flexibility that comes with working for Qkids- making my own schedule and being able to easily take a few days off whenever I want is amazing! I missed teaching a lot though, and I cannot wait to get back to it tomorrow morning! @qkids_teachonline
So my krytonite is my morning soda. I pretty much have a coke with my breakfast instead of coffee. This morning I’ve traded it out for a Capri sun (we keep them stocked at the office). Sometimes you gotta take baby steps to cut out the bad habits. #badhabits #goodhabits #morningroutine