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"I crash into you and pull away--confused by the position of the moon and my own heart." 🌊🌊🌊
//Use every day as a new chance to get to the place that you want to be.✨// #rome #lungotevere #lynescapade #traveldiary #spilledink #spilledthoughts #gentlereminder
I've been drifting in the unknown waters, and now I think I'm lost. Everyone who was by my side knew the names of these vast oceans and seas, but they boarded their ships and banded together. It's a strange feeling to be out casted by those who surround you. A endless task of trying to make reason with something unreasonable. You, your always different, but you found me a few times and sent me bottles with messages. The heart shaped letters fill me with indescribable happiness, it's sad that they seem to be short lived when they start fading with the weather. It does seem like there's always another lost soul drifting in the same unknown waters as me, but at the same time it's hard to find someone whose wanting to help me in the way I'm willing to help them. So, I help them find their way home and back onto those safe ships while I continue to drift like forgotten debris. My mind is full of the ghosts of those who stopped for a season at sea with me. I wish I could say they weren't ghosts but I haven't heard from them since they found something else. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the good times that we shared and the times you wanted to listen. Maybe I should forget but then what do I have to remember when I'm lost at sea. It feels as if you used what you could and dropped the rest, you couldn't carry the extra baggage with you when you boarded your ship, so you let me drift off by myself when I slept. Maybe that's why I can't sleep anymore, because the ghosts know what happens when my guards down. I know I should give up the struggle, let you go and find where I am. I can't find any of the supplies to do this job though. I think I left them on someone else's ship. Is there a chance that there's another you over the next wave? I've been out here a while, I'm beginning to lose track of the setting suns. But I'm still looking forward to the treasure that I know is out here somewhere. I know it won't be an easy venture, it hasn't been so far but I'm looking
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I do have this fascination to see the sunset since I was young.  Now I think I have my reasons why.  I think because I know to myself that I've survived the day. And most probably I've thrived to be good.  I think the beauty of it is so irresistible that brings the chill down to my spine. Also, the colors reflect our lives in various ways.  I think because a new day is coming. A new day to change, learn and correct the mistakes.  A new day to be cherished and be grateful.  Lastly, always remember that you're life is a journey and you're the perfect traveler to walk this one.  Follow @jerichade for more original writings.
THE STRONG MAN  many people say he's strong but nobody knows he could barely carry on he is not showing it all because he knows it will be solved he always smiles and he always laughs he is always confident and he is benevolent  because there's a fire in his heart that he cannot abort little child, you will be okay you will be free again and you will fly again  Follow @jerichade for more original writings.
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• I keep wondering if I missed my window. If I am just too old for new things and new experiences and new wings.  Did I miss the door to happiness, while I was grieving? This storm that builds but never rages? Never rains. Never strikes her lightning, never bellows her thunder. Hovering still in the blue.  Did I miss you ...when I wasn't looking? Did I miss that job when I was trying to hang on  to everything.  Should I just accept my fate then, call back the storms inside me, be more temperate. Should I push down passion so deep it never sees the light of day again? And just decide all my days should be sunny? And forget I was ever made for loving? Forget I was ever a woman. Forget I was ever intelligent and giving. Stop fighting the tide, and let the current take me. And forgive the world for never noticing.  _____________________ ||| Fate ||| 05.21.18 ||| • @4allthethingsicouldntsay • . #photography #stormbrewing #clouds #originalwriting #originalpoem #igwriters #igwriterscommunity #art #artistsofinstagram  #poetrycommunity #4allthethingsicouldntsay  #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #prose #women #stories #leapoffaith #writing #herheartpoetry #livebywords #creativewriting #bymepoetry #omypoetry #artlixirbrush #spilledink #writingoffthecuff @herheartpoetry @artlixirpoetry @artlixirbrush @heartofpoetsbloom