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제일좋은 #marvel #starlord #💕 점심은 왠일로 줄이 없던 #규카츠 에서 #🍖 . . . #selfie #일상
I saw this movie last week and I had to think about this one for a while. It’s so many characters, but again.. that’s what we’ve been waiting for for the past 10 years! 😅 This movie should actually be called “Thanos: Infinity War” 😋 Josh Brolin was an awesome bad guy 😎 And I loved the movie. It was a lot, and s#%t went down.. hardcore 😢 I have to watch this movie a couple of times more to make my mind up, but for now this movie gets a 9/10 🎬 And yes, it’s worth waiting til after the credits 🙃
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