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Eagles position overview: safety  Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod are the starters. A lot of people are very low on McLeod after last season, as he didn't have the greatest year. I also found myself disappointed but I feel like the expectations set were a little too high. Regardless, if he has another bad season it'll be time to move on. Chris Maragos will be back this season as the special teams captain. Fighting for roster spots are 2nd year players are Randall Goforth and Tre Sullivan, and rookies Jeremy Reaves, Stephen Roberts and Ryan Neal. A lot of young depth and potential which I love. An interesting note is that Corey Graham remains unsigned, and the Eagles have kept his number (24) available. Doug Pederson also said he'd like to have him back. My prediction: 1. Malcolm Jenkins 2. Rodney McLeod 3. Chris Maragos 4. Tre Sullivan 5. Jeremy Reaves What do you think? Agree or disagree and why? ----------- Follow for daily Eagles content! Tags ----------- #eagles #flyeaglesfly #gobirds #philadelphiaeagles #philadelphia #superbowlchamps #philly #phillyphilly #nfl #goeagles #webleedgreen #eaglesfan #birdgang #eaglesnation #eaglesfootball
The play call that changed it all. #phillyphilly #phillyspecial #philadelphiaeagles #superbowlchamps
OG Ron Leary (sore knee) and TE Troy Fumagalli (surgery) also didn’t practice at the OTA’s
⚠️ Long Post ⚠️ This is a page to support women bc at the time I created it, 1.5yrs ago, I felt stunted & marginalized by a society that claims to stand for justice & equality for all... but IMHO generally refuses to acknowledge that there’s a disparity of power, security, & social-financial-and-political access. I wanted to champion the women in my life & surrounding our culture who are exceptional human beings & don’t get the credit, love, respect, equality, or safe/fair treatment they deserve.  _ As an avid football fan, it goes without saying that professional athletes are EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE. They are the best & greatest in the world at what they do. Many of whom are POC, many of whom are Black, and many of whom have beat the odds stacked heavily against them due to small, medium, & large injustices they’ve experienced their entire lives. In order to live their dream life as a pro athlete, almost everything they say or do in public is monitored/regulated. _ The ONE thing they had was a less than 2-min moment of stillness before kickoff which one amazing man @kaepernick7 used to acknowledge THE BIGGEST ATROCITY our country has ever seen, slavery & the never-ending effects of it on our systems & culture, including Black people being shot dead recurrently, nationally, by authority figures, with no consequences.  _ I am disappointed in the #nfl and its unnecessary choice to disrespect its exceptional players. I am disappointed that so many Americans are okay with companies, corporations, churches, and the government restricting our right to free speech & peaceful protest.  _ Patriotism is beautiful & empowering, but forced patriotism is IMO fascist. Let people protest how they see fit! This is a dark day for football, but the silver lining is @espn has reposted @philadelphiaeagles players/#superbowlchamps @laflamablanca95 & @malcolmjenkins27 and seemingly stood with the players. Still love the #eagles, just a lot to think on in supporting the league.
“I definitely want to get more touches, more carries, more catches out of the backfield this year. I want to be more of a key contributor. I don’t think that’s being greedy. I have a job to do and that’s to put this team in the best position possible [to win],” said Corey. He's also been working to get better, “I’ve been doing a lot of lower-extremity exercises,” he said. “I haven’t focused as much on the upper body. Legs are more crucial to a running back. Being able to take the wear and tear as the year goes on. I want to add more strength and power in my legs. Get more of a pop. Be more fast and elusive out there.” --------- I'm excited for him. I fully expect him to get more reps, and produce even more. He proved a lot in the post season, and especially in the biggest stage, the Superbowl. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree, and why? ----------- Follow for daily Eagles content! Tags ----------- #eagles #flyeaglesfly #gobirds #philadelphiaeagles #philadelphia #superbowlchamps #philly #phillyphilly #nfl #goeagles #webleedgreen #eaglesfan #birdgang #eaglesnation #eaglesfootball
Chargers Superfan, Jack Hirsh, is bravely fighting bone cancer. Today, we signed him to a one-day contract. 💙⚡️ 💞 🔴👕 If you want t-shirts or hoodie , please check the link in our bio (profile)➡ @losangeleschargersgram 🎁 Perfect gift for your family members and friends Thank you ! 💟💟💟 * Via: @chargers #losangeleschargers#chargers#49ers#losangeleschargers#boltup#jasonverrett#caseyhayward#jackboyz#superchargers#losangeleschargers#winasone#onecharge#chargersgameday#chargerssuck#broncos#broncosnation#broncoscountry#superbowl#broncosup#denverbroncos#broncosgang#emmanuelsanders#db4l#demaryiusthomas#unitedinorange#noflyzone#orangecrush#milehighfootball#broncosrule#superbowlchamps
Makes sense now. #flyeaglesfly #superbowlchamps
Carson Wentz looking good just 5 months after surgery. From @johnclarknbc #flyeaglesfly #philadelphiaeagles #superbowlchamps
Happy Fridaye!! Spray paint on wood now viewable via @photopopphilly interactive art exhibit that runs to July 8th. Many thanks to @philly_pr_girl & team for the opportunity, support, and good vibes throughout #theprocess 🦅🇺🇸🏀
The team that No one believed in. Nobody sees the hard work behind the scenes of building these young men confidence and making them believe they are the best at what they do. S/O to the coaches and Parents that make this Process amazing. #goldenarmy #superbowlchamps
Carson Wentz is 6 months removed from tearing his ACL and is doing this.... Not Human. Look at Wentz move on that knee. #philadelphiaeagles #eaglesnation #flyeaglesfly #eagles #carsonwentz #comebackszn #superbowlchamps Reposted from : @eaglesnation_1933  #webleedgreen #weallwegot #vinnycurry #eaglesnest #eaglesbaby #nfl