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Все кто знает меня больше 10 лет точно скажут, что последний раз я ходила в "походный поход" (в смысле палатки-шашлыки-комары-романтика) году в 2010-2011 примерно😱 и последние лет пять старательно ныла о том, что уже пора куда-нибудь и как-нибудь😂 честно скажу, что в поход компанией 17 человек я не ходила никогда, но мне понравилось😂 Ребята, вы огонь🔥 спасибо, что сделали мои выходные🌈 Photo credit: @ginzzu_
So anyone who knows me will have known how petrified I was to spend a whole week in a swimsuit/bikini before Marbella. There is so much pressure on girls to look a certain way and I am all to familiar with stressing about whether my stomach looks flat or whether my thighs are too big (which definitely stemmed from a teenage relationship where I was told weekly I was too big - I was half the size I am now). However, I have THE best friends who constantly make me feel better exactly when I need it. It’s taken me a long time to realise that I won’t ever be stick thin and I should embrace the body shape I’ve got. Thank you for my besties for putting up with my meltdowns @jpadday @charlotte9967 ❤️ love you
the devil’s in the details, baby
Tag someone who would use this seasoning!
I don't focus on what I'm up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest :)
my pjs are better than yours 🐝
The top gets higher the more that I climb.⚠️
😎😎The beach, indeed a magnificent location. Are you ready to escape to the beach with Corax and Corone🔥🏜? Let us chase the most tropical experiences we could possibly reach🏖🏝. Gear up with our summer armor to let you truly live the summer!⛱🌴 🌴The link to the tropical workshop in our BIO🌴
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