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— jaeden prescott 🏁🌿 7teen, apollo’s lil baby. dislikes mostly everyone and everything, loves her boyfriend with all her heart. mother of one, has jealousy problems. lesbian for riley, luna & art. art student. tries to be nice to people but fails, can’t control herself. likes watching movies, hispanic. enjoys eating food n drinking soda. acts like a lesbian toward every girl, flicks everyone off. always getting in trouble, hates everything n probably you. married to mostly ever actor. always tired n clingy, horny all the time but only for apollo.
Cheers to me 🥂🍾
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im such a horrible person how can someone love me
-Aurora Jade Mikaelson { comment for a tbh }  20 years old. People kisser. Jay's babygirl. Switch. Mostly sub. Hufflepuff. Marvel & dc enthusiast. Call her AJ or rory if you want. Comic book reader. Is only five feet tall but will still try to fight you. Has a belly button piercing.  Drinks too much coffee. Can speak spanish.  Loves horror/slasher movies. Sarcastic smart ass.  Writer. Loves books. Always trying to make others happy. Laughs at corny jokes. Will send you memes. Ray of sunshine. Adorkable. Harry Potter fanatic.  Watches too many tv shows. The flash. Dragon ball z. Voltron. Arrow. Teenwolf. Shadowhunters. Supernatural. Buffy the vampire slayer.  Gossip girl. Will cuddle you if you are upset. Neck kisser. Loyal af.  Protective over her loved ones. Listens to hayley kiyoko, bea miller,olivia o'brien, hey violet and 5sos daily. Sometimes impulsive. Night owl. Loves the rain & gloomy weather. { #openrp #birp #5sosrp #arzaylearp #singlerp #takenrp #straightrp #dcrp #marvelrp #anyrp #daddyrp🌸 }
I wanna be yours and you wanna be mine and everyone else been waiting my time.
"Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring." *giggles* 🌻🍎 #openrp #closedrp #dm #dmrp #rp #roleplaying #roleplay #singlerp #straightrp #celebrityrp #takenrp #literaterp
please go do what my intro says for a well written tbh !! doing them right now. 🍯🍯
*** * **** *** *****?
@6zaru is my boyfriend now. muah. 🍒
give me love and attention 🤧
my heart beats for you 💏 #openrp #anyrp #takenrp #singlerp
hi who wants to be bEst friends?
so we finally made it official??❤️❤️
hmu:)) random tags
she’s not my model anymore but i don’t have a theme so all well. i need more friends so say hey for a dm!!
rant post 2.0