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“I want to go all in or not at all” “I just don’t have time“ “I just can’t afford it” “I’m not as committed as you are” yada, yada, yada....The list goes on. These are the things people tell me as why they can’t start what I’m doing. . #toughlove These are excuses. The same ones I made when I was afraid to start AND fail. I want to encourage you if you’ve been watching my journey. It’s all in your mind!! You are capable. You do not have to be perfect. There is a happy place between all in and not at all. You can afford it because I don’t know anybody that can afford to be sick. Don’t EVER compare yourself to anybody but yourself. My services are F R E E, but the tools you’ll have to invest in because it’s about YOUR health ❤️ *steps off soapbox* . Monday was my day 1 👆🏼 #numerouno I started a new 8-week program, and it’s pretty dang sweet. It was designed specifically with nurses in mind ☺️💉💊 But for EVERYBODY of course!! . ✅ 4 days on, 3 days rest 🏋🏽‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ ✅ 30-40 minute workouts at home ⏱ ✅ cheat days are a thing 😍🍕🍦🍷 ✅ legit, easy to follow nutrition plan 👌🏽 ✅ Access to our little accountability tribe 👯‍♀️😙 ✅ ME as your free coach every step of the way!🤗 . I’m a busy mom of 4, work as a full time nurse, training for a 10k on my 3 rest days, work my coaching biz in my spare pockets of time, preparing for a move across the country in 6 weeks, and LOVE.IT.ALL because my health allows me the energy to do all these things! My point is: If I can, you can!! Pinky promise 💋 I would be doing this along side you with a whole group of ladies jeering you on 🙌🏽 Message me or comment if u want to join us, or you want more info! NOW is the best time to start 🙏🏼 . . . . #day1 #startnow #ificanyoucan #busymom #busylife #dontwishforitworkforit #progressnotperfection #itsalifestyle #beproud #striveforbetter #nurse #momof4 #tattoomom
My weight loss present to myself was this queen crown tattoo 😊 I’m so happy with it! 😍😍 #mim already planning my next one! #tattoo #queencrowntattoo #tattoomom #tattedchicks
I used to get so jealous, and borderline hated ok hated my husband because he did things with his friends. At the time it was real, now we can laugh about it. There I was sitting at home trying to figure out how to raise and not completely fu$k up a human, while doing so I'd come up with ridiculous things I needed him to do around the house and bitch at him when he said he was to tired. Tired? Oh he went there! Que me losing my shit... Fast forward to today when he says I'm goin out I'm all like ccccya✌️ I've got people to help and lives to change 💻🤳 This "thing" this coaching biz is exactly what I needed then and am so grateful I have it now. It's saved me in more ways then one. #mysavinggrace #wherewereyouwhenineededyou #myjourney . . . . . . . . . .  #journeywithjill #liveyourbestlife #tattoomom #momwithtattoos #momofgirls #girlmom #mamasnightout #girlsnight #momminainteasy
Как вам? Оцените работу от 1 до 10 📝 #tattoomoscow #лучшиетатуировки #мастертату #tattoomom #наэтуинату #таттуу
Tatuajes flores entre madre e hija Interesados en tatuarse pueden enviar DM o WhatsApp 77653092  #tattooflower #tattoomom #tattoo #ink #flower