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See the entire review at YouHateGoodMovies.com (link on our page)  Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) lives in his uncle’s garage with his fiancé Detroit (Tessa Thompson) as they struggle to make ends meet. Cassius finds little success working tirelessly on commission and receives a bit of advice that changes his life forever. Langston (Danny Glover), proposes that Cassius uses his “white voice” to make his calls. After consideration Cassius attempts Langston’s approach and is more successful than he could have imagined.  Much like his character Andre Logan King in Jordan Peele’s Get Out (2017) Stanfield plays a timid mild mannered man that feels out of place in the world he lives in. After making Power Caller at his firm Cassius finds himself among the very people he and his coworkers swore to unite against. The complexity of his own success and fighting against a system that holds others down is felt on the performance of Stanfield as he struggles with his relationships and moving up in the firm beautifully.  Comedy is a brilliant way to convey a message. Humor is accessible to most and making people laugh is an open door to bringing up real issues in a light hearted yet serious form. Sorry to Bother You uses humor to show the financial tribulations that hard working Americans endure to put food on the table as the wealthy use selfish tactics to increase their profit margin.  #moviereview #filmreview #movie #film #sorrytobotheryou #terrycrews #lakeithstanfield #tessathompson #dannyglover  #jordanpeele #getout #comedy #scifi #fantasy
Sorry to Bother You (2018)  This movie was even more bonkers than I thought it would be, and I was expecting it to be pretty bonkers. I won't say too much because this film is best seen with no idea of what to expect, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Having had two days to process, I still am not totally sure if I liked it or hated it. I will say that what nudity there was seemed totally unnecessary, and there were quite a few threads that got dropped or didn't really need to be there in the first place because there were SO MANY things going on. Overall, it's a crazy film for our crazy times, Tessa Thompson was flawless as always, and my huge crush on Steven Yeun continues to grow. If you haven't seen this, definitely do, and if you have comment/DM me, I'd love to hear your thoughts!  7/10
I tried something new but I'm not completely happy with it. I guess I have to edit more often to get better. • #valkyrie #revengers #brunhilde #l4l #marvel #avengers #actress #thor #tessathompson #edit #lfl #thorragnarok #beauty #loki
Creed (2015) Director: Ryan Coogler Brief Synopsis: The former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa serves as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson, the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed. ----------------------- Review: Creed is easily one of the best films I've ever seen, it's also one of my all time favourites films. Creed is a fresh, innovative and unique film that perfectly captures the world of boxing and also perfectly pays great homage to the rocky franchise (creed is a rocky spin-off film). Before seeing this film in theaters, I hadn't seen any of the previous rocky films so I went in with a fresh slate, this brings me to my first positive about this film. Creed is a film where you can walk in fresh/knowing nothing about the film and you're guaranteed to have a fun time, this was the case with me and now I really adore this film. One of the film strongest elements is definitely the cinematography, the way the film is shot perfectly invests you into the film's Philadelphia setting, the camerawork also captures some of the gritty and upsetting elements that you might experience when moving to a brand new/unknown location. The cast is amazing in this film, every character was perfectly cast. Michael B. Jordan is amazing as the film's main protagonist 'Adonis Johnson Creed', Jordan uses so much emotion, he also looks like he's having fun playing this character and his performance shows why he's one of the best actors working today. Sylvester Stallone returns as the now iconic heavyweight champion 'Rocky Balboa' and he is again perfectly cast. It is evident in his performance that he isn't just doing this film for money, he is doing this film because he is so invested in this character. I also really loved Tessa Thompson in this film, she plays Adonis' girlfriend in this film and she is also a pivotal character in this film. Thompson gives such a energetic and great performance and after watching this film, she is for sure one of my
With his debut feature film #sorrytobotheryou, #bootsriley just became a director whose movies will automatically hit my “must see” list. A twisted, funny, and subversive take-down of corporate America, consumerism, social media culture, mass media, etc.; I don’t think I’ve seen a more topical film in years. I’ve been a fan of #lakeithstanfield since 2013’s #shortterm12 (one of that year’s best films and performances) and he’s fantastic in the lead role. Excited to see his career continue to roll forward and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win an Oscar someday. #tessathompson is great as always and really so is everyone in the cast. I really hope it’s not long before we get another Boots Riley film. This is a cinematic voice that we need right now.  #movie #film #cinema
Gilla says @sorry2botheryou is 🔥🔥 WATCH & SHARE on the Masondiction YouTube channel! 🎥 🎥 🎥 🎥 🎥 @bootsriley @tessamaethompson @armiehammer @lakeithstanfield3 @terrycrews @omarihardwickofficial @steveyeun @davidcrossofficial @rosariodawson  #sorrytobotheryou #sorrytobotheryoureview #moviereview #youtuber #youtube #contentcreator #masondiction #gillateen #bootsriley #lakeithstanfield #tessathompson #funny #blackfilm #blacktv #blackmovies
Riley finished the screenplay in 2012, and with no way to produce it, recorded an album of the same title with his band The Coup, inspired by the story. The full screenplay was originally published in full as part of McSweeney's issue 48 in 2014. 🐴 I loved this movie kind of a lot. . . #sorrytobotheryou #bootsriley #lakeithstanfield #tessathompson #stevenyeun #telemarketing
I've been a huge fan of Lakeith Stanfield in the past year. He has this aura about him that makes his performances unique and stick with me like in Atlanta.  I'm also a fan of social concious media and art that points out the flaws in american society...when done well.  Sorry to bother you lands more on the heavy handed than the poignant art house film it desperately wants to be. On paper the premise of the movie works.  Cassius (Stanfield) is trying to climb the corporate ladder in a heightened reality version of America. Along the way he has to decide whether or not his personal growth in his job is more important than the effects it has on the world.  Sounds super interesting, relevant and relatable. However the film suffers hy trying to be too much at once, and even when it hits the mark on its message its screaming "look at me" more so than "look at this". Stanfield gives a solid performance with the script that hes given. As do all of the supporting roles in the film. However it doesnt help the awkward first draft aspect that the script has.  Comedic beats missed, dramatic scenes lacking impact, and a "twist" that makes Shyamalan's worst seem oscar worthy. I wanted to like the movie as badly as it wanted me to, however when you lack the necessary materials that are required...I'm left checking my watch for when it's over. 🐎 (Marciel) #sorrytobotheryou #lakeithstanfield #tessathompson #terrycrews #armiehammer #comedy #film #movie #moviereview #review #bootsriley #sorrytobotheryoumovie
Sorry To Bother You is one of the most insane and crazy movies I have ever seen.  When a man starts working for telemarketing company, he unearths some of their secrets.  I'm gonna be honest and say that I did not like this movie at all but there are still some positives to go over.  The first hour of this movie is good and fun but not fantastic.  It has some good jokes and follows the storyline from the trailers.  That is where the positives end and the negatives begin.  After the first hour a new plot line is introduced and it's completely out of left field and just doesn't match any of the marketing for the movie.  This is also where it starts the graphic visuals that are sometimes so hard to watch and make you cringe.  It really just seems like style over a good story.  So much is thrown at you in the last 45 minutes that it was seriously making me want to leave the theatre.  It seemed lazy and was the worst way to end a movie that started good.  Plus the amount of nudity in this movie is high.  I have no problem with it in movies but when it's used constantly and doesn't help move the story along that's the problem.  This movie could have been good but after the first hour it just gets so crazy and graphic that I will never ever see this movie again.  I could not recommend this movie and I'm gonna give it a 3/10 #sorrytobotheryou #sorrytobotheryoumovie #tessathompson #terrycrews #armiehammer #lakeithstanfield #bootsriley #dannyglover #stevenyeun #pattonoswalt #davidcross #comedy #scifi #dystopia #graphic #crazy #insane @sorry2botheryou
I love a bi-con. Funny story. I didn’t have any scene packs or things downloaded before I took off for my long ass flight but I had a Valkyrie logoless pack and a BLACKPINK song and I guess they kinda just fit? (I dt mutuals only bc there were a lot sorry!) - • Ac: me Dt:  @blossomkaila @rogers.mp4 @prettyboyackles @rcgeus @chxuya @mcrvlized @starqck@tohystark @basicbarnes - • #omgpage #omgmarvel #omgmcu #omgunderrated #valkyrie #tessathompson #thor #thorragnarok #marvel #mcu #marveledit #loki #hela #superhero #hero #marvelstudios #ironcultgrp
[Thor Ragnarok] - This Valkyrie-Hela scene is the peak of marvel cinematography I want to keep editing this scene over and over again it's so beautiful - Valkyrie or Hela? - [#cateblanchett #tessathompson #valkyrie #hela]
@sorry2botheryou is 🔥🔥 REVIEW LINK IN BIO! WATCH & SHARE! 🎥 🎥 🎥 🎥 🎥 @bootsriley @tessamaethompson @armiehammer @lakeithstanfield3 @terrycrews @omarihardwickofficial @steveyeun @davidcrossofficial @rosariodawson  #sorrytobotheryou #sorrytobotheryoureview #moviereview #youtuber #youtube #contentcreator #masondiction #gillateen #bootsriley #lakeithstanfield #tessathompson #funny #blackfilm #blacktv #blackmovies
Cr: @scarletxflash  My parents are so cute!💜 ❤️❤️💗💗
You're going to hate this movie for the same reasons I loved it. #sorrytobotheryou spits in the face of traditional storytelling. It's ugly, the soundtrack is weird, the screenplay isn't exactly comedic despite being advertised as one. The film, I think, finds inspiration in a personal favorite film already reviewed here called #putneyswope an immensely powerful satire which a black man rises to power in an ad agency. Sorry To Bother You is both a satire and scifi film. It exaggerates and concentrates our status quo and gives us a taste of cinematic alchemy: something new. That's the main reason I loved this film; it's something new. Boots Riley clearly played by no ones rules and crafted a film that is defiant as it's message. I hope to see more works from him now that this movie is on it's way to #cultclassic status. #bootsriley #keithstanfield #tessathompson #terrycrews #armiehammer #comedy #scifi #newmovies #movies #cinema #film #oakland #indie #moviereview
$ lul baby face 😍 @tessamaethompson #tessathompson
I have been blessed today ♥️♥️ new edit coming later today  I have started editing again yaaayy * * * * #tomholland #tessathompson #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome #thorragnarok #mcu #marvel