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Always love this view in Annapolis!
У нас с туманом очень не простые отношения, и если бы у него был аккаунт в Вконтакте, то наш статус с ним был бы: "Всё сложно". Вы сейчас читаете и думаете, что Маша сошла с ума, еще бы одноклассников приплела, но нет, у нашего холодного серого красавца есть даже собственный твиттер CarlTheFog. Так что не так? Во-первых, я до конца не поняла, люблю ли я его или нет. Сложные мы создания, женщины. Вот открываешь свои глаза рано утром, через пару минут осознаешь, что в комнате темно не потому, что будильник сработал не в назначенное время, а потому, что солнце попросту нет, его спрятал, украл хитрый Карл. И тут два варианта развития событий - ты с меланхоличным настроением идешь заваривать свой любимый кофе, прокручивая в голове, что раз такая погода, то можно еще позволить себе плиточку шоколада (и тут где-то должна быть коварная улыбка😏)... или же проклинаешь все на свете за то, что снова не выспался и эта серость уже сидит в печенках. Во-вторых, у него есть определенное свойство охлаждать. Вот не встречала я пока теплого тумана! Потому на фото я спиной, прячу свой краснючий нос. И когда на улице жара
Throwback to our brunch party and coffee date with my husband. Some of my favorite spots. I ♥️ NY. Can’t wait to go back home soon ♥️
L'acte 2 de l'insomnie ×
I’m so excited about tomorrow! New year of homeschooling, here we come!!!📚 This year we’re using a curriculum based on the Little House books. This is my old set from when I was a kid! As you can see, it was well loved. I’m over the moon to get to use it as a part of school for my kids. ✨
If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I really wish I had an Itsy Bitsy colorful birch forest” .... I’ve got you covered! (4”x4”) I have three and together they’d sure make a nice little Tree-o! 😁
The recipe for these Palomas is finally on the blog! Find the link on my profile.....On another note, it was the perfect weekend. Didn't do any work , went to the gym, cooked a couple of simple meals, got a new phone (more on that another day) and today I had a loooong brunch with my girlfriends. We talked for 5 hours! . Mr. B. Makes fun of us (my girlfriends and I) on how we can be together for days and still not get enough time to talk about anything and everything. That my peeps, is true friendship. When you can't get enough of each others company. . I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and to that I say: Salud!!!
This is how we Dew 💁🏼‍♀️ guys this is honestly the best scrunchie I’ve ever owned. Thank you @kaitlynbristowe for this blessing.
The Art of Giving... Best to slow down before the summer ends to spend time with special friends and family. Our world becomes more humble and loving when we give from the #heart... “We make a living by what we get but We make a LIFE by what we GIVE” #winstonchurchill  Some of WC’s quotes are words to live by...Cheers🥂
getting away with this one is good for the soul 💛
Lil’ diva. She’s workin’ all her good angles.
Summer means light food.. I shared my perfect recipe on my blog.. Head to www.saydogan.com to read about it..
{She makes me better! She’s also a great muse.😍 // Sunday #selfcare anyone? We’ve been doing lots of at home, diy remedies lately and I love it! (My intro to #concsciousliving was during my pregnancy and when I began breastfeeding her. I’m proud to say, we made it 15 months! 🤱🏾) Now we’re enjoying clean living (as much as we can) inside and out. What has been a catalyst in your transition to #plantbased or #vegeterian, #ecofriendly, or #minimalist living? Yep! Bit by bit, we are happily doing all of it! ✊🏾🌱 } #changingnarratives #livingauthentically #blackunicorn #nationalbreastfeedingmonth
Man, is he cute! This is from our lunch in Amelia Island on Friday 😋 Spent the day today trying to get our house somewhat back together & celebrating our nephew’s 1st birthday 😊 Currently trying to decide on a sectional from @wayfair & what housewares I actually “need” in my Amazon cart (I need nothing there but I want all the throws & blankets right now! 🙈). Maybe I need to sleep on it 😂 #ameliaisland #handsomeboy #newhouseproblems #travelwithkids
Every little face he makes. 🧡
“...That’s how you live free. Truly see and be seen.” _  What does it mean to you to be seen? _  It’s been a theme of my life. One I’d like to articulate more in depth sooner than later. But for now, what are some words, some experiences, or actions that make you feel known, listened to, set apart? _  photo: @vinnbrooks _ _ _  #belovedlife #livethelittlethings #femme #momentsofmine #liveauthentic #stylemepretty #lifestyle #portrait_vision #flashesofdelight #thehappynow #darlingweekend #girlgaze #sheislight #sombrebeings #cinematic #theartofslowliving #losangeles #malibu #california #summertime #storyteller #summer
I don’t know if anybody wants to see this or if this is the way other people work with oil paint but for the heck of it I thought I would show how I work with oil. I never have ran into anyone else that really likes to use brushes that are practically dead worn down to the nub to work with but that is my preference with oil painting as I scrub paint into the canvas. I am not sure what I will do with this little scrap of canvas. I could easily cut it into bookmarks, or I could make an actual painting out of it, but later I will show when it is finished —I’m not sure when that will be.
Just a girl trying not to show her undies while she sits.  She succeeded. (For the most part)✨