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| Mohammad Al Amin Mosque πŸ•Œ (Blue Mosque), located in Downtown Beirut. This massive and domineering mosque, now the most recognizable and iconic in Lebanon, is distinguished by Ottoman and Oriental architecture styling. The mosque was built with yellow stones and enormous blue cupola, and features four minarets that stand 65 meters high. | via @riceman2013 | —————————————————————— Follow @thebeirutpost and Hashtag #thebeirutpost to be featured.
| The Cedar of Jaj - 68 kilometers, just over 40 miles, from Beirut, after passing through Amshit, Abaïdate and Lehfed, you come to the Cedars of Jej. Nestled in the high mountain, the “Jurd”, at an altitude of 1,500 meters (4,800 feet), this cluster of cedars is one of the most ancient natural reserves left of the forest that once covered the whole region and which the kings of Byblos exploited during the 3rd millennium B.C. On the heights of Jej there are now only a few fine specimens of cedars, hundreds of years old, rooted among the masses of rock. They are surely well worth the promenade, for their majestic stature, their eternal verdure and, when there is a light breeze, their particular perfume and odors fully recompense the effort of a visit that they truly merit after having held out so long against tragic devastation.  A very old squat chapel with walls of crudely cut stones, with narrow door and windows and decrepit interior hides under the trees | via @ramzi_semrani | —————————————————————— Follow @thebeirutpost and Hashtag #thebeirutpost to be featured.
Maldive’s Sunset . Follow @trends_with_benefits_ and tag #trends_with_benefits_
| Traditional Lebanese Architecture | via @adnan_s_d | ————————————————————— Follow @thebeirutpost and Hashtag #thebeirutpost to be featured.
| Tyre (Sour) Beach is, without a doubt, the most beautiful and perfect beach in Lebanon. The coast is sandy, the water is clean, and people are extremely friendly | ————————————————————— Follow @thebeirutpost and Hashtag #thebeirutpost to be featured.
Overlooking the red-roofed town of Bcharre in Lebanon’s mountains. This is still one of my favorite places I’ve ever been. I took this on day I arrived and that sunset was spectacular. The lights playing on the mountains is something I’ll never forget.
| The Legendary Elias - hand rolled sandwiches made with love | —————————————————————— Follow @thebeirutpost and Hashtag #thebeirutpost to be featured.
| The Qadisha Valley, a UNESCO world  heritage, is a must see in Lebanon πŸ‡±πŸ‡§. Located in deep gorge, it stretches for 50 km all the way from Al Koura to Bcharre. With its spectacular scenery, the valley houses the first christian monasteries and (cave) churches of Lebanon that were inhabited from the 3rd century BC until the Roman period. | via @mikhaelbitar | —————————————————————— Follow @thebeirutpost and Hashtag #thebeirutpost to be featured.
| Ω„Ψ£Ψ¬Ω„Ωƒ Ω†Ψ΅Ω„ΩŠ | @faiayo | ——————————————————— Follow @thebeirutpost And Hashtag #thebeirutpost To be featured.
| The city of red roofs | via @salimabouzeid | ——————————————————— Follow @thebeirutpost and Hashtag #thebeirutpost to be featured.
| New day, new blessing | via @salimabouzeid | ————————————————— Follow @thebeirutpost and Hashtag #thebeirutpost to be featured.