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Wait... Selfie Day was a thing? And I missed it??? 😫 . A selfie would not have been something my younger self would have loved. A pretty big percentage of the photos taken in my teen years feature my hand prominently held up in front of the lens. 🤚🏻 I was awkward and self conscious and not at all confident in who I was or where I was heading. . One of the blessings of getting older is caring a whole lot less about what others think of me. So I can post this selfie proudly and say THIS IS ME! 🎉 Not perfect. Not done growing and becoming. But super comfortable about being in progress. . Plus, I have a pretty cute sidekick who brightens up any photo. 😍 . Happy day after Selfie Day! 😂 . #selfieday #meandmysidekick
Instead of stressing on not being where I want to be, I want to shift my focus on how far I’ve come- The photo on the left was taken on 6/7/08 a few years before I had my daughter. I was miserable in my body at 180 lbs. It was my 30th birthday and I actually thought I was cute! (embarrassing) 🤦🏽‍♀️ There was so much I was oblivious to. I was prone to destructive relationships, I was unknowingly eating all kinds of crap. There was so much I had to learn about myself and the world. I was always worried about keeping up with appearances so I relaxed and flat ironed my hair so much that it would never grow any longer than what you see on the left. I didn’t even know the texture of my own hair. I was really just doing the best I knew how to do at the time. I had to learn how to forgive myself for not knowing. But thank goodness for growth! Even though growth can be a VERY painful thing, I embrace it fully because the end results are the reward. And like they say, “when you know better, you can do better” I’m determined to keep doing better. Learning and evolving this much in 10 years makes me excited with anticipation for the growth and knowledge I will gain in the next 10!
Think they went too far with the birthday cake ! Love it 😍 thanks to all for the birthday wishes. #thisis40 #drsarraga #aventura #skincare
I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before🤷🏻‍♀️🤫 It’s like heaven for your taste buds😋❤️
TGIF... The Grind Includes Friday💪 #getstronger #thisis40 #alwaystraing #soberlife #fridaynightfun
In case you have any preconceived notions about the wild and crazy Friday nights at the Rinaldi home....we just finished shaving the dog. 🐾🐾❤️❤️ #thisis40 #dogmom #dogparents #newmuzzle #itwasquickbecausehecantbiteusanymore
A day of playing in mud and water with my toddler, finding a great deal on a scooter last minute, and an afternoon of water table mayhem is Day 174 of #thisis40 😂 I get a gold star for being vertical at 8pm and not passed out cold in bed.
turns out, in our old age, only half of us made it on the spinning gondola to the top of the San Jacinto mountain  #wemissedyouguys #newfearofheights #thisis40 🤣
Happy Weekend, y'all. ✌🏼🖤 #thisis40 #summervibes
Vitamin D ☀️ ...and a pool practically to ourselves as soon as the sun actually came out!
Date night! I put my date night in my schedule.  Take care of my family first and my business second.  #happywife #family #wife #marriage #nokidstonight #fun #funnightout #fridaynight #love #nyc #nj #datenight #happywifehappylife #dinner #seafood #thisis40 #suburbanlife #bergencounty #functional neurology #functionalmedicine
Got away for an hour and a half for some #yoga tonight. Nothing better than being surrounded by those centered and in tune. I have always loved yoga and everything behind it. Now, I only have done it at home but I believe I was guided to taking my #woosah outside the home and making it a priority. No phones, no interruptions, being present and in the moment. I have been separating from my phone and social media a little more each day. I go on to share value, motivation, laughter and accountability to those who come to me or just seek me secretly. Not everyday is a lesson. Not every moment needs to be snapped or IG stories. I have learned so much the last two months from some amazing connections helping me grow in so many ways.. • • • My #yogapractice tonight was for Krista. My vibes into the universe were directed towards her, may she find comfort in this devastating time .. • • • Now it’s time to be present in my four walls #namaste
It’s been a happy day! Started my 40s with my littles bouncing around Magic Kingdom. Then the hubby upgraded my binoculars! #besthubbyever Then I didn’t have to cook and we are finishing the night with Tiramisu and a family movie. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! I have felt very loved today! #thisis40 #blessed #itisprettyawesome #birthday #celebrationswillcontinueallweek
Summer is here. 🐝❤️ #independentwoman #businessowner #artist #thisis40 #nofilter #freedomismine #savethebees #savetheworld @savethebeesworld New ondysweetman.com photography site coming soon! Here’s to the most beautiful Summer of 2018 for everyone in spite of all the madness out there. #2018 #yearofthewoman
Birthday dinner! Man, this is a LOT OF FOOD! And everything is delicious! I WILL be back...after I no longer need to be worried about slaying in my wedding dress! 😜 #bbq #thisis40 #trulytolbert #weddingseason
SPARKLEEEE!!!Our birthdays are a day apart!!This is our year baby!!#Thisis40 #40/40club We couldn't be more different!#Theangelandthewildchild #keepsmeinconstantprayer #geminigang♊️ Love you too bad!!
#tb to last week's #girlstrip with @meekznaturallycoco @urswtdestiny  @justspark @sacredfame70  diva Sam!Had a blast with ya'll Queens!!Till next time!#friendsthatpraytogetherslaytogether #stillcelebratingmybirthday #thisis40 #melaningoddesses #beautyful
Thanks for helping me choose my dress for tonight.  Time to celebrate 🎉 🥂. . . . . #partydress #fitnessmom #travellingmom #changinglivesdaily #thisis40 #nordstrom #workingmomlife