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Going through some of my old folders and realized I haven’t shared some of this stuff with @constance.angel
Tag your significant other! @ler_chek by @natalilitvinova • Comment who you’d like to see on the seductive project!  Use #seductiveproject to get featured ⚡️
The most beautiful couple!! 💍🌵
A lil treat
So happy to be back on the beach. Go check out my video on my IGTV to see some of the reasons why I love living here. 💕
What do you prefer, sunrises or sunsets?! Photo by @shevchukproduction Model @tsara.lunga • Comment who you’d like to see on the seductive project!  Use #seductiveproject to get featured ⚡️
She's Vovk @v_vovk
I had an interesting chat the other day about how a lot many times our physical appearance is a direct reflection of how we feel. Even if we muster the courage to put on a brave face and mask away the scars. They show. The picture to the left is one from April 2017 when depression was the raging storm in my life. I looked and even to a certain extent felt physically ill. Despite of the fact that my physical health was perfectly alright and the only thing rolling in the doldrums was my mind.  The picture to the right is that from the summer of 2018. And this journey has been one I’m learning to be proud of. If you’re in a place in your life where you feel like you’ve been kicked down to the dirt. I promise you, just learn to lay lown for a while and just when the time is right and storm has slowed down, you will find your way out of this darkness into the light. You will laugh. You will smile. You will love even harder. And when you get there don’t forget to cherish the journey you’ve had and celebrate your victory. Have faith, have your own back, seek the light and find your way to YOU. Because this is life and there are several more raging storms to brave through! #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #thoughtcatalog #selfcare
You can be anything you choose to be in this moment, so think again when you choose to be miserable ❤
"You have beautiful eyes" He said to me."They are just brown , nothing special". I replied.  he lifted my chin with a soft and gentle touch, he was staring deep into my soul  and he said "your eyes could make  the stars jealous..... I feel like a scientist when I look into them, staring into beautiful galaxies that have yet to be discovered or named.
Sweet like candy, but she's such a mess... 🍬🍭 Ph: @carlossalguero.gt  Collab: @mish_sagastume  MUA and Body Paint: @krla_vane . . . . #portrait_shooterz #pursuitofportraits #portrait #photography #inspireangelo #featurepalette #thoughtcatalog #bleachyfilm #wetpalette #artisticnude #artisticphotography #bodypaint #makeupartist #candy #sweet
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. -Norman Vincent Peale  #moon #stars #absolemtotalum #igers #aurora #northernlights #nature #greenblue #instathougts #inspirationalquotes #dailyquotesandsayings #thoughtoftheday #thoughtcatalog
my face when I actually meet an intellectual capable of talking about all things under the Sun, the best books as if they've lived it, and travel stories that they went on, because they had to. Vs. when I spot a pseudo intellectual who swears by the terms "wanderlust", "the bigger picture", self help books and "passion, and Zindagi", even though their actual hobbies are getting wasted and enjoying songs that say "dhoondh Google pe jaake, nahi milega ashiq mere jaisa"  At 24, I've just learnt to segregate the two, and know people that actually know Amarula, instead of pretending to have heard of it from sources that weren't me, especially if you aren't even a friend! I'm tired of donating pieces of me, my personality, my vocabulary and my taste in books, and life in general to people. Honestly. It's about enough, and I have no more to give. Stop using my sentences, my references and me.  Maybe you should take a walk out and figure out what or who you actually like, maybe you should conduct a tasting session for yourself so you can rightly own and claim your taste, maybe you should spend a day with yourself without drowning yourself in  alcohol and without seeking validation, maybe you should just be the best version of yourself, irrespective of which aforementioned category you fall into.  Whoever you are, you're golden. Stick to you (cause you can) and I believe in you, and in the fact that you'll leave me alone, while I'm becoming me. #meemrants #getyousomepolkadots #thoughtcatalog #musings
I can’t wait to go to Arizona next month and go to Horseshoe Bend and many other gorgeous places! Fun fact I used to live there for 2 years! Arizona’s land is so breathtaking and gorgeous! There’s so many places out there that literally take your breath away! I still have one more spot available for a session while I’m out there! This can be in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Horseshoe Bend! I’ll be there from Oct 5-7 and Horseshoe Bend on the 6th! 🏜💕 • • • • • • #belovedstories #firstandlasts #weddinglegends #dirtybootsandmessyhair #wanderingweddings #thewandererscommunity #firstsandlasts #oarsandbeanies #muchlove_ig #authenticlovemag #loveandwildhearts #wildhairandhappyhearts #elopementlove #wildelopements #thoughtcatalog #justalittleloveinspo #azweddings #travelandweedingmagazine #radlovestories #radstorytellers #azphotographer #scottsdale #phoenix @firstandlasts.lovers #phoenixphotographer #scottsdalephotographer