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"I can't afford it?" Do you think or say that? * Yesterday I read a wealth article stating: ➡️ 40% of adults do not have enough savings to cover $400 of unexpected expense with cash. ➡️Amongst those planning for retirement, 40% do not think they will have enough to be free during their golden years. ➡️And 25% of adults have no savings at all. * It's makes my heart smile to be part of a mission business that truly helps others plan for a better future! * I used to get so nervous to talk about income - because was I raised to "be hush" about it!  BUT this opportunity forced me to look at life and serving others in a different way. * Most people want to be healthy but believe "I can't afford it" because they are stressed out financially! So I quickly learned - "If you can't afford to do this...you can't afford not to do this because your health and financial situation needs to change!". * This conversation put a nudge on my heart to bring more value you to the people I was serving! It FORCED me not to accept the excuses or "judge" a person based on their current circumstances. * If a person shares with me "I can't afford it"...I feel obligated to then lead with the opportunity and have a REAL conversation about TOTAL HEALTH including finances. * ➡️1. Did you know that you can get nourished eat for FREE here!? Or ➡️2. How much money can make an impact in your family's life? * "What if this could set you free?" --- I feel responsible for not only speaking hope into their vision, sharing a road map on how, but I love locking arms with them every step of the way! * AND the support for each person may look slightly different! Some need more spiritual guidance, health accountability, purpose seeking, some desire mentorship on the road financial road map. * But the truth is -- ALL that's given to me -- is meant to be shared! * THIS because  someone is praying for a solution. I'm bring all the love I have and solutions to the marketplace! Imagine the
Doing feels so much better than simply dreaming about it. What are you dreaming about but keep putting off?
Some days are easeful and relaxed. Others you scramble to get you (and your clients) GDPR compliant. At least I can do it from anywhere. ;-) ✔ New privacy policy written ✔ Plan for how to update our list ✔ New marketing policies created ✔ Chipotle (fuel!) consumed  Bam. Productive day.
Some times it converse sneakers and jeans with a sweatshirt ... and then other times you got to swap to your power kickass heels, and your (makes you feel all girl on fire) black jeans to get shit done 🙌🏼👩🏼‍💻☕️✌🏼 heels to meetings is a must for me, it’s just that next level of high vibe that I bring with me when I’m wearing them ... what’s your secret accessory to a successful meeting,boss babe  day or launch ?  Lucky bra ?  Grandmas brooch ?
How do you define success? - - - #doit #motivationdaily #bebetter
Excuse the red-eye, but I got to meet @collettedinnigan yesterday at #qbconnect! 🌟She is truly an inspiring woman! 💎 • #thelifeofamillennialexecutive #accountingtechbadass #empoweringwomen #collettedinnigan
Listen to that voice because that warm glow is priceless.  #purpose#purposedrivenlife
What a beautiful setting for today’s REJournal’s Healthcare Conference, which fostered important discussions about the future of healthcare  and it’s real estate. Advocate Healthcare’s VP, Facility Services, spoke about integrated project delivery as the future of healthcare construction, and #akreteclient @jll and @skenderbuild were represented on panels.
Where is your focus?
In the Beautiful Business Insider this week its all about Marketing Tips 💫💕
#repost from @theevolvingchair with @regram.app ... Hey Evolvers!! 🖐🏾🖐🏾 Session 48 is up and I'm talking about Royal Wedding during the #poptherapy segment and shedding light on the 4 common mental health concerns among the black community and asking about family history!  Click link in bio to listen 👉🏿 #theevolvingchair#minds#melaninmindsmatter#mentalhealthawarenessmonth#familyhistory
Retaliating against others is foolish and a waste of mental, emotional and physical energy. Plotting revenge makes you no better than the perpetrator, just as arguing with a fool proves that there are two fools. Learn 3 strategies to avoid the pitfalls of revenge!! #vengeanceisnotyoursit’sthelords #youwereborntobegreat #servantleader #thoughtleader #thegreatmind #positivepsychology @paulcbrunson  @lisa2motivate @johnhopebryant @willsmith @oprah @owntv @bishopjakes  #letsmakehistory #love #health #wisdom #wealth
Thank you for joining the "Personal Branding For Entrepreneurs" live session with me. 🤗 __________ A quick recap on authority marketing.  1. Start a blog or guest blog on any social media platform of your choice. Note must be industry related.  2. Become a niche influencers on social media.  3. Be authentic and focus on providing value. 4. Participate in related industry workshops, meetups and conferences and let your name and face stick.  5. Make an effort to attend related industry related events both to teach and also learn. 6. Actively seeking opportunities to speak or host or sponsor or support events.  7. Teach online classes. It helps build your credibility.  8. Host webinar, publish e-books or write for newspapers and journals. __________ Finally, go and watch to find out the return on investment for doing all this.🤗
Raise your hand if you wish selling was just a little easier?  How about sales goals that you seem to consistently fall short of?  Or wishing that you were fully booked or with little white space in your diary, just never quiet getting there?  If you don't know the magic behind selling easily, in integrity and having fun, it's hard to SMASH your SALES GOALS.  Fact.  Once you know the proven neuroscience formula, you can ACT!  And action and immediate feedback to excel is what seperates those amazing sellers, who SMASH their goals easily.  Come and read my 5 Tips on How to Sell More, check it out: http://bit.ly/5TipsHowtoSellMore
But Carrie, how can I be responsible for a situation in which I have no control? - I cannot control the thoughts and actions of others. Lord knows I have tried! Sometimes the actions of others leads to something very negative happening in my life. - I wasn’t exactly looking for back surgery and a long recovery. - What I was very much responsible for in that situation was my response. - For a long time, I chose a negative response. I couldn’t see what possible good could come out of this. - The good started to happen when I changed the question I was asking myself to “Why is this happening FOR me?” - What situation are you sitting in right now that if you asked yourself, “How can I change this situation into the best thing that has ever happened for me?” would change how you are showing up in the world? - Your perspective is either your power or your prison. @trentshelton - - - - - #girlboss #supportourveterans #womenwhohustle #fempire #mindsetcoach #femaleentrepreneur #womenempoweringwomen #limitlessliving #dreamlife #personalfreedom #realtalk #mindsetshift #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #purposedrivenlife #veteranusa #thoughtleader #dreammaker #usveterans #uplevel #freedomhacker #liveyourdreams #creativeentrepeneur #freedomlifestyle #veteranownedbusiness #liveonpurpose #createalifeyoulove #femaleveteran #womenveterans #militarywives