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Unfortunately it’s the truth.... if your parents are not supportive, or family member put you down when you talk about your dreams, you need to move on. For me to become the person I wanted I had to choose to walk the hard paths alone. The help would have been great, support would have been invaluable but that’s what friends are for... . . . . #success #family #toxicpeople #supportnewmusic #friends #motivation #motivationmonday #hardchoice #toughtimes #love #training #fitness
We all have horrible days.. Whether it be  personal struggles, aniexty, stress, anger, exhausting, the moments where you just feel what am I even doing right? Am I on the right path? "is there hope? Ultimately there always is. Every struggle, tear, anger, annoyance, breakdown, stuff from past of dwelling to hard on future. The best thing to do is never lose sight of what you do have, not don't have. And know good times will come. I have the best girlfriend in the world, who litterally just wrote a 7 page letter stating reasons of how special and loved I am. Life isn't perfect by no means. But keep searching and the progress will show.im ten fold happier than I was years ago. I'm have many things to be thankful for and ultimately unbreakable. Days suck. They pass. They are great, that will pass. But always remember you do the best you can do and that's all that matters. Forget everything else and focus on you and the ones that mean the most to you. Great things will only become greater. Worse things will only become minor problems. Try as best as we can do and that's all we can do. Thank you for all the ones who our close and especially thanks to Julie. You truly are My angel. And main Thing.. Always smile and stay optimistic. Much love, much peace ✌️❀️
Ya boy på playapatrulje tilbage i 12’ #toughtimes πŸ”«πŸ”₯
Life is as it should be right now. - -  Whatever you are feeling, whatever you are going through, trust that this is exactly where you should be at this moment. - -  It’s futile to question why, just trust that the universe has your greatest good at the forefront of its priorities. - -  Trust and faith are the secret tools that all too many have forgotten about. - -  Trust and faith that everything is going to be okay and it is only by being here, right now, feeling whatever it is you’re feeling, going through whatever it is you are going through, that you are able to make it to the other side. - -  If hard times are upon you, if your heartaches, your soul yearns or your mind is confused, just picture yourself on a small footbridge in between two beautiful places. - -  It’s a temporary journey, a space between the two; an in between that is necessary for you to truly move on and step over to the other side. - -  I was there all of last week; standing on that footbridge feeling disheartened and lost. But I held on to trust and faith, I accepted where I was and just sat in the feelings. I didn’t run from it, I didn’t try and go back to what was; I allowed myself to be in the discomfort because I knew I would make it over the bridge to the other side eventually. - -  And here I am, on the other side, blissfully happy and at peace once more. - -  Thank you universe. - - So don’t lose faith, trust the process…as the saying goes, “It’ll be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay it’s not the end.” #trustandfaith #trustandbelieve #trust #faith #universe #crossingover #crossroads #toughtimes #toughtimesdontlast #havefaith #trustheprocess #theuniversehasyourback #righthererightnow #spiritualsurvivor #sexcancerandrocknroll #personalgrowth #innerhealing #thistooshallpass
The Team are all smiles πŸ˜€ well @zanemataora is for sure πŸ˜‚  Pumping out some lunges while making their way through a great CHIPPER of a WOD πŸ’ͺ Need some motivation? Come hang out with this lot and burn through the tough times while at least 1 person smiles πŸ˜‚  #teamcflh