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The only way you'd be so damn worried about "regaining" any weight you've lost, . is if it didn't come from a place of total alignment and inner shifts . and if it came from you having to forcibly "control" or "tweak" your eating to MAKE it happen. . If, on the other hand, weight has simply released as a result of upleveling to that higher version of yourself and shifting the shit on the INSIDE that was keeping you stuck, . then you'd never have to fucking worry would you??!
🔥Week 1 {BREAKTHROUGH!} 🔥 . Soul Aligned Eating & Training: . Begin IMMEDIATELY Aligning Your Eating & Training With That Next Level Lean & Hot As Fuck YOU! . -No rules or plans, you already have the power inside YOU right NOW, to know EXACTLY how to eat and train for that next level, leaner, fitter you and for IMMEDIATE results. And I'm going to teach you how to access that easily and effortlessly for the rest of your life ;) . Obviously, this program is going to blast you with so much EPIC stuff to shift and transform yourself so dramatically and into that next level you... . But for Week 1, we are beginning with the stuff that will have an IMMEDIATE impact on you, so we can get the changes happening STRAIGHT AWAY! . And then from there, we continue with every. single. thing. that has been THE MOST powerful for me on my journey to my own BreakThrough that I had craved for so long, but couldn't quite attain.....UNTIL I learned all this, that is, then things shifted like MAGIC and continue to do so ;) . I teach it ALL to you I give you EVERYTHING baby! . But you know what?? . This strategic stuff is transformational on it's own of course, . But the BEST thing to help you shift and access levels you never even realised were POSSIBLE??!! . Is the 1:1 daily ongoing UNLIMITED support and coaching from me - This shit is PRICELESS. . I'm in your corner, sharing my energy and space with you to lift you to heights you've only ever DREAMED of until now, . I'm taking you on the journey that I've been on and have to pinch myself everyday for how easy and magical it gets to be now. . You've got me girl, me and you 1:1. . Want in?! . DOORS WILL BE CLOSING SOON - WE START TOMORROW!!!! . Sooooo pull ya finger out and HURRY gorgeous!!!! . Message me right now if it's YOUR time to BreakThrough and to step the fuck UP and into the BODY and total SOUL FULFILMENT you were BORN for baby! . Ali xx
His and Hers dinner (Jalapeño Burgers). Plan approved. Eating healthy doesn’t have to suck.
She made it. It was all that ever was and all that she has ever been.
People are always so excited to announce all their accreditations and certifications....but what matters to me is the results. I too have a stack of papers saying im educated in my field, but to be  honest, hardly any of that knowledge is applicable on a regular basis. . . To me, being a good coach has a lot to do with experience and mastering techniques that no textbook can guide or explain. Never discount good old fashioned hard work and determination. If you pair those two things with an extensive knowledge base, toiu in fact have a formula for success. . . . 90 DAYS TO ALPHA COACHING ONLY AT 🌍DEDICATEANDDOMINATE.COM🌍
#30dayroadsignchallenge  Day 25: Buckle Up  Life can be a bumpy ride like riding on a dirt road or you can see life like a fun roller coaster. Either way, you gotta buckle up. Might as well see your journey as a ride at an amusement park right? You’ll have more fun that way. Have fun with life family. Just make sure that you fasten your seat belts. Continue to press.  #pressandfly™️🔺🔻🔺 #pressandfly #motivation #inspiration #wellness #wellbeing #fitness #health #transformation #happiness #consciousness #living #life #motivationalspeaker #prevention #preventativehealth #preventivehealth #transformationcoach #speaker #vlogger #blogger #author #believer #optimist #blackgirlmagic #sacredsaturday #saturday #2018
“I’m the only one who can save me” - A magic wand won’t do it. My boyfriend can’t do it. My mom can’t do it. Watching tv and wishing for it to come won’t do it - You are the only one who can save you from this prison. From this feeling numb and trapped in your own thoughts - You want a change, you will have to make it happen💪✨
Therapeutic cupping taken to the next level💪🏼🔥 .. great to decrease inflammation and muscle tension .A great tool for fascia remodelling and muscle detox .. Book your next @torontobodymechanic therapy /personal training  session online via 🔥TORONTOBODYMECHANIC.COM and read exclusive reviews/ testimonials on Google #teamernesto #personaltrainer #getfit #gainmuscle #trusttheprocess  #contestprep #instafit  #fitdad #fitfamily #rippedat40 #forthecommited #fitnesslife #gainz #gymlife #bodybuilding  #fitnesscompetitor  #workout  #jacked #thes6ix #  #transformationcoach #toronto #mistudio #torontotrainer #massagetherapy #cupping #integrativemanualtherapy #acupuncture #canadianphysiquealliance
Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.  Train yourself to see the blessing in everything.  There is no need to have it all, just make the best of what you have. Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy and be with whoever makes you smile 😊 . . . #bodycoach #transformationcoach #dubai #beachbody #trainsf #dbx #fitnesscompetitor #whgymdxb #aethetics #whgym #dubaipersonaltrainer #dubaifitfam #dubaifitness #dubaitrainer #dubaicoach #fitnessdubai #dubaibeach #dubaifitness #dubaigym #celebritycoach #uaepersonaltrainer #uaecoach #model #fitnessmodel #onlinecoach #scitec #kimboxpt#bodycoach
Check out @mrswilsonlifts -  What a difference a year makes. The first photo shows six months progress; going from doing no exercise whatsoever to having a personal trainer once a week and Olympic Weightlifting once a week. The videos show a year’s worth of progress. Olympic weightlifting 2-3 times a week and a vegetarian diet which I’ve now been on since August 2017. This is me ....mid-40s, at my lifetime fittest.
Which card are you drawn to? Comment below! .  The meaning will be posted on my story😘 .  Maybe someone will get the insight they need 🌿💕🎎🍃✨
YOU are your biggest obstacle. Your only limit is the ceiling you place over your own head. - - A lack of belief in oneself will stop more people from their dreams than a lack of skill or knowledge. - - Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see. Do you see a man who wishes he had what it takes? Or do you see a man who’s going to reach his dreams no matter what! - - Success is much more than just skill, knowledge, or talent. You must be mentally tough, and personally developed. You need to be in touch with who you really are and cultivate self confidence! - - If you have belief in yourself then there’s nothing in this world that can stop you. No matter how many times you fall down, you will always rise back up. - - We all have that one goal, that one dream. You know which one I’m talking about. Think about what’s keeping you from that dream. Is it a lack of resources? Or a lack of self belief? If it’s the latter, you better get working on yourself 🙏🏽
Be happy with what you got while working on what you want 🙌🏻 ----------------------------------- 📧 emilykatept@hotmail.com 🌐 www.emilykatept.com.au 💪🏽 World Gym Maroochydore 🌎 @worldgymmaroochydore 👻 EMILYYKATEPT 💊 Giant Sports & Scivation sponsored athlete (Team Collective) 🥗 Nutrition Station Kawana Ambassador (DC- EMILYKATEPT) -----------------------------------
Come and meet my (herba)family!! Want to make extra income ($$$)..... I can help! Want to create healthier habits.... I can help! Want to become a healthier person..... I can help! Want to help another person do the same..... I CAN HELP! Dm for more details about our next event! #bussinespartner #family #opportunity #sidelines