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These river waves are shaping up to be just as awesome as those ocean waves. I'll take either at any given time. 🌊
Fully immersed in our #southafrica plan for November now, after seeing safari footage for #travelfamilies at @shamwarigamereserve The Captain wants to hear the roar of the elders. 🦁🦓🦒🐘🦏🐆🐃 #mylifelist
Family over everything! Love these 3 kings to the moon 🌙 and back #blackexcellence #blessedandthankful #travelfamilies #kings #amen 💕❤️🙌🙏
I love the weekend.  I love Greek summers.  I love how people showed me kindness through a very rough day today.  I love that even though my kids have made crooked love heart hands, they made crooked love heart hands. . Some days bring fear to the top. This day, on a beach on the Greek Islands was not one of those days. And today I need to hold onto that and remember goodness. .
Today we sold our beloved bus. It was the fastest sale ever because the right owners found her and knew it was for them. It’s our perfect bus but our dream of travelling Oz has come to a close as we have a new adventure abroad about to begin. More about that when everything is finalised but till then we reflect on our time throughout Vic NSW and Qld. The excitement of waking up in new destinations will never leave us, the comfort of camping in a house on wheels will always make us smile and the joy we had when people would pass us, wave and take pics. We knew we were living their dream and now that dream has begun for another family. Our final trip in her is scheduled for September 2018 when we deliver the ole girl to Victoria. ❤️❤️#buslife #convertedbus #bedfordbus #vintagebus #travelfamilies #travelaustralia #seeaustralia #takekidseverywhere #tourismaustralia #busfamily
Auf unseren Reisen lernen wir so viele spannende Menschen kennen. Auf unserer letzten Reise, haben wir Sabrina, Holger und ihre Tochter Leni kennen gelernt @worldsafarifamily . Die drei sind als „World Safari“ bereits seit 15 Monaten unterwegs und haben auf ihrer Reise viele Reise-Freunde wie uns getroffen. Auch wenn unsere Reiserouten und die Art zu reisen unterschiedlich sind, teilen wir doch eines gemeinsam: Wir leben möglichst frei und unabhängig. Holger und Sabrina haben nun auf ihrer Internetseite www.worldsafari.de ihre Reisefreunde aufgelistet und einen Marktplatz geschaffen, auf dem verschiedene Produkte und Dienstleistungen von Reisenden, Bloggern, YouTubern und Digital Nomaden zu finden sind. Hier findet ihr viele Informationen zu dem Thema Reise, aber auch viele weitere interessante Inhalte. Zum Beispiel, gesunde Ernährung, Mindset, Fitness und Finanzen. Auch unser eBook „In Freiheit geboren - Die Geschichte meiner Alleingeburt im Dschungel von Thailand“ kannst du hier finden! Schau also gerne mal vorbei ! . . #reisen #freunde #weltreise #travelfamilies #friends #aroundtheworld #travel #travels #wanderlust #fernweh #project #beach #beachlife #enjoylife #instagood #instatravel #travelgram #thailand #kohphangan #bottlebeach #goodlife #digitalenomaden #digitalnomad #slowliving #islandlife
Is it just me, or are #travelfamilies the kindest and most supportive, open-minded, and accepting people around? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Before you can understand others, you must first move out of your own small box. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It seems to be that getting out in the world and seeing how small we are has a way of helping us to learn love and understanding of humanity. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • • • • • • #nzmustdo #newzealand #newzealandguide #newzealandwithkids #rvnewzealand #newzealandcamping #newzealandfinds #newzealandphotography #newzealandtrip #destinationnz #nzblogger #travelblogger #travelbloggers #travelphotoblog #travelphotograph #familytravelblog #bigfamilytravel #freedomfamilytravel #seetheworldwithme #travelplanner #travelplans #traveltips #travelhacks #travellifestyle #lifewelltravel #learntotravel #goawaywithme #travelingthroughtheworld
"She's a dreamer, a soul searcher and a wanderer. She drifts along, deep in thought, her mind craving exploration and her eyes telling tales of mysterious adventures." - unknown ❤️🙌
Morning View... No filter needed ♥️♥️ Viva la France 🤗  #travel #citybreak #lovetotravel #babycantravel #france #love #everydaymoments #holidays #kids #travelfamilies
Half the fun of traveling is in the “getting there”. I love airports and the hustle and bustle and the little shops and the people watching. But, what I don’t necessarily love is the actual flight time, especially when it is a long, international flight. Here are some facts on what is actually going on in your body when you fly:  1. Your skin loses moisture. Like a lot of it. This is due to the dry recirculated air and the cabin pressure. Make sure you lather up with a good moisturizer before your flight, reapply during your flight and don’t forget a good moisturizing lip balm too. Your lips can take a hit on these flights too. If you’re a contact wearer, bring a small bottle of solution on board to give your eyes back some of the moisture that has been sucked out.  2. Your body fills with gas. Yup. Your tummy feels full even when you haven’t eaten. Your waistband feels tighter and there is just a general feeling of discomfort. Tips: wear something comfortable. I prefer flying in a dress for a couple of reasons. One, no waistband. Two, you look fabulous 🙌🏼. The gas is caused by the rise and drop in cabin pressure which can spread through your intestines.  3. Aircraft cabins are pressurised to 75 per cent of the normal atmospheric pressure, a recent study claimed. Lower levels of oxygen in your blood can lead to hypoxia, which can leave you feeling dizzy, fatigued and with headaches. 4. You’re nearly 100 times more likely to catch a cold. Why? The “virtually moisture-free” conditions inside a plane cabin increase your vulnerability to airborne infection. You're more susceptible to colds and respiratory infection, and viruses which are known to thrive in conditions of low-humidity.  5. Flying long distances throws off your circadian rhythm. What is that? We’re talking about jet lag. Hormone secretion, sleepiness, alertness, and hunger sensation, among other functions, depend on our internal clock. Traveling to another time zone throws us
Finally a trip just for #thelittles. Dash3 was sooooo happy last night in the pirate themed room she ran head first into a bed post 😢 but she’s a trooper. #lego #legoland @legolanddeutschlandresort #longesthandleever . . . #collinscreweur #familytravel #travelingfamily #showthemtheworld #traveltoddlers #travelwithkids #homeschool #worldschool #americansabroad #travelfamilies #travel #viaje #reise #viaggio #voyage #utazás #familia #familie #famille #famiglia #család
I always love seeing the family meet up photos in the Our Tribe Travels group and yesterday was my turn. Kersti and her family are on day 321 of their round-the-world trip. Yesterday we spent a day on the South Bank, drinking bubbles, having a picnic and seeing the sights.  Loved our meet up 💕 They’re not on instagram, but you can follow them on Making.Lemonade.NZ . . #familymeetups #ourtribetravels #aroundtheworld #familycommunity #familybonding #london #southbank #thisisengland #lovetravel #travelfamilies #traveltalk
Our illustrated travel guide for kids and their parents will provide our personal recommendations for best places to visit and travel routes in Mexico, as well as tips for packing and preparing for travel. Help us publish the book at Indiegogo!  #mexico #linkinbio #indiegogo #indiegogocampaign #crowdfunding #fundraising #ontheroad #withkids #travel #travelwithkids #travelfamilies #travelguide #illustratedtravelguide #travelling #travellingwithkids #discovermexico #visitmexico #bestplaces #inlovewithmexico #guia #viajarconniños#ilustraciones #libronuevo #niños #viajar #méxico #ejpublishing
8 years ago today this guy took his very last dose of chemo @stjude , rang the victory bell and had a party thrown by all the nurses. We're so very blessed and fortunate for the second chance at life he was given. Each year on this day we recognize what we he went through, remember friends we've lost and pray for a cure. We love you Montana. #cancersucks
Surfing waves and having the whole place to ourselves. @mtboats ❤️#livingthedream
😏 vtipná nerozlučitelná dvojka, ale když panáček potřebuje jen otevřít balíček chipsů - obejde vedle sedícího Ondru, přejde celý “barák”, otevře 3 dveře, najde mě ve sprše a vyžaduje “ho” otevřít po MNĚ! 😅🤦🏽‍♀️🙈🙌🏼 . Jsem v tom sama nabo to je všude stejný? 😄 . . . #cestovanisdetmi #cestovani #deti #fulltimetravel #travelwithkids #travelfamilies #travelmadfam . @thesikls full time travel family on road since Sep 2017 🌎
Nothing gets me excited like a good cruise! I love so many things about cruising. The evening shows, the fancy decor, the restaurants, the onboard shipping, the ports, the people; I love it all. But, there are some tricks I have learned from cruising that can make your trip even more enjoyable.  1. Plan to arrive to your departure City a day in advance. Trust me. We have had lost luggage until minutes before boarding a cruise on two separate occasions. Had we flew in the same day that the cruise was departing, we would have been scrambling. Lost luggage is a part of travelling, can happen to anyone, and needs to be expected from time to time. The good news is, you usually receive your luggage within 24 hours, so come early just in case.  2. Don’t book your cruise excursions with the cruise line. You will pay double, you will only interact with other cruise people and you won’t get to experience any of the local culture when you are at port. Plan ahead, do some research, there are tons of local tour operators at the ports that depend on tourism to feed their families. They will go above and beyond to make sure your tour or excursion is memorable. Just make sure to read the reviews before booking.  3. Be a minimalist. Cabins onboard are tight. If you’re like me, you require a different swimsuit for each day, a cocktail dress for each evening and usually one casual outfit per day. Possibly different shoes for each evening as well. Let me tell you, things are tight in those closets with all those suitcases, shoes and clothes. Pack smart, bring a couple pairs of shoes that will go with several outfits and change up tops and bottoms to mix and match outfits. Get creative! 4. Do your research before about tipping. Some cruise lines will add an additional per person/per day tip amount onto your onboard account and your servers, room attendants, bar tenders, etc will be paid from that. Other cruise lines leave that up to the guests discretion to tip themselves.
We'd hear this constant hiss, like from an old steam locomotive... then a loud POP! We'd all jump and then giggle. #norrisgeyserbasin is part of the #kidsadventure with #mysketchventure at #yellowstone
Our little man just turned one year old, undoubtedly our most beautiful and rewarding year. We thought it was about time to introduce him to a little vanlife and spent the last couple of days outdoors! #wesetthesails 🚩 @campeasyiceland