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let yourself be the person you’ve secretly always wanted to be ★
If I asked you how much your health was worth to you what would you say? 50$? 100$? 500$? how much? It’s crazy to think of it’s worth in dollars because our health is EVERYTHING. ❤️ think about it.. without it you literally can’t do anything. We always take it for granted and make it our last priority when it should be our number 1!! I became a coach to make myself  and my health #1 because I only have one life to live and it should be the BEST! 👏🏼 how much is my health worth to me? My health is PRICELESS to me. Call me selfish but I will do anything and everything to be my best self💕 how about you? Last chance to join our #livelovelift and rock your summer with us😍 #travelista #billabong #osprey #hunterboots #rayban #doglife #spiritualgangster #picoftheday #beachwanderlust #dogsofinstagram #sunshinestate #bossbabesofinstagram #hotyoga #weimaraner #quoteoftheday #montrealblog #jacobeach #puravida #expat #dogmom #livingabroad #coffeeaddict #beachbabe #mobileoffice #stayathomedogmom #quebecexpat
Livin’ my life like it’s Golden... too corny? 😂
Complete #mood 💆‍♀️ Finally feeling relaxed now that I've edited and uploaded my Essence Fest vlog for you guys! Be sure to click the link in my bio to watch my whole experience (including how I got picked up as a model and a snippet of my runway walk 😏).
I absolutely love @simplycyn feed.  You are my natural hair crush, if I didn't have locs.🤗 💛 As a black woman who loves to travel , dealing with my hair on vacay was always a pain so I'd just get braids every time. Before braids I would actually pack my flat iron and curling iron 😣 Can you imagine what that's like especially if you love to get into the water and get your hair wet.  Check out her tips! (Great pic btw)  And look put for the vacay n chill email this week. I found some great deals. 😉
Shameless selfie from 📍Little 9 Streets in Amsterdam (since I’m currently stuck in a much less scenic airport) 😂🇳🇱We only post the highlight reel, but jetlag, 20+ hour travel days and Sunday night delays are a fact of life for #nomads #readytobehome • • • • • #travelgram #latergram #europe #travelamsterdam #amsterdamn #travel #explore #travelblog #jetsetlife #explore #wander #blonde #canal #girlsthatwander #travelblog #amsterdam #adventureseeker #traveljunkie #wanderlust #travelista #femmetravel #ladiesgoneglobal #lifewelltravelled #jetlag #traveladdict
Today’s adventure 🛶☀️💓🌳 . . Rest day = more time to enjoy all things summer. 🙌🏼👙 . . One of the many reasons I’m super excited about this four day a week /three rest day fit program starting tomorrow with our accountability group. . . 4 days to give it your very best with the half an hour workouts.💪🏼💦🏋🏼‍♀️ 3 days to enjoy your favourite summer activities.🏄🏽‍♀️🏌🏼‍♀️⚾️👙🛶🧘🏼‍♀️ 1 of those 3 days you’ll get to enjoy your favourite summer time cheat meal ... guilt free 💓🙏🏼😋🍩🍰🍦🥂🍾🍹 #thisisliving #liveyourdreamlife #foreverfittolift #livefitandhealthy
Couple of happy llamas 📷 @graymalin
In honour of #nationalicecreamday 🍦. How could I not partake in the celebrations?
Loch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia.
Hong Kong turns into a new world at night. Some places become eerily quiet, others explode with people shoulder to shoulder.  With over 7 million people living here from all different cultures and parts of the world, it's a cosmopolitan city infused with dozens of languages, food from around the world, and the most polite police officers on the planet.  According to many Americans, the multiculturalism in the usa is why police are so brutal and why there is so much violence there. Sadly, that theory doesn't hold true, exhibit A: Hong Kong.  I know Americans like to make excuses for the police in the USA when they are violent. They act like it's normal, that police are supposed to be dickheads who scream at people, use weapons before words, and consistently apply deadly force when it's unwarranted.  Unfrotunately, police brutality like that is not normal. Hong Kong is a part of China, what many Americans consider the epitome of communism and evil, yet their police are 98% of the time giving directions to people who are lost. And 0% of the time beating the shit out of people.  So, are police doing their job in the states? If so, why do I feel safer here than in the USA? Why do I trust police officers in a communist country more than those from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?  Funny how traveling educates you and shows you the world without the blurry lens of American propaganda. I hope all my fellow Americans get the chance to live abroad, it's a life experience few Americans have and yet it's so valuable and important to grow as a thoughtful and globally-minded citizen.  That's partly why I live abroad. That and so my daughter who learn to speak Chinese. Click the link in my bio to see how well she learned😃✌ #culturetrip #policebrutality  #travelingthroughtheworld #backpackwithme #familytravellove #travelbook #travelislife #travelbuddy #traveljournal #traveloften #travelinggram #travelista  #travelgrams #travelpassion  #travelforlife
Game of What?? ••••••••••• Neither @gretchencecere or I have ever watched Game of Thrones, but we went on the tour anyway because we heard it was beautiful. In addition to Giant’s Causeway, we saw some really amazing places in Northern Ireland made famous by the series, such as the Deathly Gallows, Dunlace Castle, Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge, and Cushendun Cave.
✖️ Mood.
Welcome to winter in Australia! 🎣 Yes, it is cold! It is cold if you spent the last past year in areas of high temperatures, otherwise you may just experience a mix of European spring and autumn 🍂In Sydney it rains once or twice a month, it never snows and you actually get a lot sunshine during the day. Most of the time it's 11-15 °C though, on lucky days up to 20°C. Lovely, isn't it? Can't wait spring to begin though, I miss having a swim and running in dresses around without having to wear 2 pairs of jackets! ✨ Loved this day with my bf in Vaucluse, going fishing on the weekend is becoming a habit of us 🐟 watch by @wellymerck #winterinaustralia #fishing #sunset #sunsetatthebeach #wellymerck