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1100whp GTR getting dry carbon body panels, but check that exhaust!!!! @formidable_gtr getting rather serious with his mods.  One to watch for sure.
Damn!!!! McLaren 720s Inconel x-pipe install nearly complete.  Our beautiful titanium tips visible to let everybody know you mean business.
Finally back into the groove.  This Ferrari x-pipe is ready for some tips and mounts tomorrow.  Thanks to @stainless_bros for the killer material and my man @mfurick for the gas coverage.
Inconel McLaren 720s x-pipe with Titanium tips going on this gorgeous twin turbo rocket.  The colour is outrageously good. @mclarenmtl has been getting some amazing combos/specs in lately. Icing on the cake here.  Can’t wait to hear it. Under 9lbs total of exotic excellence.
Some assembly required 😜🛠 Installing the @unobtainiumwelding Inconel cat-back exhaust today for one of our @mclarenmtl #720s customers. The exhaust tips alone look absolutely incredible.
Had a visitor all the way from the UK today. @solidfab and his wife stopped in today.  Great chatting about our experiences in this little world of fabrication and welding.  My little girl was tired, so hugs were in order.
Can-Am X3 Stainless muffler system with spark arrestor installed @bowcycle now it’s out fer a rip!!! Hopefully the folks over there get us a good video.
The little E46 that could!!! We had our worst result ever in terms of time (25x worse than our previous worst) still managed 5th place.  This is likely the last planned trip for this car with me driving.  Onto the next M3 racing project. Right colour, right motor, and soon to have the right cage.  Back home from Nevada and ready to hit next week hard to get back to building cool stuff for all my great customers.
The beauty of careful planning and flawless execution.  These billet Titanium tips are rather spectacular thanks to @billet_tee. The machining quality and detail is a perfect match for my products.
Can-Am X3 Titanium and stainless exhaust. Quality 3” exhaust for your turbo X3 (DS and RS).
E30 build details from the video posted earlier.  Funk master Flex manifold, supported turbo, stainless downpipe, and Titanium everything else.
Customer doing a pull in Mexico on his BMW E30 we built a turbo system for.  Tuning and finishing work by @afrautoworks  This thing sounds incredible. 400+ whp, Titanium exhaust, intake, and hood dump EWG.
Twin Turbo Camaro Exhaust with new re-circulated EWG tubes.  Made good power, nice and tame outside.  Tuning done by @tecmotiondyno  Sleeper status without being boring.
This is now the fourth diesel vehicle I’ve owned to wear the #deezl plate.  Torque for days.  #335d #jrtuned #xhpflashtool #unobtainiumwelding
Silverstate Classic Challenge complete. Car ran good, we may have soiled the sheets though in terms of time.  We are officially out of power at 165 though at this elevation.
Some of the killer rides down here at the Silver State Classic.  Love the variety we always see.
Another damn  decent bead with those Titanium dabs.  Porsche exhaust this time.
Throwback to one of my nicest Titanium welds.  This McLaren 650s x-pipe turned out pretty clean.
Some of my favourite snaps from @deborja, feat. @katrinawinslow .... Notice the warmth contrasts between the photos with the car alone (cold and desolate, like my personality) vs. when Katrina is in the shot (warm and inviting). Very accurately captured by David!  Follow his page for the full set. #nissan #nissangtr #nissangtrr35 #yyc #airplanes #blackedition #michelin #topspeedmotorsports #unobtainiumwelding #cobbtuning #difflow #aeromotions #michelin #bridejapan #willans #becauseracecar #hakone #gtr #r35 #automotivephotography #importmodel