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Sorry but I prefer my bread without the crust. 之 cr: @rheeftw  #vanessasglenn
Wow I miss my precious beautiful angel. Just a friendly reminder that no one will ever replace him.  cr: @okpeletier  #vanessasglenn
Phew Glenn is better than him even buried six feet under. 之 cr: @toxiccohan  #vanessasglenn
Damn this legend has been dead for two years now and he’s still owning this shit show. No one fight me on this. 之 cr: @triggeredyeun  #vanessasglenn
I can’t believe the show would ruin such a beautiful relationship. They deadass just made it seem like Rick gave zero shits about Glenn in 8x16 like I get that he’s trying to honor his son and all that bs but are we forgetting that Glenn Rhee saved his life?? If it weren’t for him Rick probably would have never found Carl but no shade. This beautiful friendship deserved better. cr: @xradistic  #vanessasrick #vanessasglenn
Heaven is so damn lucky to have this soft precious pure angel. 儭 cr: @hedarhee  #vanessasglenn
Oh my god I can’t believe the show took this beautiful trio away from us. I cherish them with my entire well being and I miss them everyday.  cr: @yeunrhee  #vanessasrick #vanessasmaggie #vanessasglenn
Missing him more and more every single day.  cr: @twdblurry  #vanessasglenn
The show feels so empty without them. It will never be the same again. Rip babies.  cr: @walkerthangs  #vanessasglenn #vanessassasha #vanessascarl
Wow were we fucking robbed. I just want to say Carl would never want to keep Negan alive after witnessing one of his family members get beaten to death right in front of him. The show’s writing is just god awful.  cr: @eternalrhee  #vanessascarl #vanessasglenn
In this house we love and stan the only men on the show. 中 cr: @retropeletier  #vanessasrick #vanessasglenn
Phew this bitch is dead yet he’s still leaving me shook. 中 cr: @alyciasrhee  #vanessasglenn
We all been knew this trio owns my ass. 之 cr: insanegrimes  #vanessasglenn #vanessasmaggie #vanessasrick
The world’s most tiniest, softest, precious bean in the world. I would die for him.儭 cr: @lauren.mp4  #vanessasglenn
Someone call for the hottest characters in tv history? They answered. 之 cr: @dragonseffect  #vanessasglenn #vanessaslydia
My precious bby bean who deserved the entire world. My heart and soul belongs to Glenn Rhee and I would do anything to see him one last time. The show is pure shit without him. cr: @voidsheda #vanessasglenn
We all know who’s Rick’s true love. cr: @lauren.mp4  #vanessasrick #vanessasglenn
I can’t believe even dead he still manages to own my ass. 中 cr: @e.pochrhee  #vanessasglenn
People often forget Rick lost the person who saved his life that night. He lost the person who helped him find his wife and son. He lost his best friend. cr: insanegrimes  #vanessasrick #vanessasglenn
These precious babes deserved to be happy and deserved to live to see the new world. The show is complete shit without them.  cr: @drowninginobsessions  #vanessassasha #vanessasglenn #vanessascarl