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Have a good weekend, ya’ kinky fools! 🤣😘#rejected#sex#sexlife#kink#bdsm#dating#hookup#intimacy#vulnerability#cartoon#cartoons#toon#toons#drawing#drawingoftheday#dessin#dibujo#karikatur#art#arte#igers
#wellbeingproject Day 16: Family Off on our holibobs with my parents, brother, husband and baby. Very excited for extra hands to look after the little one. Gonna eat, sleep, read, relax, see pretty things and hopefully sun, and have quality time together. We get together over the dinner table and put the world to rights. Looking forward to some of that this week. We did this last year and are trying to make a tradition - a different formation, which will probably keep changing over the years to come. . . . Family is fun. In good ways and not so great. Sometimes too close, sometimes too different, sometimes able to say the things we don’t want to hear. But also the people that know us best/longest/ugliest. And who, in my very fortunate case, have my back and love me even when I’m a prat. They made me who I am and lots of my ways of operating stem from them- positive and less so! . . . Sometimes we make our family out of friends and that is ok too. Wonderful, in fact. Hold them close. Be real. Be vulnerable. Ask for help and receive it. I know I am trying to do that with both my biological and claimed family.  Who makes up your ‘family’? Even those who don’t live close to you or who you don’t see all the time- maybe get some support, make contact, send a text, reconnect with your peeps.  #wellbeing #resilience #mentalhealth #family #food #gettogether #familyoforigin #patterns #support #friendslikefamily #findyourtribe #vulnerability #openness #truth #babysitters #reconnect
‘Lyra, lyra, I cant wait to get back near ya!’ - - This summer has been crazy busy, fun, stressful, exhausting, and the best one yet! - - In the whirlwind of working a flight attendant’s erratic schedules and really fun events made scheduling aerial arts incredibly difficult. - - Proud to share that I am registered for 2 classes and 2 student show cases in the fall! (Happy dance!! 🙌🙌) - - Can not wait!!! - - First days will be hard back, my body has grown lazy in the summer and I may have munched on more than my share of #biscoffs. - - I’m sure I will feel behind, get frustrated, and dramatically exclaim that all my strength has left my body! - - It’s good to remind myself of what I have been capable of in the past and envision reach the capabilities I’ve never had! - -  Backwards is really just forwards, we all start somewhere! - - Photo credit to my dear friend and fierce adventurer @coddiwomple.cass - - #lyra #dontneed2 #luckyfin #vulnerability #symbrachydactyly #disabilityawareness #aerialhoop #aerialarts #luckyfinsquad #luckyfinsrock #yoocan #yoocandoanything #fierce #woman #bodypositive
If you allow yourself to create a vision, commit, then take persistent and continuous action towards it, pushing through your fears of failure and letting go what others think of you, it’s not a matter of IF you’ll achieve your goal, it’s a matter of WHEN.
This week has been a tough one. Very little sleep and extra physical discomfort never help much lol. . It's hard to relax during sleep sometimes because my stomach just...hangs? #sidesleeper 😂 I have 3-4 finger widths of space in my abs, but they're very slooooowly getting a little firmer! . And I think that's going to be the hardest part. How SLOW this whole process will be. I'm motivated enough right now that I'm not worried about it...... But the problem is just that it goes against my nature. My desires to be successful, fast. My inner athlete that used to do anything. . But I also know deep down that this is a lesson I need to learn. And it will most certainly be better for me and my body and family in the long run. . Here's to long term, slow-going, 100%-worth-it #goals. 🥂
FIRE FRIDAY!! {link in bio} 🔥 Today’s story is from Erinn and she walks through her journey with sexual assault. It takes a lot of bravery to be open about things like this and you can tell by her words that she is passionate about helping other women recognize and walk through their own story. She talks about the effects this trauma has had on her daily life and what keeps her going each day. She educates on why people are too scared to come forward and walks through her journey to finding peace. She is so open and honest and I know her vulnerability will impact some of you bc her story will resonate. She started creating and designing hand lettering after being diagnosed with PTSD and you can find her work here. @lexington_lettering 💙 🔥 Erinn you are fierce and strong and full of fire and I know you are using your story to impact the world! #thefirewithinher #firefriday 🔥✌🏻
If this isn’t a freaking MOOD then I don’t know what is. things have been tough lately. tougher than normal. tough in the sense that I don’t want to “choose” recovery anymore, because it doesn’t feel like a “choice” that’s open to me. I’m clinging desperately to my eating disorder, but also trying to hold on equally as hard to the things I care about ➕ the people who care about me. #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #edwarrior #edrecovery #recoverywarrior #recoverygangster #anorexiarecovery #lifewithouted #afteranorexia #neda #haes #bodyacceptance #beatingeatingdisorders #projectheal #startingover #loveyourself #selfcompassion #motivation #findyourtribe #lovethemhard #community #strongisthenewhealthy #healthy #happyisthenewhealthy #iamhertribe #iamthatgirl #vulnerability #honesty
Thanks so much to everyone who has bought a little vase! I’m so humbled to know so many people that are supporting me in my passion. I’ve already sold about half of the 50 vases I created. If you’re still interested in purchasing one of the limited edition vases from my new studio, they are in my Etsy shop, link in Instagram bio. Or search for redstone pottery on Etsy. Thanks again to everyone here in Instagram! I love you! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #artistsoninstagram #potterslife #pottery #ceramics #budvase #vase #interiordecorating #interiordesign #etsy #etsyseller #etsysuccess #etsyshop #lawrence #kansas #lfk #turquoise #positivity #vulnerability #potd #pots
To acknowledge that we as human beings feel pain and hurt is a powerful revolution within one’s self. This acknowledgment is to admit to vulnerability and invincibility within the same breath. . . . . . . . . #hyoumanity #awaken #community #vulnerability #empowerment #mentalhealth #healing #persevere
No edits here. Just a TJMaxx fitting room selfie 🤔💭 . . . . . Mirrors have always been a place I spend too much time. Trying to be more mindful that when I am looking in the mirror to quiet my critical mind to the best of my abilities. The ego does not nor ever will serve me. When you become enlightened in the truth of who you {really} are is where you will experience freedom from yourself so that then when you look into the mirror again it’s there you can also choose to begin to learn compassion for each of your scars and wounds. All of your scars and wounds. All your scars and wounds. I wish you all enough awareness to compassion to fall in love with yourself. Even if it’s the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th time. -René Raymond . . . . . Yes, I bought the shirt. . . . . . #selfgrowth#visibility#vulnerability#ftm#recovery#transman#courage#spirituality#nurture#transgender#healing#trans#growing#fitnessjourney#fitness#metoo#notflexing#fitfam#jockey#bodiesofinstagram#transandshirtless#empower#change#nature#organic#ma#beyondhuman#bodypositive#evolving
When we withhold love from our partner for 10 minutes/30 minutes/1 hour/1 day.. make sure we learn something from this. There are soo many little nuggets of wisdom in these moments.  Every couple fights, disagrees, pisses one another off from time to time, and if you are not then are you holding in how you really feel?! When we do fight however make sure you are (what I call) "Intentionally Communicating" by this I mean not leaving your mind and body when you are fighting. Instead it's pushing your feet to the floor and grounding yourself. It's knowing you are arguing because you both care and expressing how you feel, what you want moving forward and putting the pieces together to work out how things got to arguing point. Otherwise the argument is a waste of time, you both learned nothing, nothing will change and feelings are hurt.  With intentional communication a resolution is come to and you learn something new about yourself, your behaviour and your partners. You feel better afterwards, things improve and you can let go of the argument and move on. Instead of continuing to harbour resentment because you didn't really feel heard during and after.  Do not be afraid to fight with your partner, it's healthy, it's not the end of the relationship or makes you a bad couple, but make sure when you do that it is worthwhile.  For more relationship advice, check out my blogs  on my site #linkinbio  #restartwithlinda #relationships #datingadvice #lifecoach #wisdom #truth #vulnerability #raiseyourvibration #raiseyourstate
Why do we post vulnerable or exposing images of ourselves ? . To most, this is just a pic of a chick in a bikini, looking for likes and validation. To me, this image stands for much more than that. . . . I was absolutely thrilled when I received a full page feature in @inside_fitness this month shot by @arsenikstudios. . . Throughout my fitness journey, my goal was always to inspire, motivate and really enjoy the experience of pushing my body to its limits. . . Being recognized in Canada’s Top fitness magazine is a humbling and proud moment for me. . . There’s something incredibly empowering when you manage to push your mind and body to the point of exhaustion but then decide to keep going and pushing past that. It builds mental strength and releases feel good chemicals that become addicting. Maybe it’s sick in a way, or twisted, that some of us enjoy driving ourselves to the point of pain, but for me it’s therapeutic and it makes me feel alive. . . To me, this image stands for mental and physical strength, conditioning, goal setting, positive body image, self love, perseverance and health. . . Thank you @inside_fitness for all you do!
Honestly, this is so accurate it makes me uncomfortable ✨ • • • • •  #meme #humor #funny #lol #memes #funnymemes #funnyshit #laughing #dead #dying #icant #imdead #imdone #imdying #therapy #openup #vulnerability
COME HANG OUT WITH ME TODAY LIVE @ 1:11 PM/CST . . I am so excited because I am on a path of creating true financial freedom and legacy for myself and family. . . Join me LIVE TODAY on my Facebook page as I share with you what the journey so far has been like for me, the massive lessons I've learned in business and success, what me being a part of a 90% automated platform is all about and how you can become a part of this EPIC platform and community as well. . . Here's a bit about how it all started: . . At the end of last year I set an intention to create another source of income outside of my coaching practice and I specifically desired to do affiliate marketing. . . I desired to create income in a way that didn't require me to create another business from scratch like I've done with my coaching practice. . . I really desired to be able to plug into a business model that was proven successful and done for me. . . Well, we all know that when you put a focused intention out into the universe opportunities will come your way. . . I came across the most amazing and aligned opportunity and what got my attention right off was the 90% automated platform. . . Can we say yes to automation!! 🙋🏾‍♀️ . . Well over the course of the last couple of months I decided to really up my game and I've had several conversations with beautiful souls who are ready to live life on their terms and join me on my journey but I've also had many people who have no idea what Affiliate Marketing is and how freaking amazing it is. . . I desire to share my journey with you and share how this amazing platform and community is literally changing my life every single day. . . Over the past few months I've been: . . ✨Creating content. ✨Recording videos. ✨Engaging with my audience. ✨Helping others to create an income online ✨Growing my personal brand ✨Making money through social media ✨Reading ✨And growing my mindset by doing even deeper work around success and abundance. .
I went live today on my Facebook page where I shared all about my journey of creating a life on my terms and how you can do the same!! . . You can catch the replay here: https://business.facebook.com/kendrakaywoods/videos/315532205671392/