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Not a day goes by that I don’t think of something incredibly awkward I did in middle school (or really at all points of life). I’m not talking, “Oh ha ha that happened, silly Kate” I’m saying, “How embarrassing. Now let’s think about it all day and wonder how you ever made friends in the first place.” 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ But then I remember that I was obsessed with the Twilight series (#TeamEdward) and begged my mom to let me wear a skirt over my jeans (I bet Ashley Tisdale face palms every day knowing she did that). • Nothing reminds me that I’ve come a long way in life quite like decorating a new place. This home collection isn’t just an expansion of a product line; it’s the expansion of a life we’ve worked so hard to build (and we’ve had to work HARD to convince ourselves that Silly Bandz and Runescape aren’t cool anymore). 🌿😂 • • • #createtoday #createeveryday #thatsdarling #etsyhandmade #makersmovement #wearethemakers #modernmaker #wemakecollective #ourmakerlife #creativepreneur #theburlapbag #shopetsy #shophandmade #handmadeisbetter #stlmakers #hyggehome #hyggelifestyle #cozyhome #homedecor #knitologyhometome #crochetersofig #wallhanging #thehappynow #handmadewithjoann #findyourcozy #myhappyplace #welcomehome
Yoga inspires me to get to know myself, to move, to connect and to create... it’s a huge part of my life, and a constant catalyst in making my paintings. I love teaching and I love what the practices teaches me. My art is a reflection of this... happy weekend you guys ✨
It’s #followfriday! There’s so much beauty to be found here on IG. Swipe left⬅️ to see all 5 of the featured creatives. Also, see more of their photos in my story. Check out all of their feeds... you won’t be disappointed!❤️ #makersgonnamake
Repost from @enjoykingsheath ... can you spot our shop?.. think this may have been around the 1960’s or 70’s... If you know the exact date, give us a shout 😀 and swipe across to see what it looks like now, we’ve even still got the original stained glass windows! 😉👍🏽✨✨✨
I’ve been really enjoying working out new embroidery designs using gouache paint, such fun to design in different mediums and I love the result! Excited to start stitching this now! 💧 . . #illustration #gouache #mycreativebiz #creativelifehappylife #wearethemakers #craftsposure #makerslife #creatorslane #favehandmade #doitfortheprocess #drawoftheday #ambcrafty #etsyseller #etsyuk #etsyfinds #makersmovement #artistsofinstagram #instadaily #embroidery #dmcthreads #handembroidery #modernembroidery #tuskandtwineillustrations
Me with my army of queens 👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿
ST KILDA: we're here for the weekend & first stop was the fabulous @theblockshop! So many beautiful items to see- loving the blush plates + metallic bowls. Our Schnitzel the dachshund tea-towels look very happy there! x #theblockshop
▽ Oops, where has Friday gone?🙈 ・  Today wasn't exactly productive, and I'm not proud😕 But I'm also trying to come to terms with the fact that sometimes, it's okay to take it slow. I am, after all, trying to #slowcraft ➰😌 ・  These 3 mini gold taps are going on the shop tomorrow, at 10AM SGT though✨  So that's one thing checked off the list✔️ ・  Did you have a productive Friday to end the work week?  Or were you taking it slow and easing into the weekend?  In any case, I hope you had a lovely one💕 ・  今週もお疲れ様🍻  こちらのゴールドミニータペストリーは  明日にネットショップに販売開始します ・ ・ ・  #slowtextiles
Happy Friday!! I've popped a short video on our stories, it give a little insight into how our leather and photo keyrings are made, from hide to finished article. Let me know if behind the scene videos are something you'd like to see and I'll get filming!:) Hope you all have the best weekend xx
This glaze worked great with the texture on these mugs! It filled in nicely without running off the piece 👌
It’s been a slightly stressful morning involving a broken suitcase but I’ve made it down to @kingscrossn1c #canopymarket yay! Come find me here until 8pm 👋🏻 . . . . . . . . #modernmakers #jewellery #handmadejewellery #wearethemakers #shophandmade #shoplocal #jewelleryaddict #artisan #jewellerygram #jewelleryjunkie #indiebusiness #instajewellery #contemporaryjewellery #artjewellery
Chillig with friends
If you need me at all this summer, I’ll be here 🌊
Check it...something hit me last night & it hit me hard. Go on, keep readin! . For some time now, I’ve been living in this reality of “I want to be known”. Yeah ok…what’s that even mean Laura. Like it’s in my mind, it’s so clear what I’m “called” to do, like so close I can taste it and then I set foot on the path and then BOOM: I’m not good enough. Someone else is better then me. You don’t have what it takes. You’re not worthy. Don’t waste your time. YALL...that’s strait up from the devil. . By saying all this, I know someone would kill to be in my position, I mean I’m healthy, I have a job I love, I have the greatest friends and family. I get it, I really do. But walking in the mindset of never good enough is hard. it’s really, really hard. I’m tired. Life with Jesus is seriously the best. But let me be the first to say…it’s not any easier. My problems are not erased. My battles are still fought. But my victory was nailed to the cross. I had a conversation with a dear friend, and my eyes were opened yall. The self doubt I walk in internally has literally encompassed my entire life. I feel like what I have to give is and never will be enough. I’m not pretty enough. I’m not skinny enough. I ONLY have an associates degree. I’ll never qualify or match up to my dreams. IT’S TIME TO BREAK THE CHAINS. . The Lord places things on each of our hearts and we GET to chase after them. WHAT A GIFT that we so don’t deserve, but it’s ours for the taking. Chase, run, sprint after your passions!  But work so hard at them. No one will make it happen for you. It’s ours for the taking & it’s time to grab it & GO! To the thief - you have NO power over me. none. Stand firm in the Lord and say no. like seriously, verbally say no. Tell the enemy he can go right back where he came from…BYE! . So my friend, if you’ve made it this far, know from the bottom of my heart…I appreciate you. It’s time to be real. It’s the only
CLOSED - congrats @cara2681 🍾✨💕 - It’s my 22nd birthday today & we’re over here celebrating with rosé & grilling out!!! ✨ I am launching my business website in ✋🏼🤚🏼 (10) days & I can’t even wait! I will be offering ⭐️custom wedding stationary, invitations for life’s moments & so so much more (seriously, skys the limit!) ⭐️modern handlettering ⭐️web & graphic design, yeah I’m that nerd that loves all things tech! ⭐️ and little get together planning. Think showers, party’s & more, YAY! . I can’t even wait, so let’s party with a GIVEAWAY - This super cute door mat (that’s literally my fav!) & a 10-count custom stationary set of your choice! ✨ 1. Like this post 2. Comment & tag 3 of your besties (especially all the brides-to-be & soon to be mamas!) & ya must be following me! that’s it! Supper easy! Join me as I step into the world of busy-ness! 😂