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Soooo what you’re telling me is.... you don’t have any plans for your future? You don’t know what you want to do? Oh... probably go to school with financial aid...you mean student loans you have to pay back? Hmmm... have you considered the Army? #cometalktome #weighyouroptions #usarmy #armystrong #army #activeduty #armyreserve #louisiana #military #militarylife #armyrecruiter #armylife #alexandria #alexandriala #alexandrialouisiana #travel #college #collegemoney #notuitiondebt #healthcare #retirement #paidvacation #career #benefits #handson #experience
It’s been consistently found that people underestimate their true calorie intake, typically by about 30% (although occasionally rising up to 45%). . This is due to forgetfulness, guilt, underestimating portion size, and simple guesswork. . Let’s say Person A reports she has, on average, 1400 calories per day (not uncommon in most people I’ve seen). . If we assume she’s underreported by 30%, that’s an extra 420 CALORIES per day she could have consumed. Over a week that’s the potential of an extra 2940 calories she’s not accounted for. . Person A will then come to me saying ‘I can’t seem to lose weight and I just don’t know why?’ . If you come to me saying you're not losing weight on 1000 calories a day, more often that not, I WON'T BELIEVE YOU. . Herein lies the true value of measuring, weighing and properly tracking your food intake.
No more overthinking! 🤯🤬❤️❤️#libragang♎️ #weighyouroptions ⚖️⚖️⚖️🤔🤷🏾‍♀️
There will always be onlookers that simply won’t understand and that’s ok. My journey, my joys, my sorrows, my triumphs, my life! Never discounting or turning away positive feedback and/or support with the caveat that I discern the intent and whether or not it’s incorporated #stubbornlilthang #myjourney #thanksforcaring #mywalkmyjourney #weighyouroptions #ibelieve #believeinyourself #ibelieveinme
Lunch on the go! Working on keeping those macros right for my "beach bod"! 😂😂😂 In all seriousness, anywhere you go you can find healthier options. There may be distractions on the menu, but keep your eye on the long-term goals (or more easily said, keep your eye on the prize). #eathealthy #healthychoice #weighyouroptions #eyesontheprize #goodhealthisajourney
Friends! I'm so excited, because tonight I'm making chicken and waffles for dinner! Yes, I still eat food I love. The great thing about this recipe is that it's clean, healthy, and not considered an indulgence! I'll post more about the finished product later😉  Do you feel like it's too expensive to eat healthy or get fit? There are so many options available that it does not have to be this way! Also, consider what you're already spending money on (like that trip to Target you just took or the Starbucks runs), and ask yourself if you really needed what you bought. Sometimes we don't realize all the extra money we are spending on frivolous things and how quickly it adds up💲💳 If we continue to view our health as an expense, and choose choices that work against our health; it will eventually become an expense we have to pay in doctor's visits, medical bills, and prescription meds. So I'm asking you to think about this quote and what you can take away. What ways can you start to improve your health that do not feel like an expense, and where can you start to invest in your health? It is not impossible to be healthy on a budget😊  To your health❤  #budgetinyourhealth #knowwhatyoueat #healthisnotexpensiveunlessyoumakeit #consideryourhealthapriority #healthyiswealthy #weighyouroptions #momintohealthandfitness #healthymomhealthyfamily #healthyandhappy #obsessedwithhealth #fitmom #strongbodyandmind
Or you're bullshitting yourself ... If not try a food scale  That and keeping a food dairy  It really changed the game for me  I thought oh u can eyeball this shit  No.. No I can't lol Thinking you have the proper amount and actually having it are two very different things at least for me. I use #myfitnesspal its free but I know there are other ones out there. #weightlossjourney #fattofit #fitfam #cleaneating # foodscale #weighyouroptions and ur food
When #shopping around for #custom t-shirts, you may #encounter two major printing #styles that is #heatpress & #screenprint. #cost, #time, #multi #color options and #durability are some of the main #aspects you may need to #consider. What will your option be? #tipsonthego #weighyouroptions
✖️Worst case scenario: You pay $49, start your business & you end up with $100+ worth of free products to use & walk away. ➕Best case scenario: You pay $49, start your business & end up paying for groceries for the month, kids activities, car payment, mortgage, pay off debt, travel, have more time with your kids, give back AND make some amazing friends along the way.  What is there to lose?!? Sounds to me like the only way you come out, is ON TOP! 🙌🏼 In the 17 years of this company, $49.50 enrollments have NEVER happened and may never happen again!! Time to JUMP!💚 It’s always fun to JUMP with friends 🙌🏻 Don’t let it pass you by! #jump #joinme #grabafriend #halfprice #weighyouroptions #whatareyouwaitingfor #friends #extraincome #changeyoursituation #changeyourlife
Card of the Day: The Hanging Man  #indecision #feelingstuck #makeachoice #weighyouroptions #thinkitover #useintuition #choose #neptune #pisces #zodiac #astrology #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreadings  This card in many respects is rather self explanatory. It will typically display a person hanging upside down. Literally it’s like that you have things going on that may make you feel upside down as well as confused or even having a problem making a decision. You may be afraid that if you make the wrong choice, you will have to let go of something even if only a way of thinking. You also may afraid that you will fall if you let go. The truth is, it’s much better to make a choice even if it isn’t the right one because to stay suspended at any length will let all the blood go to your head and then you will not make it anyway. Indecision like this is self torturous and it’s time to really weigh everything out so that you can start figuring out which direction to go in.  This card can also mean that you may have to make some sort of sacrifice in order for things to get better which also doesn’t feel that great but it may be something that has to be done. Let anything from the past that isn’t serving for the betterment of your life now. If there has been any sense of urgency to make a choice, it may be time to stop for a minute so you can really process things in order to make the proper decision. Remember that this is something to help you make the right choice for your own future and sometimes you have to give something up to receive something better. Do not be afraid, and again, think things over for awhile, weigh everything out so you can make the right choice in the matter or for yourself whatever it is.  Astrologically, this card is associated with Neptune. Neptune is in Pisces and can cause a bit of a ruckus so it may be a good idea for you to find out where Neptune may be in your chart. Timing is also determined on where Neptune is.  If you need help, as
“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” #weighyouroptions #iceboxjewelry #mlb ⚖️
#weighyouroptions #justask
It was probably because I had a meeting to go to and didnt feel like doing anything to my hair in the last 30 minutes because that was impossible and my hair was like 🙅🏽‍♂️🖕🏽#weighyouroptions