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All day with @welcomeconference amazing speech one after one @chefdanbarber @laratgilmore @bokarestaurantgroup 👍🏻👍🏻 #welcomeconference #hospitalityconference #restoration also, encountering @danielhumm in coffee line during break 😉
Day 1 at Taizhou Enze Medical Center.  #groupselfie #whitecoat #welcomeconference #emedrotation
It’s not everyday that a Chef and his wife of a three Michelin star restaurant ranked no1 in the world decide to open a community kitchen, a reffetorio gastromotiva, transforming food waste into delicious dishes for those in need. Isn’t it time we as an industry start to think about how we can think differently about what we throw away? Spend less, save money, better food, fight waste. (PhotobyNYT)
On Monday I was able to attend the @welcomeconference and once again left not only re-inspired and RESTORED, but also reassured that hospitality is where I belong. It was a killer lineup of speakers, but the company was just as impactful - @shelbourdon @otwaynyc @lauceau @gingerrickey - you ladies inspire me every day! My best bud @eastcoastwill is pretty great too and he was kind enough to make the whole day come together. As I keep chugging along to open my little bar here in Brooklyn, I’ve had bad days and good days (and it’s not even open yet). I’m not hoping but actively pushing to build upon the energy I felt from this gathering of people so that every day we get closer to opening, I have my community and team top of mind (with a little bit of time left for myself). Okay! That’s enough 🧀🧀🧀 for today. Speakers listed below. Eventually you can listen to their talks and past years’ speakers on the #welcomeconference website. Please go check out their projects and if they have a restaurant, go eat there! • • • • • • Spoken word poet @inqlife | Alan Mulally ✈️ | filmmaker and #metoo advocate @lsilverbush | @wearefishbird | @kevinboehmboka from @bokarestaurantgroup | @laratgilmore from #osteriafrancescana and @foodforsoul_it 👈 | Syrita Steib Martin from @operationrestorationtheor (SUPPORT) | @chefdanbarber | funny guys @sethmeyers and @chethinks | @arlenv1 | Patrick O’Connell with @innatlittlewash on THE FIRST FORTY YEARS and whom sincerely has the best laugh ever | @welocol | @hotbreadkitchen | @_farestart | 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 thank you @wguidara @bcanlis & Anthony Rudolf. #wcnyc18 #pleasurepie
KITCHEN CREATIVITY features insights into the creative process from dozens of the world’s most creative chefs — several of whom have taken the stage at the #welcomeconference over the past five years, including Dan Barber (2018), Patrick O’Connell (2018), and Marcus Samuelsson (2016) #wcnyc18 #chefs #creativity #genius #ideas #inspiration #wisdom
Yesterday’s #welcomeconference closing keynote speaker Chef Patrick O’Connell @innatlittlewash is one of the stars of our latest book “KITCHEN CREATIVITY: Unlocking Culinary Genius—with Wisdom, Inspiration, and Ideas from the World’s Most Creative Chefs” #wcnyc18 #chefs #creativity #genius #inspiration
Such a privilege to have front row seats to @inqlife's launch to the wildly inspiring @welcomeconference this year. I hope you enjoy this clip of @inqlife's magical performance, "Home"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw7deJK__xs
With @relaischateaux’s lovely Brenda Homick and the @innatlittlewash’s legendary creator Patrick O’Connell (top; 2nd from left), whose closing keynote at yesterday’s #welcomeconference added a visit to the @innatlittlewash to EVERY attendee’s bucket list (including a moovelous encounter with its udderly charming 🐄 cheese cart)! Happy 40th anniversary to the Inn, our favorite place on Earth....And it was a pleasure to catch up with fellow author @toquelandandrew (bottom left) and @lebernardinny’s dashing @ben.chekroun (bottom right), too!  #wcnyc18
I would like to be welcomed like this from now on #donutwall #welcomeconference #clarainnyc
Grateful for a strong afternoon at the 2018 Welcome Conference @welcomeconference at @lincolncenter’s Alice Tully Hall, thanks to @kevinboehmboka @laratgilmore @chefdanbarber and more; eagerly anticipating @innatlittlewash chef-owner Patrick O’Connell #wcnyc18 #welcomeconference
Thanking @aldosohm and his awesome team @sohmbar (right next to @lebernardinny) for the perfect place for tonight’s delicious post-#wcnyc18 celebration with @stevebeckta & his team @beckta150elgin #welcomeconference
#wcnyc18 #welcomeconference
#wcnyc18 #welcomeconference
#wcnyc18 #welcomeconference
After a wildly inspiring day at the @welcomeconference, Charles and I couldn’t think of a better place to reflect on all we’d heard than @elevenmadisonpark, wrapped in the warmth of @wguidara’s brilliantly inventive team. One of the most casual remarks of the day was one that struck me most: Will said, “At a certain point in your career, you realize that there’s no one above you in the hierarchy who is being paid to fill your gas tank.” One of the most challenging things I feel in my career is a need for my tank to be filled when I don’t have a boss to report to... we all have the joy and the responsibility to do this for each other, and I’m so grateful to be in an industry entirely focused on making people happy, comfortable, surprised, delighted, and most of all — welcome. Tank, filled. #welcomeconference (P.S. This shot is of one of my favorite desserts of all time — a 🥨 made of 🍫🍫🍫 & 🥨🥨🥨. The bomb.)
Singing New York, New York in the Subway like a freak after being completely inspired by #welcomeconference #wcnyc18 #firsttrip #ny #fellinlove #newhome #sograteful #goodfood #goodtimes #bestpeople
We love a good #doughnut wall! Thanks & congrats, @wguidara, #anthonyrudolf, @bcanlis & @welcomeconference team on a wonderful, welcoming day!! Happy to be a part of! #wcnyc18 #welcomeconference #5thannual #hospitality #doughnuts #doughnutwall #nyc #lincolncenter
Thanks, @welcomeconference on a wonderful day of impressive speakers & good eats/drinks! So glad to there! Congrats, @wguidara, #anthonyrudolf, @bcanlis & team! #wcnyc18 #welcomeconference #5thannual #hospitality #lincolncenter #nyc #allindustry
Inspired and restored. Another amazing @welcomeconference with more conversations to spark renewal @highstreetwine !! #welcomeconference