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Today I will... 💓Wake up with a grateful heart 💓Count my blessings 💓Help someone in need 💓Share kindness 💓Let go of what I cannot control . . Every day is a new beginning...don’t take it for granted 💞
Very slow but steady progress in forearm stand. This pose has definitely been a test of my patience 😅 Managed to work out yesterday, even though I was so tired after work and immediately felt better (I regret exercising... said no one ever) #loveyoga #humpday
How sad is it that we rush the week to humpday and then to Friday, and THEN a breath of fresh air on Saturday and Sunday. You question how much of our lives are we wasting away. Rushing your 40 hour weeks. When those sre 40 hours of your life you will not get back. Do you stop and enjoy the little things. The spontaneous kiss, or hold a little longer during those  cuddles that turn into naps? Are you living, or simply existing?
If we never come to the realization that who we are is not what we do, we will forever be chasing every new fad and every new swing of culture around us. That, my friends, will be a  whirlwind experience in some of our lives.↟ . . We are so much more than the certificate hanging on our walls. We are so much more than the brand of clothes and shoes that we wear, or the color of our skin, eyes or hair;  yet the world around us seems to attempt in dictating who we should be.☀︎ . . Nope. Not today! ★ . . In order to understand who we are, we will have to exhaust all our abilities, intellect, and self-sufficiency to face our inner beings along with God & the universe to find out the undeniable truth about our identity. Our individuality & quirky-weirdness. ♥︎ . . Like onions, we have many layers. Like flowers, we are to grow and bloom. Remove all masks and shine bright. Shine & show all your inner light. Don’t be ashamed of your past, it’s the path in which has enlightened your future. ✎ . . Everyone has a story to tell & remember— it’s all in the journey. It’s okay to make a mistake, we’re merely human. Trust in this, nourish your soul and do you for you.
Day 1 puppy pose  WHO INVITES YOU? Lovely hosts:  @zenbeeni  @ina.yoga  @kwang_angkana  @indira.yoga  WHAT CAN YOU WIN? Amazing prizes from our super, awesome sponsors:  @dharmabumsactive #lovemydharmabums #dharmabumsactive  @yogisurprise  @yoggys_foryogis  @narabellabrand  @insideoutsideoutsidein  @re3life  HOW CAN YOU PARTICPATE? > Share this flyer on your profile and invite 3 friends to join you > Follow all hosts and sponsors > Share your daily pose and tag us all in your post > Make sure your profile is public > Respect your body and have fun  Our daily themes are:  Day 1 - shoulders  Day 2+3 - heart  Day 4+5+6 - hips  Day 7 - mind  TIP!  You are free to pick any pose that helps in opening and you can make any variation you like, or modify with props if you want. . . . .  @igyogachallenges @challengethyyoga  @quantumyoga  @yogachallengeworld @myyogachallenges @loveyoga4life . #yogalovers #yogacommunity #yogafamily #yogaaddict #yogafun  #yogaliving #yogagoals  #yogabalance #yogajourney #igyoga #yogafit #yogavibes #yogaholic #yogalooksgood #yogaeverywhere #yogalife #letsstartyoga  #yogachallenge #yogachallenges #igyogachallenge #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration  #asana #namaste
E se stanotte farete un falo', buttateci dentro i brutti ricordi. Ad ogni Drink, dimenticate i vostri difetti Se stanotte ballerete instancabili,scrollatevi l' ansia di dosso. E se stasera amerete qualcuno, ricordatevi di amare prima voi stessi_  #namaste' ♥
Feeling strong 💪🏻
Back at it 🤸🏼‍♀️ feels good to be in my little living room again 😌
Heart openers are something I include in my practice all the time. They are difficult and the progress is slow but for me they feel amazing. Open heart is a happy heart right 🙃😉(check out my stories for a little progress pic)... I've also been getting into a habit of always photographing my both sides and never neglecting my less flexible side. It's so easy to just photograph the more flexible side of your body for obvious reasons, it feels easier and it looks better/more impressive, but the more you photograph only your good side the more you are physically neglecting your other side, which means it will never be able catch up 🤦🏼‍♀️my advice is always always do the same photograph for both, and always do the same pose on each side equally - or better yet give your less flexible side a bit more attention 💁🏼sometimes what we want to do the least is what we should do the most 😜
I've been looking into Yoga Teacher Training this week, after a lot of deliberating I have found the course that I want to do 🙊so excited! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
I feel like the last few weeks has been so busy, with my two best friends getting married in Greece and then my twin getting married last weekend - it's been very full on! I was really worried that my practice would end up taking a back seat, but I have actually surprised myself with how often I ended up stepping on my mat. Usually I am the sort of person that really needs a routine, I like to have everything pre-planned, so when my schedule becomes hectic or unpredictable because I'm in a new place I struggle to keep up my exercise or my normal diet, literally everything goes out of the window 🙈🙊but in the last few weeks I've been stepping on my mat simply because I've been craving it rather than because it's on my list of things to do.
So in my post before this one I shared about how my husband kinda... well disciplined me during our pregnancy journey and a friend of mine commented that the fact that I complied to those disciplines amazed her! Hehe alhamdulillah thanks babe 🤩  When I read that it really tickled me and had me recall why I married this man. Being a strong headed woman myself and having well.. quite a lot of calons to be honest, none I could listen to and this man I don’t know how I don’t know why, I really can listen to him. Or perhaps, he really can make me listen. And that’s one of the strongest reasons why I married him.  And its true, to make things work in your marriage (perhaps in anything at all involving people) teamwork is key. Coz it makes all the dreams work inshaAllah 🌿  PS: He may have listened to me a lot before marriage to win my heart but after that he made me listen pulak. During the first few years it was so hard for me but I wanted a marriage that works and us developing one another so of course gotta learn to brush the egos off... and alhamdulillah it is still a work in progress but after sometime we found the balance and started listening to one another, and finally are able to comply to each other. This helped us to undergo a strong and supported pregnancy journey together which then impacted Rumi positively too. Alhamdulillah. More stories, beneficial tips on pregnancy, how to undergo a strong, calm and confident pregnancy journey being supported by your husband/siblings/best friends/parents/your love ones in @peacefulpreggers E-Book 🌿  This was me 7 months preggy of Rumi.  #peacefulpreggers #preggers #preggo #preggy #maternity #pregnancy #pregnant #yoga #meditation #prayers #inspired  #yogaeverydamnday #yogajourney #practiceandalliscoming #loveandalliscoming #yogainspiration #practiceyogachangeyourworld #malaysia #fit #healthyliving #yogaampang #yogainspiration #yogaposes #yogalover #yogaforlife #yogateacher #yogajourney #yogaaddict #yogalove
‘Quem tenta muito, erra muito. Quem erra muito, aprende muito. Quem aprende muito, uma hora para de errar.’ - @umcartao
Last day of this challenge...🙏thanks to all the hosts and sponsors... great showcase😍 and I had a lot of fun 🤸‍♀️... 🙃 waiting for a new challenge I enjoy the holidays even if the weather is not the best! !! Good day world !!! 😊💖 . 🎈hosts: @sarahuactive @temyoga @maracimatoribus @the_plantbased_yogateacher 🎈 sponsors: @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial @ohmat @lotuscrafts_meditation @freaklechic @vibratehigherofficial @yogadotom @buddhibox @sahajanskincare . 🎈LIST OF POSES: 1. Stillness (Nirodah) - Heron Pose or Mountain Pose✔ 2. Nonviolence (Ahimsa)- Reclining Straddle Pose or Supine Spinal Twist✔ 3. Patience (Kshanti) - Foot-Behind-the-Head Pose or Dancer pose✔ 4. The magic of breath (Prana) - Lotus Pose or Savasana✔ 5. Intention (Sankalpa) - Headstand or Scale Pose✔ 6. Letting go (Vairagya) - Lizard or 8 Angle Pose✔ 7. Truthfulness and Authenticity (Satya) - Extended Side Angle or Compass Pose✔ 📷credit @baldastifler90 . . #divedeeperintoyoga #compasspose #compassposevariation #yogachallenge #igyogachallenge #yogalove #loveyoga #beagoddess #mindfulness #yogaposeoftheday #yogafun #yogastudent #yogaaddict #holidays #yogagram #yogaworld #yogapracticenotyogaperfect #yogafit #yogastretch #yogahips #ravenna #igersemiliaromagna #mypractice #gym #gymnatic #yoga #yogalifestyle
Today's @yogafeature by @catbradleyyoga ———— I wanted to share a picture to demonstrate how inflexible I really am. I took the first picture literally after walking in the door this evening, I had a crazy long busy day, stuck in the car travelling cross country. I reckon I did about 7 hours driving alone! So as you can imagine even straightening my legs was torture but I wanted to show you all the most honest pic I could and that is me really trying! I'm not just hanging there, trust me!!! I thought I would also take a pic about 20 mins or so into my practice, no specific hamstring stretches just a general practice. At the end of my practice (I say at the end but really I plan on doing yoga all night 😂) I can comfortably fold and although it's not perfect I'm happy with this considering the day I had! I'm defo warmed up 😜 . ———— Follow @yogafeature 🙏 . #yogaeverywhere #yogisofinstagram #asana #yogapose #yogalifeyogainspiration #yogini #yogagram #yogaaddict #yogapractice #yogayogaeverydamnday #yogachallenge #namaste #instayoga #yogaeveryday #yogadaily #yogateacher #practiceandalliscoming #yogi #yogagirl #yogalove #igyogafam #yogafit #yogamom #iloveyoga #feeltheyogahighfollow us: @yoga_love9 Via:@yogafeature Thank you so much!!! ---------------------------------------------------- #yogaeverydamnday #yoga  #love  #yogagirl #life
Another yoga pose that I don't know the name...help? . . . #yogaeverydamnday #backbend #yoga #yogaaddict