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|| Pink is the new black || Tellement chouette de rencontrer cet arc-en-ciel qu'est @anneceyogaparis et de passer ensemble cette très jolie matinée 🙏🙏🙏 . . . . #warrior1 #yogaphotography #photography #yogaeverywhere #yogaeveryday #paris #yogaphotomaton #yogamama #virabhadrasana #parisyoga #frenchyogateam #seemyparis #photooftheday #yoga #mudra #streetphotography #canonfrance #yogagirl #vinyasa #yogapractice #urbanyoga #parisianyogini #yogalifestyle
Sometimes you have to grab the weekend and do the things that are REALLY important. Life is short! In diesem Sinne: have a great weekend 💕 #buddha #butterbeidiefische #hochdiehändewochenende #mindset #yogamama #yogamom #yoga #yogi #yogilifestyle #entscheidung #machen #lifeisshort #yogabeginner #yogacommunity #aufgehts #losgehts #gedanken #newstart #neubeginn #alleranfangistschwer #wochenende #wochenende😍
Who needs to ride on toys if you can ride on mummy 😁 Happy Friday babies 💗 * @gemma_cheung , guess who inspired me for this one 😉 * #yogamama
RADIATING. ! i woke up SO ready to rise out of this old paradigm as we move into the autumn equinox tomorrow... so, i’d like to share & finally release a heavy/happy/honest story: just over a year ago (9/9), i relapsed with symptoms of ptsd. every single day since, these symptoms have challenged me to the core to push through, that’s a major understatement... i began to isolate myself for a while because i didn’t want to burden anyone’s energy with my off-ness. i’ve had some insanely beautiful days in spite of it, but i also experienced darker days where i felt i was truly fighting for my life. it has been a journey-and-a-half (& we keep on rising) ~ not long after, i became pregnant with this little light of my life ❤️ for my babe (but also for my mind), i have been completely sober & choose to stick with sobriety for a full year. i don’t know if i’d still be here if it weren’t for my sun & had i not made that choice. i can’t say that it’s been easy to face my struggles without relying on crutches like partying (but it feels so fricken good to know i have & i can). on top of all that, when this little man arrived, i was getting 3hrs of broken up sleep every night for a couple months... even with mental/physical exhaustion, i was so wrapped up & guided by my love as a mama for my baby that i didn’t really notice... UNTIL NOW!!! suddenly, it’s like all the hard-work is paying off (harvest time, baby) & a veil is being lifted in many ways... baby bear is even sleeping 8hrs a night. he wakes up at 6AM to breastfeed & snuggle with daddy before work, & then takes a 2hr nap — just enough time for mama’s ashtanga practice, savasana, tea, & bhakti yoga... i am grateful to tears for all of this. what a difference!! all these little factors are changing & i sense something shifting within me as the seasons change, too. i am READY for it. this year has been a true test of character — breaking down & opening only provides nutrients for richer
“You cannot control the river, you can open to let the river flow through you.” Fertility, Pregnancy, and Parenthood are beautiful reminders that we are not in control of as much as we think we are. . So much in our lives we feel that we can force and sculpt and control.  And I know so many Boss Babes who are making it all happen:  taking a seat at the board room, putting the bread on the table, creating Pinterest worthy home decor, meals, and celebrations, burning the candle at both ends.  One of the reasons I find myself so drawn to the topics of Prenatal Yoga, Birth, and Yoga For Fertility, is these are the moments in a woman's life where we cannot always craft and control and make happen in the way we imagine.  There is a deep reverence in this.  A sense of vulnerability and collaboration with the raw life energy, and opening oneself to be rearranged by the flow of love and life. I have always been a perfectionist - always wanted to strive more and do more and get better - but for me pregnancy, birth, and motherhood have blown my heart wider and more expansive than ever imagined and forced me to set down my imagined sense of control and dive in with great humility, & tender heart as I feel myself moved by the current and navigating within the current of this life river rather than thinking I can control it all myself. . Yoga and Nutrition practices can support reproductive health - can serve as tools to reduce inflammation/stress/disconnection from the body and find greater healing, greater wholeness. (In fact, a recent Harvard-based study, women participating in a yoga and relaxation program nearly tripled their chances of achieving pregnancy.) Do you sometimes wonder why at different times of the month you feel more introverted, more creative, more vibrant and sexy, more confident, more grounded, more tender, more intuitive?  What if rather than working against our wild nature we slowed down and acknowledged and embraced these aspects of ourselves -
When your child says “Mommy, when I look at that tree, it gives me good vibes.”, you realize that she sees the magic too! ✨✨✨ #lifeismagical #kidsyoga #familyyoga #kidsyogachicago #yoga #mindfulness #meditation #kidsarethefuture #mindfulmama #yogamama #lovewins #girlpowercircle #joysmindfulnest @kihpatootie
Stretch. Reach. Expand your horizons. You’ll be surprised what’s waiting for you when you open and make room. #dreambig #openyourmind #liveinthemoment #yogawithleah
Yogi mama roll call! Raise your hand if you live + breathe yoga + tell us how long you’ve been practicing. If you haven’t noticed, we’re kinda yoga-obsessed over here at PranaMama.tv. Whether you take classes regularly or just roll out your mat a few times a month, the practice of tuning into your breath + your body can be incredibly powerful—especially on this wild ride of motherhood. Many of the lessons we learn on the mat—such as mindfulness, flexibility + leaning into discomfort—also serve us in our role as mama.  If you’re new to yoga or just in need of some new inspiration, check out the “Move + Flow” section of the PranaMama.tv site, where you can take a variety of classes designed for every skill level. . Photo by PranaMama @amma.soul 🌊♥️ . . #pranamama #happyfriday #goddessvibes #unitedinmotherhood #yogamom #yogaflow  #goddesspose #mindfulmotherhood #yogamama
Come see me today! Let go with gentle yoga flow in nature. Wrap this week up like a lil package. 💁🏽‍♀️ 8791 Corkscrew Rd, Estero 11:00 am #yoga #nature #yogamama #happehatchee
yoga taught me asana asana taught me breath breath taught me meditation meditation taught me letting go letting go taught me self reflection self reflection taught me digging deep digging deep taught me love love taught me community community taught me intention intention taught me manifestation manifestation taught me happiness happiness taught me about the journey of yoga on the mat; of yoga off the mat. - @emmholmess 🙏🏽 grateful af for this life-changing practice. #melshares #yogataughtme #allsmileshere
📷 Reposted from: @yogifit_auuuureliiiie N A M A S T E  Séance de yoga ce soir. J'en avais besoin pour me vider l'esprit ! Ce moment détente rien que pour moi, a penser uniquement à ma respiration... Ça fait du bien.  Le sport, mon échappatoire !  Et vous ? Le sport vous permet quoi ?
Strong as a Mother 💪🏼🧘🏼‍♀️⠀ ⠀ How inspiring is this Mama @jocelyngordon1! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #yogamama #motherhood #babywearing #yogaeverydamnday #catanddogma⠀ ⠀
Nothing​ to​ say.. So​ so​ very​ very​ Beautiful.😍😍😍 Whether you're in a big city or on rural mountain, freedom comes from what you create within. Move your body in any way that feels good, and freedom is yours ✨💗✨ How will you manifest freedom today? @amandabisk 😍  #hotyoga #yogaprogress #yogamats #yogachallengeworld #yogababe #igyogamovement #yogainstructor #yogamama #yogateacher #yogaforhealth #everybodyisayogabody #igyogafamily #yogaforbeginners #igyogamoms #yogaforlife #benddontbreak #thefityogitrainer #namaslay #asana #practiceyogachangeyourworld #armbalance #makingshapes #compasspose #614yoga #ashtangi #upavisthakonasana
Even when your feeling at your worst get on the floor and practice!!! I promise you it will greatly help to not only improve your physical state but the mental just as equally. . . Don't be afraid to shine, the world needs your light. -Gabby Bernstein . .