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~ omegagize3 ~  we all know we need omega 3 and this supplement is the best - I’ve notice my brain function increase and I feel more alert! get this supplement in you daily 🙌🏻🙋🏼‍♀️
I’m 3 weeks out from my due date, so really my little girl can be here anytime now. So tonight I whipped up some ‘padsicles’ for postpartum care. I’m more afraid of postpartum than I am of actually giving birth. Do any of you other oily mamas have any tips/suggestions for other things I can do to prepare myself??
Too much sun = red shoulders 😲😩 Whipping up some cooling lotion with coconut oil, avocado oil, lavender and peppermint essential oils. Storing this in a small jar and into the fridge for extra cooling sensation when applied 🤓 . . #yleo #youngliving #essentialoils #switchandditch #healthier #lifestyle #forthewin #results #oilylife #essentialoil #aromatherapy #chemicalfree #myoilylife #oilyfamily #thereisanoilforthat #essentialoilsforthewin
One of my favorite spots here. 🌴@accordingtopolly #luxurycaymanvillas
apa aja sih yang dipake bumil cantik @mrssharena ?? ini nihh mimin jelasin . 🌿 gentle baby : untuk mual hamil, calming ketika hamil, relaksasi untuk baby baru lahir, tidur nyenyak untuk baby newborn 🌿 RC : batpil anak sampe dewasa, gangguan pernapasan anak sampe dewasa . 🌿 immupower : immunebooster paling TOP. bagus dipake setiap hari di oles di telapak kaki aja. bagus untuk anak sampe dewasa. . . . . mau liat testi dari @mrssharena ? cek vidio sebelumnya yaa.. 😘 real testi ❤️❤️❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #youngliving #younglivingsingapore #younglivingessentialoil #yleo #jualan #jualbuku #bukueo #bukuyl #younglivingindonesia #jualyleo #jualyoungliving #jualyounglivingmurah #younglivingmurah #jualessentialoil #younglivingbandung #younglivingjakarta #eouser #younglivinguser#jualpouch#jualpouchdiffuser  #box #jualboxoil #younglivingbali #younglivingtangerang #younglivingdepok #younglivingsurabaya #bandung #readystockyleo #savvyminerals
Hola!!! El otro dia pensaba (además de estar hasta el 🕳 con la universidad) que deberian dejar de EVALUAR, CRITICAR, JUZGAR o COMENTAR de mala manera a las personas por sus fotos, videos, apariencia fisica o lo que se les plazca compartir! Todos podemos expresarnos como queramos y MOSTRAR lo que queramos! Porque le cuento!!! Por si no se habia dado cuentaaa! Que para eso es Ig !! (Mierda😲, que lo leo y pienso en inmunoglobulina, ¿Seré la unica? 👀Área de la salud presente✋Pero me refiero a InstaGram). Todos mostramos lo que nos gusta! Y lo que no, simplemente no lo veamos, porque claro que está la opcion. Sinceramente amo esta plataforma!❤ Con el solo hecho de ya tener ig, tú tambien tienes algo que quieres mostrar, hazlo, SIN VERGUENZA, es TU ig, TU vida, TU opcion. A LA CHUCHA EL RESTO!!!! (Frase TIPICA de mi mamá, sobre todo cuando oso dudar o caigo por un segundo en preocuparme del resto) No entiendo como hay gente que le importe tanto lo que puedan opinar, que se limitan!!??? Eso, deberia ser ilegal😑. En este espacio uno ve lo que le interesa, lo que le gusta y comparte lo que se le antoja!👌🙆‍♀️ Sin siquiera pensar en lo que la gente pueda decir.  A quien le guste, que te siga! y a quien no, -1. Mejor pocos pero que te apoyen, a muchos pero que haya cero interaccion digo yo ¿Verdad?😚 #instagram #youngliving
Casper pondering the abyss....Even the dog is blessed. #love #westchester #thursday #youngliving #youdontsay #dogsofinstagram #blessed🙏
• E S S E N T I A L • Oil Roller Blends✨ They make topical application of oils super simple✨
I love building a #hempire 💸💸 with products that are LIFE changing 💯 Legal in all 50 states!! Amber’s triple-testimonial is amazing... Anxiety? Pain? Headaches? 🤔 This is worth trying ✅ ✳️”I have been taking Hempworx CBD Oil for just over a week now. I can not explain enough how well this product truly works. The only side effects I am having from this oil, is that I am able to start coming off my anxiety and depression pills. My Fiance was very skeptical and struggles with chronic back pain. He has given our oil a try for about a week now when his pain is bad, he has told me it honestly has helped relieve the pain! My dad has Achilles Tendinitis and bought some of our oil. He was also skeptical but was willing to try anything. THE FIRST DAY of using OUR CBD oil, he told me the pain was gone and he had so much energy! My mom gets headaches everyday, she goes through the most tylenol I've ever seen someone have to take. Since taking her oil on Friday, she has not had one headache!!”✅check it out: www.cbdwins.com ✳️ Want to read more stories? Ask to be added to our testimonials group 📲 Thinking about joining our team and cashing in on this home business? ✅Take the FREE TOUR 👉www.CBDcashweekly.com
Life Changer! Message me for details. {link in bio} 🌱
ghế bành, chỗ ngồi dành cho những kẻ mơ mộng bạn có thể ngồi nằm nửa này nửa kia một chân để trên sàn một chân co trên nệm hoặc cả hai chân cùng gác trên bàn nếu chân bạn đủ dài bạn có thể tưởng tượng bạn đang nằm trong nửa vỏ trứng chân vắt ra ngoài (*) (*) P.K.  Và thích nhất là những chiếc ghế bành nhung mềm mại, nơi bạn có thể cuộn mình hay để ai đó cuộn tròn trong lòng mình.  Có ai muốn về chung team #armchair #dreamer với UMA không nào?
Tal vez conocemos a alguien con depresión, simplemente no sabemos detectarlo. Las personas con depresión se ven tan felices como alguien que no la tiene. Frases como “échale ganas!” “no pasa nada” “anímate” etc no sirven para nada. Checa esta receta, mezcla todo en un roll on dilúyelo con aceite de jojoba o coco, regálaselo a esa persona que tiene depresión/ansiedad. IMPORTANTE: ESTE ROLL ON ES DE AYUDA SOLAMENTE Y NO SUSTITUYE NINGÚN MEDICAMENTO. . . . . . .  #depresión #ansiedad #tristeza #dolor #natural #yleo #youngliving #aceitesesenciales #essentialoils #likesforlikes #hermosillo #sonora #mexico
The summer solstice is tomorrow, marking the longest day of the year!  In honor of this joyous occasion, we have adjusted our Thursday class schedule for the day!  There will only be one group class [9AM - Aroma Yoga®] and one Loka event [6PM - 108 Sun Salutation Event.]
ER is heeeeeere! #essentialrewards #erorder #yleo #youngliving
This was one was definitely needed today!! Hope everyone had a great day 💜  #essentialoils #youngliving #valorii #lovemyoils #especiallytoday #cfwife #cysticfibrosis #oilylifestyle
I recently read that high doses of antioxidants could help serve as "inside-out sunscreen". When I learned that 1 oz. of NingXia Red has antioxidant levels equivalent to 4 lbs. carrots, 8 oranges, 2 qt. carrot juice, 2 lb raw beets, 2 c. beet juice, 3 c. blueberries, 2 c. raspberries, and 1 pint orange juice, I knew that it would be the most efficient way to get antioxidants into a guy who never ate fruits or veggies until we got married, and still isn't their biggest fan. . What I did not expect was the completely unprompted git-r-done frenzy that followed his first dose of NingXia. In one day, tasks that had been on the back burner for months were tackled. A mattress (for a bunk bed which was no longer collecting dust in a state of disassembly) was purchased and pics of bedding featuring cute dogs were texted to me while a man claiming to be my husband perused the home wares section of TJ Maxx. His behavior was, for lack of a better word, strange. But in a good way. . NingXia Red is delicious straight out of the bottle or pouch, but our favorite way to take it is mixed with cold sparkling water and a drop of Vitality Lime oil. The boys have become big fans of "Ninja juice", too, which means that I need to take it, as well, just to keep up with them during these long summer days. Let me know if you'd like to try some, too--I'd be happy to hook you up! 😋🍷 . . . #wellnesswednesday #youngliving #yleo #ningxiared #wolfberries #gojiberries #ningxia .
More great uses for touch rollers!!! . Skin issues of all kinds can be taken care of with these three rollers-melaleuca, lavender, and frankincense! 😃 . Melaleuca-dab on skin blemishes, clean superficial cuts and scrapes, use on skin tags or other growths. 🍃 . Lavender-amazing natural antihistamine! Apply to any kind of bug bite, rash, or other skin irritation. It seriously stops itching! Also promotes healing and prevents scarring! 💜 . Frankincense-reduces inflammation, promotes healing, anti-aging (for the moms 😉) and helps prevent scarring! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 . The properties of these three make them an idea combination for dealing with any kind of owie or skin blemish! 👍😃 . Message me for info on how to get your own mom tools kit! Ask about my monthly specials and free welcome gift! 😃 . #hightidemomtools #doterralove #healthyskin #naturalskincare