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Don’t let your mind bully your body! If you had talked to your friends the way you talk about your body, would you have any friends left? #yourbodyisperfect 🙏🏻 @camillalor @tonjesnare @ronjaslar ❤️
I hope one day your human body is not a jail cell, instead it's a sunny 2pm garden with daisies thriving because of self love 🌟
Our bodies are amazing yet somehow we seem to spend our time tearing them down rather than acknowledging what they can do.  We bash them for not having a 6 pack, having loose skin, stretch marks, cellulite, and not being perfect. Perfection is an endless chase that sets us up for disappointment and oftentimes (🙋♀) all or nothing sabotaging thinking pushing us further from looking and feeling our best.  Find more happiness in being thankful for what you do have. Find and celebrate all successes in your journey. Be thankful for what your body does for you – big and small, and the opportunities you have each day because of your body.  We need more women with confidence built on their abilities, what makes them unique, and talents rather than the size of their body or a particular body part! 😘
Gained 5 lbs this summer and lost my Tunisian tan, but I still look cute. Fight me, chubby haters.
Any body is that it is beautiful because nature knows what it does is only that by the standards of "perfection" imposed by society discourage us, so we should only remember every time we think about it that we are all beautiful as we are. #transisbeauty #transgirls #happygaygirl #transgender #yourbodyisperfect #lifeisbeautiful #lgbtpride #pride #lgbtiq
Just wanted to post this because there is nowhere near enough positivity for boys 💖💛💙 #positivity #loveyourself #youareperfect #yourbodyisperfect
I am currently reading the biography of Balenciaga by Mary Blume. It is an interesting and very enjoyable read. This quote really sais everything about how amazing he was as a designer. Nowadays designers often forget that the main goal of their work should be not only making the wearer look but also feel beautiful, strong and powerful. With all this fast fashion around most people have never seen how they could look and feel like if their clothes only would fit properly. Balenciaga was a true master of his art and he understood that there are no wrong bodies, if you wear well made clothes that fit your measurements and posture, you will look stunning. We should all remember that.  #balenciaga #bodypositivity #quotes #fashiondesign #couture #fashiongoals #fashionbooks #biography #yourbodyisperfect #wellfittingclothes #love #fashionquote
Happy 1st of August to all you beautiful souls.  Do yourself a favour and for this month.  Dont speak negative about your body  Every morning before you get out of bed name 3 positives things about your body. What are you grateful for?  Today  1. My eyes - which can see. 2. My hands - which allow me to do all the things i want to. 3. My smile - it gets me out of alot of trouble.  #happyfirstaugust #august #bekindtoyourself #bekind #humankind #positivevibes #havegratitude #yourbodyisperfect #nonegetiveselftalk #organic #vegan #chemicalfree #crueltyfree #nontoxic #sustainableliving #earthlover #animallover #ecosalon #ecoluxury #thebeautyroom #portdouglas
* Gracias por mirarme como lo haces* 📷 @anaalvarez1990 ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Estoy pasando un momento en el que no me siento demasiado cómoda con mi cuerpo, esa es la realidad. Si digo lo contrario miento. He sido una niña delgada, una niña rellenita, una adolescente gorda, una veinteañera delgada y he vuelto a engordar. Que si dietas, que si mis tetas no son lo suficientemente bonitas, que si mi cuerpo no está para enseñar. ¡Hartita me tienes, jueza Andrea! Esta soy yo ahora y punto. Esta soy yo y si peso diez quilos menos seguiré siendo yo. Lo curioso del mensaje es interiorizarlo y aceptarme del todo. Y sé que absolutamente todos los cuerpos son bellos. Y me encantan las fotos de desnudos, las esculturas de cuerpos de todas las formas, el burlesque... Y en el fondo me gusta mostrar (aún con la censura de instagram) que el cuerpo desnudo es bello y es arte. Amar tu cuerpo, eso es tan importante como amar tu creatividad, o tu inteligencia, o tu dispersión o tus errores. #bodypositive #elcuerpoesbello #desnudofemenino #nude #portrait #blackandwhite #yourbodyisperfect
Thirty, flirty, and thriving.
It’s really true when people say, “comparison is the thief of your joy and happiness.” For my whole life, I’ve always been comparing my body, physical traits, and features with everyone else. I thought so low and poorly of myself. I was so disgusted to think about my body. I hated my scars, birthmarks, and stretch marks. There was a point where I hated myself so much, I had to look at the perspective of the meaning of life. I soon questioned, what’s the meaning of life? Why am I so insecure? Why do I let other’s opinions affect me? All of that led me being able to accept and love myself. I eventually decided to take that happiness and replaced all that negative energy with positive vibes. I’ve never been happier with loving myself for the way my body is. If I don’t like something, I make changes and execute it. It doesn’t mean I hate my body, but I’m adjusting the way that I personally want to to achieve my goals. ❤️✨ #loveyourself #bodypositive #yourbodyisperfect #youareunique #beyoutiful #positivevibes
Our society can be so judgemental. So many crave acceptance but are the FIRST ones to judge or talk about someone because of how they look. Conformed to this idea that what someone looks like identifies their self worth. . Who has the biggest butt? Who can twerk best? Who has the biggest boobs? Who has the smallest thigh gaps? LAWD have mercy I could go on and on and on. . It is SO easy to get caught up in what the world THINKS you should look like. It's so easy to envy someone that has your "goal body" . But what if we all took a step back and focused solely on US. Focus on how we feel about ourselves in our hearts. . What is that one thing you can't stand or are self conscious about everytime you look in the mirror? . Whatever it is, tell yourself that you ACCEPT how it is and you LOVE yourself anyways. . Do not ever think you are less than because you dont have some big ole booty, big ole boobs, or a perfectly toned body. Who gives a SHIT what people think of you.🙅‍♀️💩 . You are gorgeous and worth so much more than just your outside appearance.💃😍🦄
Our body is a Forest not a temple, no matter how much they try to destroy us We grow back Stronger 💗 #justanoilaway  #wearestronger #yourbodyispower #yourbodyisnotatemple #yourbodyisperfect #youareperfect #youareyou  #blessedbe #merrymeetmerrypartandmerrymeetagain #loveandlight 🌛🌑🌜(not my picture)