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• MIYAVI •°🌸°• X JAPAN • • 19980628 •°🌸°• 169cm • • Rock&Metal •°🌸°• Aspiring Florist • • OvoVegetarian •°🌸°• Sorted Into Ravenclaw °

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Ok but can we talk about 3 different colours of these flowers? 💖💜💙
East L.A. at midnight  Papa won't be home tonight  Found dead with his best friend's wife
Gods and the father of Shock Rock rocking the stage earlier this night at the sold out gig with the smell of beer in the air. 🌌💜 @joeperryofficial @alicecooper and Tommy Henriksen who I can't tag.
Am I in Harajuku? 🔮🌌💕
beep beep darlings the rainbow patrol is here 🌈🌸💕
pół godziny wybierała odpowiedni filtr, rip #pinkhouse 💖💜💙
I just feel so beautiful and precious right now. Two random girls just wanted to tell me I'm so beautiful. I heard something like "your hair is amazing" or "oh your clothes are my life, your style is something this world needs" multiple times. I just love you all. Pls, never ever change. 😢💖 #lgbt #pride
👣👣👣 ••••••••••••••• @mekyo382 W końcu padło na te xd
🌌death is a party invite all your friends🌌
This perfume is a gift from me to me but thank you @ewa_anna for this bag (yeah it's not a backpack). This lil guy is so cute and I'm really thankful. Love you to the Moon and back.🌙🌌💕
niech ktoś mi znajdzie taką fioletową ścianę w Warszawie xd
This poor little kiddo is in love with a random pink place once again. ‘︿’
I want to say : Thank you @eletriccucumber for having my back through so many  bad situations in our lives. I don't say it enough but I'm lucky to have you as a friend.
dział dziecięcy w hamie pozdrawia
💖sugar💜 & ♥spice🖤
Hello minimalism 💜💕
Still not enough of bows because I'm extra as hell...
Good Morning sunshine. 💕💕 The power of light is real here. This pic is like a few months old. That's my my hair is not colourful at all.