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Olga Waśkiewicz 🕷


• Rock •°🌸°• Metal • • 19980628 •°💜°• 169cm • • Polish Lady •°🌸°• Vegetarian • • Aspiring Florist •°💜°• Sorted Into Ravenclaw °

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Is it October yet? Is it Hallows' Eve yet? It should be. 🍁💛 *'My Girlfriend's Girlfriend'plays in the background* #typeonegative #octoberrust #gothicmetal #doommetal
następny kolczyk to już sobie na dupie zrobię, obiecuję, xoxo
hair brighter than your future
Róż różem na różu pogania
me as a building
*"Gravitational Constant G = 6.67 x 10^-8 cm^-3 gm^-1 Sec^-2" by Type O Negative plays in the background* #sisterhood
🎀🌹I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.🌹🎀 ------------- @lilipoligas To jest ta sama róża z kursów z naszego pierwszego, wspólnego zdjęcia. 😶 Przypominałam sobie, że ją zachowałam, bo przeglądam terminy zaawansowanych.
I live for flowers 🌸🌼🌸
People are still asking me about my nationality. "Are you British? Are you American? Are you French?" Nope I'm not.  I'm Polish. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
older people: kids don't play outside anymore... kids: well, hold my apple juice *it looks so cute tho*
it's not even that hot outside tho
How's your weekend so far?🌸💕 One of my neighbours is playing the piano right now which is pretty relaxing.
Do you guys like wearing pins to show your true colours? btw this boy is so green it glows
"I suspect Nargles are behind it."🔮💜
🔮her perfume smells like burning leaves🔮 ok my favourite songs don't suit my photos at all but that's because my music is yin and I'm yang
Some people think my profile is aesthetic but I'm not sure tbh.v_v