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Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster, John Coghlan & Co -My QUEEN fan page: @brian_is_amayzing -My private account: @felixscheppmusic My album

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Please answer following question to be tagged in my next post: What's your favourite solo song by Rick? I choose three: Fight For Every Heartbeat, Without You &  Halloween. Here's my review of "Over And Out": 1.Twinkletoes (10/10) 2.Lonesome Road (9/10) 3.Over And Out (9/10) 4.When I Was Fallin' In Love (10/10) 5.Fight For Every Heartbeat (10/10) 6.Without You (10/10) 7.Long Distance Love (9/10) 8.Everybody Knows How To Fly (7/10) 9.Lock Myself Away (8/10) 10.Halloween (10/10)  #statusquo
Please answer following question to be tagged in my next post: Do you want this album to be released as a mastered and official version?  Here's my review of this masterpiece: 1.Halloween (10/10) 2.999 (One Good Reason) (9/10) 3.Only Love Can Break Your Heart (8/10) 4.Lonely Nights (7/10) 5.Don't Give It Up (9/10) 6.Long Legged Girls (10/10) 7.Show Me The Way (8/10) 8.Late Last Night (9/10) 9.(I Miss) My Baby (8/10) 10.Richard's Song (Living My Life Without You) (9/10)  #statusquo #statusquoband #rickparfitt #recorded #delivery #recordeddelivery #demo #album #thismasterpieceshouldbemasteredandofficialreleasedbeforeileavethisfuckingplanet
Here's my review of Francis second solo work: "One Step At A Time"! Please comment your favourite solo song by Francis to be tagged in my next post!  1.Sleeping On A Job (8/10) 2.Tallulah's Waiting (7/10) 3.Crazy For You (9/10) 4.One Step At A Time (8/10) 5.Here I Go (4/10) 6.Faded Memory (8/10) 7.Strike Like Lightning (7/10) 8.Rolling Down The Road (7/10) 9.Caroline (7/10) 10.If You Believe (10/10)  #statusquo #statusquoband #francisrossi #onestepatatime #album #review #albumreview
I decided to review some of the solo stuff by Quo, starting with Francis' solo albums. About two years ago Francis mentioned there'll be a new solo album by him and also another album with one of the Aquostic background singers. Now this seems to be forgotten. Please comment on this to be tagged in my next post! My opinion is that his management told him how to make the best money which is a new electric album under the name "Status Quo" in 2019... I mean, it's cool but new solo stuff by him, especially with this female singer would be interesting... Well, here's my review of "King Of The Doghouse": 1.King Of The Doghouse (7/10) 2.I Don't Know (8/10) 3.Darlin' (9/10) 4.Give Myself To Love (10/10) 5.Isaac Ryan (8/10) 6.Happy Town (6/10) 7.Whereever You Go (7/10) 8.Blue Water (7/10) 9.The Fighter (2/10) 10.Someone Show Me (1/10)  #statusquo #statusquoband #francisrossi
Today in 10 days! :D In my opinion those albums will be amazing, I'm proud of @richiemalone01 , @leoncavemusic , @rhinos_revenge , Francis and Andy!  This is the Quo from nowadays and I really accept that - and even more: I started to like it! ^^ Please comment one reason to by this album(s) to be tagged in my next post: My reasons: -new live material by our favourite band! -"Hold You Back" & "That's A Fact" unplugged as an official live performance for the first time -I really like the idea of releasing an unplugged and plugged album on the same day! ^^ #productplacement #statusquo #statusquoband #francisrossi #richiemalone #johnrhinoedwards #johnedwards #rhino #andybown #leoncave #wacken #wacken2017 #live #liveinwacken #metalfestival #boogienmetal #boogiemetal #acoustic #aquostic #unplugged #royalalberthall
Currently listening to "Aquostic 1". When it was released in 2014 I became a big Quo fan (well, this already has happened around 2012/13). But at the end of 2014 I still haven't listen to some of their best work, even their "Hello!"-masterpiece. So I listened to the following songs in their "aquostic veil" first before I've listened to the originals! So I always ask myself, especially with those songs: Which version is better? Electric or aquostic? -Nanana -Reason For Living -And It's Better Now -Claudie -Rock 'Til You Drop  Please answer following question to be tagged in my next post: What's the weather like at your place in this moment? Here in Germany it's damn hot'n sunny!
Great poster of @bravomagazin of Alan! ;D Please comment your favourite song of the "Back To Back" album! ;) I choose "No Contract" & "Stay The Night". #statusquo #statusquoband #alanlancaster #bass #bassist #leather #leatherjacket
Francis, are you performing "Billie Jean" or what?! XD I guess the photographer took the photo too quick cause Rick wanted to go in front of Francis to hide him, haha... ^^ Please answer following question to be tagged in my next post: Have you already recognized that the live versions of "Little Lady" in the 80s/early 90s had a different third verse? Rick and Francis didn't sing "I saw my little lady walking down the street". Instead of "street" they sing something which sounds like "Straße", the German wird for "street". Do you know anything about that or why they changed it at that time? #statusquo #statusquoband #francisrossi #rickparfitt #michaeljackson #billiejean #bus #ontheroad
Rick and John! Please answer following question to be tagged in my next post: What's your favourite music video by Quo? For me it's "Dear John", "The Wanderer", "Rollin' Home" & "It's Christmas Time". #statusquo #statusquoband #rickparfitt #johncoghlan
The best on a hot summer day: Rossi's ice cream! :D Which one is your favourite flavor? For me it's (dark) chocolate or strawberry. #statusquo #statusquoband #francisrossi #rickparfitt #alanlancaster #johncoghlan #roylyness #60s #flowerpower #psychedelic #ice #icecream #iceinthesun #sun #single #statusquostrikesagain
Rockin' Francis! ;D Please comment your favourite song from "Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon" to be tagged in my next post! ^^ My choice: Shy Fly.  #statusquo #statusquoband #francisrossi #guitar #guitarist #rockstar #sq #jeans
Have you already known that there's an alternative version of the "Whatever You Want" album called "Now Hear This" which was released in America? It seems to be a remix of the album cause the first part of the intro of "Whatever You Want" is missing and WYW & Living On An Island are changed so this album version starts with a ballad!  Please comment something about this to be tagged in my next post! ;) #statusquo #statusquoband #francisrossi #rickparfitt #alanlancaster #johncoghlan #70s #rockmusic #rockmusik #franticfour #thefranticfour #whateveryouwant #nowhearthis #vinyl #vinyls #records #men #young #youngmen #rockers #rockstars #arm #muscles
I've got a little gift for all you Quo fans - and for Rick somewhere above us! Rick would have turned 70 this year (October 12th) and I thought of recording a medley containing five songs by the master of rhythm and uploading it on my Youtube channel (link to my new album in my bio). So please comment some songs by Quo, by Rick, from his career in Status Quo or his solo stuff from "Recorded Delivery" or "Over & Out". Or comment "Baby Face" which he used to play with "The Highlights" back in the 60s, hehe ^^ I choose the best five songs and make a medley of it! Very lookin' forward to your choices! Many greetings by Felix! ;) #statusquo #statusquoband #francisrossi #rickparfitt #guitar #guitars #live #stage #gig #concert #music #musician
Classic mid-80s Quo! ;) After the topic of my last post I thought of a new series: Songs Quo should (have) play(ed) live more often... So it deals with underrated songs in a way. Ofc the fans want to hear all the hits and when you're such a great band as SQ is it's hard to play all the hits plus lesser known material in 90 minutes... No one plays 4h like Bruce Springsteen does, haha ^^ So the "song of the day" is "Tune To The Music". It's one of the first tracks I've ever listened to by Quo and they should play it at least once again! :D  Comment something about this new theme or about "Tune To The Music" to be tagged in my next post! :D  #statusquo #statusquoband #francisrossi #rickparfitt @richiemalone01 @leoncavemusic
Here you have a pic of Rick sn. and @richiemalone01 with longer hair.. ^^ Should I quote Dylan ("The times they're a-changin") or Queen ("The show must go on")? For those of you who love Quo for many years, adore Rick, you might can't live with it, that Quo still goes on... But I'm young, I love Quo since 2012... In my opinion I love the fact that everyone (except @leoncavemusic who should sing lead vocals too one time ;)) sings lead vocals for at least one song. Francis, ofc, the most, but Andy sings Rick's part of "Whatever You Want", @rhinos_revenge sings "Rain" & "Backwater" & @richiemalone01 sings "Little Lady" & "Mystery Song". I absolutely like and accept that! It's a new chapter in the history of Quo. So why should it be "Francis Rossi's Quo"? Please tell me your opinion on this to be tagged in my next post! #statusquo #statusquoband #rickparfitt