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Ree Drummond - Pioneer Woman


Wife of Cowboy. Mother of Four. Lover of butter. Amen. ❤️ #thepioneerwoman

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The summer issue of my magazine is officially out next week, but it's already showing up in mailboxes and on newsstands that feel like injecting a burst of color on their shelves a few days early! 😂 Life's too short for beige, man. Anyway, I think you'll love this issue! A side-by-side outfit comparison (my fave so far), a celebration of Fiestaware, grilling tips from my boyfriend/husband, tips on starting a sunflower garden, delicious RECIPES...and a giveaway for a stay at @pwboardinghouse! My goal with this issue was to make you feel happy inside.🌻 (Link in profile to subscribe!)
My babies.
They were all tiny cowboys/cowgirls yesterday! Now they won't stop graduating from high school. My nephew Caleb last night, my daughter Paige today. I asked Bryce and Todd to promise me they will never pursue independence, higher education, or any of that nonsense that would one day take them away from their mother. (They have not gotten back to me yet...)
I don't know why I can't seem to get on top of my to-do list. (I have seventeen more of these videos if you'd like to see them.)
A photographer's assistant was sitting under the table holding on to her roly poly legs and I was standing next to the photographer trying to get her to look at the camera, but her cheeks were so chubby, she couldn't hold her head up.😂 She was the most delicious baby in the universe and this week she will have the audacity to graduate from high school. Paige, who will dress you when you go to college?!? (Don't worry, I'll come with you.)
Happy Mother's Day to my mom and sister, hands down the two best moms I know. Yeah, I'm biased, but still. 😊 They mother in such similar ways: devotedly, purposefully, with lots of laughs and smiles. Love you, Mom and Bets! ❤️
I've decided that one of my purposes on Earth is to show by example that it is okay to be an imperfect piper. Pinterest-perfect piping is sooooo 2017. EMBRACE YOUR RUSTIC PIPING, FRIENDS! Ha. On this morning's brand new episode of my Food Network show, I deliver these delightful chewy-crisp meringue cookies to Hyacinth, ship a pound cake to my mama, whip up cheesecake brownies for Patsy...AND Todd and his buddy John try a DIY, at-home version of a fruit bouquet for John's mom Beth. (Todd gets a little carried away, as usual. Tune in to see the engineering mayhem unfold.) Celebrating MOMS with fun sweet treats this morning! See you at 10 Eastern/9 Central!❤️
The sweetest group of kindergarteners from my hometown (about 50 of 'em!?!) took a field trip to The Merc today and at the end of our time together, I got to send them all out the door with a book and a cookie. Otherwise known as a bookie. And that kid in the front? That's basically me in every childhood photo. Oh, and this was the best part: I let each child choose which book he/she wanted---one of my Charlie books or one of my Little Ree books. So one boy got to the front of the line, surveyed the choices, looked up at me, and asked, "Can I have Power Rangers instead?"😂
Kids! Come play in the sprinkler!
The Boarding House lobby. The tile floor is original, the horse photos are new, and I love their haunting beauty. I'm happy with the lobby, and even happier to see guests in it! (Gorgeous horse photos by @adammoweryphoto)🐴
The summer edition of PW Magazine will be coming the end of May! Until then, the Spring issue is still on the shelves in Walmart, Barnes & Noble, most supermarkets, and even airport newsstands, which took me by surprise when I traveled a few weeks ago and was looking for something to read on the plane. I didn't buy it because that would have been awkward, plus my hair was kinda dirty and pulled back in a desperate bun and I didn't want the store clerk to feel sad about how much I had let myself go in such a short amount of time. Ha.(You know, I could have just captioned this photo "Spring copies of my magazine are available until the end of May!" But why use 10 words when you can use 10,000!!!)