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The Post East


Coffee, Smoothie, and Delicious Food Cafe with locally sourced, gluten-free and vegan options! Open 7-6. Kitchen hours: M-F 7-4. Sat-Sun 8-3 ☕️❤️

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Even though our kitchen closes at 4pm on weekdays, you can still satisfy that evening longin' for a snack! We have a vast assortment of croissants and other delicious bakery items, from sweet to savory, ready to meet your needs.  An excellent pair with an afternoon coffee 🌟  See ya there! ~ ~ #eastnashville #coffee #afternoontea #summer #theposteast #nashville
Welcome to this Sunday edition of our Post's Bluegrass Brunch! Today we have to true sounds of Kevin Martin shufflin' his old fiddle! With Gabe Kelley on guitar and Daniel Binkley pickin' banjo, these men of music come together today as the Hogslop Trio! 🎶 🎻 Catch their set today until 1pm and sit with us for coffee ❤ ~ ~ #eastnashville #coffee #love #bluegrass #music #brunch #healthyfood
Come cool off with a refreshing iced drink here at The Post! Bring your own drinkin' receptacle and receive a 15% discount on your beverage! Righteous reuse makes for a happy Earth! 🌎 🌟 ~ ~ #brunch #eastnashville #love #coffee #theposteast #summer #chill
We have an exciting brunch weekend ahead of us and we hope you can make it around! For fun, community, music and great food, keep your local Post in mind! ~ This Sunday, featuring Kevin Martin and his fantastic fiddle  playin' old time band! 🎻 ~ #theposteast #music #brunch #coffee #love #eastnashville
🌳 The season is heatin up and so are we! Thursday means the Fermented Farmer's Market is back around with an array of organics, fermentations, kombucha, old music and the wellness that follows! Rain or shine, you'll find the market posted on the corner of 17th and Fatherland right in front of our shop! 3 - 6pm Stop by this evenin' to meet @fermentedfarmer and @kombuchacorey They're happy to share their wealth of health n' natural knowledge! ~ As well 🎶Keep your ears open for the raw, acoustic sounds of @porter_road_music bringin' uplifting melodies n' movement to the Lockeland neighborhood! 🎻 ~ Let's have some fun! 🌟 ~ ~ #farmersmarket #health #wellness #music #eastnashville #theposteast #bluegrass #love #kombucha
The delightful Sprout Sandwich is perfect for a summertime lunch fix! Basil white bean spread, fresh tomato, half an avacado, local sprouts n' pickled onion on toasted wheat bread! Delicious, healthy and refreshing! ❤ ~ ~ #lunch #sandwich #love #eastnashville #coffee #nashville #theposteast
The great scape of change begins with your neighborhood! ⏰ 🚆  By 1890, electric streetcars connected East Nashville with downtown, allowing all class levels the ability to commute the other side of the river. Not long afterwards, Lockeland Springs was annexed to the city of Nashville in 1905. ~ This East side settlement is rich with enchanting history, artistry, natural beauty, people and new business that has long sparked the human spirit with imagination! We will highlight the wonders of this community we have settled our cozy Post in a local segment we title... ~ 🌟 The Corners of Lockeland 🌟 ~ Stay tuned, folks ❤ ~ #eastnashville #local #community #care #coffee #love
When a side of avocado becomes pure love, you know you're in the right place to eat! Our kitchen is open Monday through Friday from 7am - 4pm and Saturdays n' Sundays from 8am - 3pm with unique additions each weekend! That's the quality craft our chef's provide, and it is this care that creates an unforgettable meal everytime. ❤ Come by for a lovely lunch soon! ~ ~ #lunch #love #food #coffee #neighborhood #care #eastnashville #theposteast
Come on around to bluegrass brunch today! We have our own Post East String Band pickin' fierce and food to delight for days! Swing in n' grab a coffee and a listen Happy Sunday! - - #eastnashville #theposteast #music #bluegrass #brunch #coffee #love
~ Community Spotlight! ~ Meet Lillie Mae! 🌟 🎻 @littlefiddle7 Lillie Mae has been working hard in the field of music with her fiddlin' and storytellin' talents for most of her life! After a long enduring Broadway career, success is near to this artist, due to debut her Third Man Records release "Forever and Then Some" this weekend. True to see, perseverance pays off! ~ Lillie loves the Post and goes out of her way for the quality respite our corner shop carries. Respite talent and hard work deserves! We're appreciative for all the stories of inspiration that pass through our walls and would love to hear yours too! ~ If you would like to hear Lillie Mae's album release, you can find her sweet sounds performed this Saturday night at Little Harpeth Brewing, 7pm! 🎶 Keep your song alive out there, folks. Cheers! ❤ - - #eastnashville #artist #lilliemae #nashville #coffee #shop #love #care #neighborhood #local #music
The Fermented Farmer's Market is bound for our little corner once again, lively as ever! You can find organic produce, fermentation, kombucha, with anything health and wellness in @fermentedfarmer and @kombuchacorey  every Thursday outside our Post! 3 - 6pm - 🎶 Now featuring live acoustic music of old, 🎶  by @porter_road_music & pals. - Come on around this evenin, dance about and stay a lil' longer! :) 🌟 - - #eastnashville #farmersmarket #nashville #coffee #love #theposteast #music
🌞 Sunshine on our minds means smoothies with a smile! It's the perfect day to enjoy one of our delicious, frozen concoctions. This cool refresh keeps on giving all summer long, so swing by and chill one out with us! ❤ - - #theposteast #smoothies #heatwave #sunshine #happiness #eastnashville #love #nashville
Event Cancellation for tomorrow night (6/6)! Unfortunately we must reschedule our month's artist meet n' greet with painter, Lauren Reese! Fret not! If you'd still like to meet this talent, you may on Wednesday, June 20th at 6pm instead. - Sorry for the inconvenience, if any. We hope y'all are enjoying your week. Look out for spotlight on more artists in the future, and cheers :) ❤ - - #theposteast #artists #coffee
Water is life and love is clean water! Stay hydrated out there in these times, friends ❤  Choose Love! + Come on out tonight at 7pm for our bi weekly story tellings and music by @eastsidestorytn Featuring @kristinrussell_ and @suziebrownsongs - - #eastnashville #love #coffee #care #balance #poetry #music
We've got just the coffee fix you're looking for! Tastes as good as it looks, and that's mighty effective. See ya soon! ❤ - - #coffee #love #neighborhood #eastnashville #care
The bluegrass is hot as these sunny Tennessee days out here at the Post! Today we have performin' for us, Evan Winsor Bluegrass Band! Featuring Mike Feagan on fiddle! Casey Campbell pickin' mandolin! David Grier playin' guitar! Evan Winsor holdin' down the bass! 🔥 🎻 🔥 - - #bluegrass #brunch #theposteast #music #heritage #culture #eastnashville #love
Featuring at brunch this weekend! Our Kale Chevre Salad! 🌟 Organic and local green bunched kale with macerated cranberries tossed in a lemon vinaigrette with pistachio mortadella, quinoa, and topped with crumbled chevre. Served with a garlic butter baguette point and dusted with Hungarian paprika! - Come on down n' have one your own today! - - #brunch #healthyfood #eastnashville #theposteast #coffee
Weekend Brunch Menu Update!  6/2 - 6/3 Featuring Specials 🌟 - ~ Kale Chevre Salad ~ and ~ The Spring Fool ~ - See y'all this weekend! ❤ - - #brunch #community #eastnashville #love #healthyfood